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Chapter 38

From the tiny jail cell the female stared angrily at the male. "This is all your fault," Amanda complained loudly.

Duncan sighed. "Excuse me? You started the fight."

Amanda growled. "You're the sensible one, you're the boring one. I'm the wild one."

Duncan frowned before sighing again. Another argument he would lose, no matter what he said. "So because I got a bit drunk and too hot headed it's all my fault?"

Amanda beamed a smile and said in an ironically and blaming voice "Exactly. You're supposed to keep me from problems and not help me get into them."

Duncan growled. "Sorry," he said without meaning it.

Outside the Aurors were listening, those two scared the hell out of them. Five Aurors were in St. Mungo from sword cuts. Only luck stopped anyone from being killed and the Minister of Magic was happy that two supposed members of the Order of the Dragon were captured.

The one guarding the door could only think of two things right now. First if they were members of the Dragons, non magical muggle members, then how dangerous were the Wizard members? And second if the Dragons found out about them. Would they use the same deadly method they used against Death Eaters to free them?

The secret order of the Dragon was scary. They attacked Death Eaters, leaving only the dead behind. The secret order of the Phoenix at least captured and gave the Death Eaters to the government. But if those two were Dragons, then the Dragons had friends among the monsters and who knows what they would do if they found out? No, being an Auror today was not fun.



They were finally there, platform 9 3/4. Around them children were running around, talking to their parents, hugging and Christmas wishes were given. "Finally," Hank said waving to Dawn.

"DAAAAAAAAAAD," Dawn yelled as she rushed towards her father, jumping over a surprised family of pureblooded wizards, bouncing over their trunks and giving Hank Summers a hug. "Hi dad. Miss me?" she said, beaming the greatest smile a cat girl could.

"Watch where you're going, you stupid half animal. Probably a mudblood father too. They really let anything in Ho…," the wizard suddenly fell silent as the green glowing eyes of Xander looked directly at him.

"That's my girl you're insulting asshole. Keep your mouth shut or I break it," Xander growled.

Harry sighed and said, "Xander, ignore the Death Eater scum for now."

The Wizard backed down. "I… I'm not a Death Eater. I work for the Minister. Wait… you're the boy who lived."

"You sure could have fooled me asshole," Xander said and with that the boys ignored him as they rudely pushed by him.

His wife sighed. "I think your comments about Mudbloods and half animals were taken as insults."

The wizard nodded. "Yes, I better write to them and say I'm sorry, but that girl had a cat tail." Looking back towards the train, "Look there is our baby. Lisa," he said looking at his daughter.

Lisa Turpin waved. "Mom," she said hugging her parents. "Mom, why were Harry and Professor Xander looking so angrily at dad?"

Mr. Turpin blinked. "That was the Professor Harris you wrote about? But he's so young."

"Yes, I said that he was a student trained in different magic. Dad, I hope you didn't say anything stupid about Professor Summers?"

Mr. Turpin swallowed."If Miss Summer is a cat girl I might have."

"Daaad," Lisa complained. She was so embarrassed.

Behind them Xander turned to Harry. "So how are you getting home?"

"Vernon is coming to get me. I think he wants to talk to me," Harry replied.

Xander nodded. "Remember you can use magic."

Harry nodded. "See you later." He grinned. After all they lived next door.

Moments later the big fat man married to his aunt was there. "Hi sir," Harry said.

Vernon nodded. "Hi Boy, Harry I mean. Let's go and take a cup of coffee and have a talk."

Harry nodded suspicious. "I would like that Sir."

"Outside home... Call me Vernon if you like Harry," Vernon said.

Harry nodded. "I try si… Vernon."


Later the two were drinking their second cup of coffee and both had difficulties to start talking, but finally Vernon said, "Petunia hates magic. You don't know this, but both your mother and she got a Hogwarts letter. Their parents, your grandmother and grandfather, were hysterical in joy."

Harry blinked. "Petunia in Hogwarts?"

"Yes, apparently they discovered she was a… a Squib I believe you call it."

"Yes, somebody born from wizards that have magic inside them, but is too weak to use Wand magic."

"Yes, what you were never told is that your grandmother was from a long line of Squibs, Wizard's born unable to use magic. When Lily was able to use magic they were hysterical in joy. As Petunia was a failure in that regard she ended up hating her sister because of that," Vernon explained.

"Then I came and the two of you hated me then?" Harry added.

"Yes, I let her opinion of magic influence me. I'm not a man with fantasy or much imagination. Logic is my way. I let her opinion of you make me hate you," Vernon replied.

Harry nodded and then asked, "And now sir?"

"You saved Dudley last summer from the Demenors," Vernon said.

"Dementors. They were going to kill us. Do you really think we can become family?" Harry asked in a hopeful tone.

"No, but you and Dudley are friends. I don't think we could become a family with love and all, but you and Dudley could become family. He is your cousin," Vernon replied.

Harry grinned. "I already consider him family Vernon and you better watch it Sir or I start calling you Uncle."

Vernon smiled. "Uncle right, not done much to deserve that. I destroyed your childhood, I realize that now."

Harry looked down into his cup not saying much.

"I'm not going to ask your forgiveness, I can't say I deserve it. But I'm going to keep Petunia from being too hard on you," Vernon said after a few moments of silence.

"Thanks... Thanks Uncle Vernon," Harry mumbled.

"Yes, let's go. Dudd and I had a brilliant plan. W cleaned the attic up and made a bedroom in there for you. That way you can let your owl fly out without anybody seeing it and upsetting Petunia and you could read and do other strange stuff. It's not the best room, but I think you will like it," he said shivering.

Harry grinned. "Thanks. If not I can always change thing with my strange stuff."

Vernon frowned and asked, "Are you allowed to use that stuff now?"

"Special permit. You remember your grandfather's old clock? The one no one managed to repair and you refuse to get rid of?" Harry replied.

"Yes," Vernon said while picturing the beautiful clock in his mind.

"I have a repair charm, which is supposed to repair things like that. Pretty much anything can be repaired with magic," Harry said with a smile.

"Are you sure?" Vernon smiled hopeful.

"It can't get any worse. Should we start to go home now?" Harry said and the two finally stood up and walked to the car.

"By the way, what is the difference between a Squib and a Muggle?" Vernon wanted to know.

Harry froze for a moment and then replied. "Simple put Wizard's have a core of magic inside of them that allows us to do magic and a Muggle does not. A Squib is born with a magical core that's so weak that he can't do magic, but he sometimes can use magical objects and see things that are invisible to Muggles."

Vernon nodded. "Like the Dementors."

"Yes, even if that isn't true for every Squib. It depends on how much magic he has," Harry agreed.


(Later in Hank Summers home just across the street to Harry Potter's home)

"Now let me show you our home," Hank said with pride in his voice as he showed them around.

The attic had been partly rebuilt to an owlery for the owls and other mail birds. The other half had a potions lab and a star observatory.

Xander blinked and said, "This is great."

"I was told you could see things like the future in the stars, so...," Hank said.

"It's great dad, but my grade in divination is bad," Dawn replied.

Xander snorted. "She's about as good as me and I suck."

"Well, with some training I'm sure you can see the future or something. Let's go down stairs now," Hank said,

"Now Xander, that is your room," he said, pointing at one bedroom. "I hope you like it," he then pointed across the hall. "And that's your room, Dawn."

Xander walked in and found that it was perfect. It had a small bed, but he rarely slept, just rested, a desk to write things on and hangers for stuffs. He even saw a small collection of comics and a CD player. And many other things he had missed. "How?" he asked in surprise.

Hank grinned from the door. "You're a good kid. Dawn loves you and well we are family. So I decided to properly equip your home."

Xander nodded and said in astonishment. "Thanks, Sir. I'm…"

"It's alright son," Hank said. He wasn't stupid, both Xander and Dawn were in love and he could try to stand between them or accept that in a near future he would have a son in law and for once he planned on becoming the best father in law he could.

"Ooo dad… Xander," Dawn screamed. "Look, it's perfect," she said. Her room had a large bed, a CD player and even a computer and a pole standing in the corner, which captured Xander's eye. "Thanks dad," she said while hugging Hank.

Xander raised an eyebrow as he said, "A scratching post? I mean a scratching pole?"

Hank nodded. "Well my baby is a cat-girl, right? She needs something to sharpen her claws on."

Dawn blinked. "It's a scratching pole? I thought it was a dress hanger."

Hank shrugged. "I barely know what to do with a teenager, what do I know about cat-girls?" he said grinning.

Dawn nodded. "Well, I love it."

Xander smiled and Hank said, "Well let's see the basement."

In the basement there were book shelves and storage rooms.

"I thought you could put your magic stuff in here," Hank said.

Dawn nodded. "It's great and it even has a place to do rituals."

"Yes, this is great, sir," Xander replied in astonishment.

"Yes, let me show you the garage," Hank said with a smirk.

"There's more?" Xander asked in utter disbelief.

"Oh yes. I put a work shop in it for me and a training area for weight lifting. Running and sparring you can do in the yard."

"I hope the neighbors won't complain," Xander replied.

"Let them complain. You need your training," Hank said.

"Oh…dad… I love you," Dawn said while hugging her father.

Hank just smiled while on the inside he was doing back flips. He hadn't been a good father in many years and now he finally had a second chance. It would be a cold day in hell before he failed them.

The growling sound of two hungry teenagers stopped his musings. Hank laughed. "I guess it's time to eat."

Dawn and Xander eagerly nodded.


(Next day)

A knock knock sound heard from outside. Hank put down the paper he was reading and walked over to the door. He could see Dudley Vernon's kid and another kid who looked like Harry Potter. The last time he had seen him was just after they arrived in this world. "Hi Dud and good to see you Harry, is your girl Ginny here as well?"

Harry blushed as he replied, "No, she's home."

"Hi Hank, dad is wondering if you and your family will join us for Christmas dinner," Dudley said.

"I think that could be fun," Hank said. He saw that the boys were looking around and so said, "If you're looking for Dawn and Xander, they are out in the back yard for some Martial arts training."

Harry nodded. "Alright, see you. Come on Dud," he said, rushing of. Dudley grinned as he rushed after him. He had heard a lot about Xander and Dawn's fighting abilities. It would be interesting to see how good Xander was against the noble art of boxing.

In the yard behind the house a fight was going one in the snow. Both fighters had protection pads and helmet on. Dawn spin-kicked at Xander head, but he dogged it easily, sending a combination of left and right fists flying at her. Dawn parried and tried to trip Xander, but he simply jumped over her attack. The two send kicks and fists flying faster than you could see sometime.

Dudley just stared, they were good he found. "Ouch… they are great."

"They grew up fighting monsters Dud. It was be good or be food," Harry said with a smile.

Dudley swallowed and asked, "Like the Dementor?"

"No… well in a way yes," Harry replied.

Dudley shivered. The Dementors had made him feel like he never ever would be happy again. He saw every bad thing he had done in his life, all the pain he gave other kids and Harry. He knew it was that moment that he changed the way he acted. It was that moment he stopped listening to his mother and father and it was in that moment he knew that nothing would ever scare him as much as the Dementors did.

Finally the two were done, sweaty but happy they walked over to them.

"Hi. Harry. I'm Xander," Xander said, holding out his hand to Dudley.

Dudley grinned while shaking it "Hi I'm Dudley, but call me Dud."

Dawn smiled. "Hi I'm Dawn." He looked like a good guy to her. A bit fat, but not that much and she had seen the photos Harry had from last year. In those Dudley looked like a beached blue whale.

"Aha… the reason the sun rises and falls, according to Hank," Dud replied.

Dawn giggled. "Really... he said that?"

"No, he just Dawn this, Dawn that, Dawn said so, Dawn is doing that. You might think he's proud of you," Dudley said smirking.

Xander grinned and kissed Dawn, just to mark his turf. "Well he's not the only one that thinks the sun rise and falls when you smile."

"Oh that so sweet, but you… you stink," Dawn said.

Xander sniffed under his arms. "I agree… want to wash me off?"

Dawn blushed. "I don't think dad would like that."

Harry sighed. "Why don't the two of you go and take a shower? We wait with Hank."

They nodded and rushed of. Xander to the small bathroom and the shower, Dawn to the main bathroom with the bath and shower.