Title: Pretty things

Author: Nami

Beta: Anonymous ;p

Fandom: FFVII: Crisis Core

Pairing: Genesis/Cloud

Raiting: PG-13

Genre: drabble (101 words – few days ago I watched "Dalmatians" ;) )

Warning: reference to sex

A/N: My first drabble ^^ I wrote this waiting for my friend, so this isn't anything special...

Pretty things

Genesis found the Puppy useless – noisy, naive and oblivious to every sexual proposition – till he met the Puppy's friend. Naturally, as a cheerful Pup he had many of them, but this one was different. The most important thing: he was quiet. Also pretty. And Genesis liked pretty things. He started to talk with the lovely cadet with blue-like-the-sky eyes and sweet lips, savouring every second in his company. The boy was shy at first, but he quickly became more confident and open. Genesis liked him.

But he liked him the most in bed, when he wasn't quiet at all.