I'm sorry it's taken me a while to wrap this up. Thunderstorms knocked out my online service and set me back a few days.

This final chapter takes both Rosco and Boss Hogg slightly out of character, although I always suspected that Boss did have this side to him, but never had the opportunity to show it during the series.

I've had a great time writing this, and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read it and give some feedback. You've all been extremely kind and friendly, and I truly appreciate that.

Daisy woke with a jump at five the following morning. She checked her surroundings, momentarily unaware of where she was. To her surprise, Jesse was already awake and looking over Enos' list of next locations to search. "Morning Sunshine." Jesse greeted her, trying his best to sound cheery.

Daisy gave a faint smile, "Good Morning to you. Did you get any sleep last night?"

Jesse shook his head slightly, "Maybe a few hours, but you know I can't sleep when any of you are out for the night, and knowing for sure that the boys are in trouble cinches it so's I know I ain't sleeping." He scratched his chest as he rose to put his boots on. "We've got to find them today, there's just no way around it."

"We will, Uncle Jesse, we will." Daisy concurred.

"She's right, you know. We will definitely find them today, and when we do, they will be safe and sound and both in good health. You can mark my words on that one."

Jesse and Daisy were surprised to hear Rosco's voice just then. Neither of them knew he was even awake. Apparently, Jesse wasn't the only one who wasn't sleeping as it looked as though Rosco had been sitting at the cabin window for the entire night with his gun on his lap. However, the snoring of Boss Hogg could be heard throughout the entire cabin as he continued to snooze away. Rosco looked over in Boss' direction and chuckled a little. "Sounds like my fat little buddy got enough sleep for all of us last night."

"That's probably the main reason why none of the rest of us got any." chimed in Cooter, who was just sitting up and stretching the sleep from his body. "I think I'd get a more peaceful night's sleep camped next to a fireworks display!"

Daisy walked over to Rosco, "Do you really think the boys are okay? From what I remember that Steel fella was really mean and full of hate for the boys."

Rosco shook his head, "See, that's where you're wrong, Daisy. Steel ain't full of hate for the boys, he's full of hate for me. I've been thinking about all this for a while, now, and it seems to me that if he'd really wanted the boys hurt, he would've done something to them before yesterday. He's had opportunities to hurt them and hasn't so far." He gazed back out the window as if expecting to see Steel at any moment. "No, I think he's just using them to get to me, and I just feel awful about this whole thing." Looking back to Daisy, Rosco's voice shook at little bit as he continued to talk to her. "But I tell ya, if either one of them boys gets hurt because of me, I'll never forgive myself."

Daisy laid a soothing hand on Rosco's shoulder and tried to console him. "Try not to worry none, Rosco. If there's one thing I know, it's that those boys can definitely take care of themselves. I've seen them come out of some pretty tight spots before where I really didn't think they'd had a chance." She smiled down at him. "You'll see. We'll all be joking about this tonight with the boys as they tell us all about what happened."

"That's right." Jesse added. "Besides, whenever the boys are in any real serious trouble, I can feel it in my big toe," He looked down and wiggled the toes on his feet. "and so far, so good."

They woke Boss and Enos, then all gathered around the table, studying the list. Enos had placed the names of six locations within twenty miles that they hadn't checked out yet, and they decided to split once again into their two groups to cover the area more quickly. Again, they agreed to keep very close to their radios and check in every half hour. As the sun began to peek out across the far corner of the sky, they climbed into their cars and officially began their search.

Steel approached Bo as he slept sitting on the concrete floor, leaned against a wooden post. When he reached him, Steel sharply kicked Bo's legs, "Wake up!" He shouted.

Bo woke with a start and pulled his legs close to him. Bo could feel his blood boiling as he lashed out with his teeth gnashed together, "I swear to you, if you kick or punch me one more time I'll….Oof!" Before Bo could even finish his empty threat, Steel kicked him three more times in his side and stomach, causing Bo to grunt and double over in pain once again. Steel shook his head in disbelief at the irony of the whole situation.

"I've just got to ask you, Duke," Steel began as he knelt down next to Bo, "Have you ever once thought about one word before it came out of your mouth? I mean, your cousin seems to have gotten all the brains in your family. He at least has the sense to respect the fact that I'm in charge here and I say what happens." He grabbed at Bo's shoulders and pulled him back into a full sitting position, causing Bo to wince "You are in no position to hurl threats at me, and just to show you how serious I am, I promise you it won't only be you that pays for this, it'll be Luke too." He let go of Bo and headed toward the door. "We leave in fifteen minutes. That'll give me plenty of time to wake your cousin with a nice little present on your behalf. I'll also be sure to tell him that he's getting hurt because of your big mouth."

Panic set over Bo as he realized what he had done. "No! Wait! Come back here! Don't hurt him, he didn't do nothing to you, it's me you're mad at." He stopped and listened for a moment. A few seconds later, he could hear Steel's voice shouting in the background and could hear the sound of Luke hollering out as he was being struck. Bo's entire body hurt, even his chest ached as his heart pounded harder than it ever had before. He couldn't believe what he'd done, and the punishment Luke had to take just then because of him was unbearable for Bo to think about. Feeling completely defeated, he curled his legs up close to him and could feel his body start to shake in both anger and fear. He also started feeling sick to his stomach and his head started pounding again. Try as he may, he just couldn't see any way that they were going to get out of this.

Luke could feel the rage surge through his body as Steel stood over him, having just finished kicking and striking Luke awake. "What the Hell is wrong with you, Steel? I've been cooperating with you!"

Steel snarled at him. "Yeah, well, your cousin hasn't been behaving very well at all, so to get back at him I decided to beat the tar outta you. I'm pretty sure he could hear that, too, so that makes it even better for me."

Luke shook his head in disbelief, "You're insane, Steel. There is something seriously wrong with you, you need help." Sensing Steel's anger, Luke pulled his legs close to him, trying to protect his body as much as possible from any further assault. Unfortunately, he couldn't cover his face as Steel doubled up his fist and nailed Luke hard in the jaw. Luke was dazed for a moment, and then succumbed to unconsciousness.

Enos, Rosco and Boss Hogg were ducked down behind some bushes along the parking area of the saw mill they were checking, hardly able to believe what they were seeing. The maroon van was parked around the back, empty, but with the engine running. It was obvious that Steel didn't plan to be there long, so they had to act fast.

"Enos, you go back to the patrol car and notify the others that we found Steel and have them come to meet us here." Rosco instructed "I'll head over to the other side of the mill to get a better view of what's going on."

Enos nodded and carried out Rosco's order. Rosco turned to Boss, telling him to stay put and then quickly made his way to the mill. Within a moment, Boss was alone, about to watch the entire scene from behind the bushes.

Surprisingly, as Rosco was rounding the corner of the building heading away, Steel came out a back door with another man and moved toward the van. Boss watched as they loaded some supplies into the van and looked to be preparing to leave. They then circled around to the front of the building and Boss silently prayed that Rosco had gotten out of sight by the time they got there.

Steel had left the back door open, and it was then that something moved a little from inside the building, catching Boss' attention. His eyes grew wide as he could make out the figure of a man sitting on the floor against a post. Boss was too far away to see well enough to assess the condition of the man, but the yellow shirt told him that it was most likely Bo Duke. Boss' heart started pounding as he desperately waited for either Rosco or Enos to come back, but neither of them were anywhere in sight. Knowing that there wasn't much time before Steel came back, Boss felt compelled to do something.

Making his way out from behind the bushes, Boss moved as quickly as his little body would allow toward the building, pausing only once to make sure Steel hadn't come back yet. Arriving at the door, he silently slipped inside and as he caught his breath, looked at Bo. He couldn't really get a good look at him because of the blindfold Bo was wearing, but could tell that Bo had been weakened by the way he hung his head. Boss took one last look outside and, seeing no sign of Steel, decided to make his move to get Bo out of there. Within a few seconds, Boss was knelt down next to Bo.

Bo jumped when Boss touched his arm, then started kicking out and twisting his torso back and forth to fight out as best as he could, startling Boss. "Bo! Be still and quiet now, it's me, J.D Hogg. I'm gonna get you out of here."

Bo froze. "Boss?" he whispered.

"Yeah, yeah. Now you hold still and I'll get you untied."

"Did you find Luke? He's been hurt bad, I think. Is he safe?"

Needing Bo's full cooperation and not being able to risk Bo insisting on rescuing Luke first, Boss decided to tell a little white lie. "Yeah, Rosco's gone to get him. He'll be okay."

Bo sighed in relief. "Could you take off my blindfold, please? It's been killing me since yesterday."

Boss grabbed the blindfold by the knot in the back and jerked it up, lifting it up over the top of Bo's head. Bo opened his eyes but couldn't focus on anything as the pressure against them had caused everything to be incredibly blurry. Plus, after being in complete darkness for so long, the daylight seared though Bo's dilated pupils, causing Bo to squint his eyes shut tight. Boss worked furiously on the knot and quickly had Bo untied. "Okay, you're untied now, get up and let's make a run for the bushes. That Steel will be back soon."

Bo tried in vain to stand up, but both his legs and the lower section of his back had fallen asleep and those muscles were screaming out in agony and cramped as Bo attempted to move them.

"Hold on, I can't stand up yet." Bo admitted.

Boss couldn't help but sound insensitive as he felt the urgency to escape. "Bo, you've got to find a way to stand up right now, we've got to get out of here and you're far too big for me to carry ya." Seeing that Bo really was trying with everything he had, Boss sighed. "Here, lean on me as much as you can, but you've got to pull your weight here, literally. I'm no good at this rescue business."

Leaning on Boss and letting him lead the way, a still blinded Bo made his way as best he could toward the door, gaining some speed and mobility with each step. Within a few moments they were outside the door and back behind the safety of the bushes. Enos was there waiting for them and came out to take one of Bo's arms over his shoulder to help. "Hooey, Mr. Hogg! That was some heroic thing you just did for Bo. It was just amazing the way you just ran in there and pulled him out!"

"Shhh! Enos be quiet. Steel's coming back now!" Boss hissed out to quiet Enos before their hideout was discovered. Steel hadn't noticed anything amiss yet, as he stood on the other side of the van, talking to Leon.

Bo's vision was slowly coming back to him, although everything was still very blurry. Looking around, he was dismayed to not be able to see Luke anywhere. "Enos, has Rosco come out with Luke yet?" He whispered.

Enos shook his head and looked back toward the building. "Not yet, Bo." Enos then informed them of what he had heard on the CB. "Jesse's on his way. Said he was less than five minutes away and would be here very shortly. I told them to stop their vehicles on the roadside and walk in toward the back. That way they won't be seen coming in."

Boss nodded at Enos. "Yeah, yeah, ah…good job, Enos." Boss managed to stammer out, obviously not good at the complimenting business, either. Then, looking back toward the building added, "I just hope Rosco gets back here soon with Luke. I wonder what's taking them so long."

Rosco hid along the outside of the front corner of the saw mill as he watched Steel and Leon walk around the corner. They opened the front door of the building, took out a few boxes and filled them with supplies. While they were preoccupied, Rosco slipped in the front door to have a look around. There wasn't much to see there except cobwebs and sawdust, so Rosco explored a little deeper inside. He was starting to wonder if Bo and Luke were actually there with them as he opened the last doorway. To his surprise, there sat Luke, who appeared to be propped up against a post, sound asleep.

Rosco quickly ran up next to Luke and tried to awaken him, but he was unresponsive. Rosco checked Luke's breathing and vitals and, seeing they were still strong, figured that Luke had either been knocked out or had passed out. Realizing that there wasn't much time, Rosco began to work the knot that held Luke to the post. Once that was untied, he grabbed Luke and attempted to lift him. Much to his surprise, Luke was much heavier than Rosco expected. He decided instead to lift Luke under the arms and drag his legs as he headed out the door. As they left the building, Luke started to regain consciousness. His reaction to being handled was about the same that Bo's had been and he started to fight and squirm to free himself from Rosco's grasp.

"Easy there, Luke. It's me, Rosco, and we're gonna get outta here. Now, quit fighting me and start helping me by walking on your own." He sat Luke down for a moment and pulled off his blindfold so he could see what was going on. The daylight caused Luke to squeeze his eyes back shut and shake his head a little, as if it would make his vision come in more clearly. Rosco grabbed him again by the arm and led him out the door.

They took refuge around the far corner of the building to escape the line of vision of Steel and Leon, who were both within two hundred feet of them. Rosco again turned to Luke and whispered. "Now, we need to make a run to the back of the building, but stay as quiet as possible and don't say a word until we get out of earshot."

Luke shook his head at Rosco and whispered. "I ain't going nowhere without Bo. He's still inside tied up in another room."

Rosco knew that it was only a matter of seconds before Steel went back inside and discovered Luke was missing, so he was starting to get anxious. "You're gonna go exactly where I say you're gonna go! Now, I know you're worried about Bo, but ya gotta understand that I can only do one thing at a time here, and right now we gotta get you outta their reach. It ain't gonna matter none when I get Bo out if they've turned around and caught you again, now is it?"

Luke's jaw was set tight, indicating that he still didn't like the idea, but he knew that Rosco was right, for once, so he nodded his agreement to listen. "Okay, Rosco, I'll go. But Bo's being held right inside the back door, I think. They separated us last night and put Bo in the room next to the one I was in. Ya gotta go right back in and get him. Steel's getting real nasty with Bo, and he won't hesitate to hurt him bad if he finds out I'm gone before you get him out."

Rosco nodded as he again helped a not so steady Luke back to his feet. Peeking around the front corner, he could see Steel walking across the front of the building again, leaving the back clear to make a break for the bushes where everyone, including Bo, would be waiting for them. Rosco turned to Luke, "Let's make a run for it now!"

Meanwhile, Enos and Boss were having a hard time keeping Bo down and quiet as he figured out that Luke hadn't been rescued yet. Even though he still had his hands cuffed behind him, Bo was determined that he was going back after Luke. Jesse and Cooter had just arrived and were just coming up from behind them when Bo managed to get himself up on his feet and was about to run back to the sawmill. Jesse could hear what was happening with Bo, and a parental reflex hit Jesse as he instinctively reached out with one hand and grabbed Bo by the chain that held his hands together behind him. Yanking Bo backward, he dropped him back to the ground in a sitting position. "Stay put, boy." He warned, "And if you try anything like that again, I'll make sure you sorely regret it, ya hear me?" Stunned speechless, Bo helplessly looked up at Jesse as his eyes began to tear up. Jesse, also fighting back tears, immediately knelt down in front of Bo and took him in his arms. Bo couldn't hug back, but he rested his head on Jesse's shoulder as emotions began to take over him. Jesse held Bo tight. "You sure had me worried this time." He confessed as he pulled Bo back just far enough to have a look at him. "You okay?"

Bo was still a little shaky, but he nodded. "I'm fine. It's Luke that isn't okay. Steel beat him this morning, and it's all my fault. Boss said Rosco was getting him out, but they ain't come back yet and…."

"There they are!" Enos hissed as he pointed to the far corner of the building. Bo, Boss and Jesse all turned to watch as Rosco led Luke toward them and the safety of the bushes. Once hidden, Luke and Rosco were both shocked to see that Bo had already been rescued and was safe. Jesse then turned his attention to his oldest, hugging him and telling him how relieved he was that his boys were safe now. He then inspected him for injuries as he looked him up and down. "How ya doin', boy? You okay? Bo said you was hurt."

Luke shook his head. "I'm fine. It was Bo that was hurt."

Jesse couldn't help but shake his head and give a soft smile. His two boys always downplayed their own injuries and concentrated each others. "Well," He reasoned. "I guess you're both none too worse for the wear, but we're gonna get you both checked out once we get ya back home."

At that moment, an enraged shout could be heard as Steel finally discovered that his hostages were missing. Steel ran outside the building and began desperately searching the area of the property, frantically waving his gun around as he hollered out for Bo and Luke. Leon also came out, but was looking much more scared than angered as he held the blindfold that Bo had worn. Leon handed it to Steel.

Steel eyed it as he tried to put together what had happened. "They musta had some help. There ain't no way he took this off himself. It was on much to tight for him to slip out of it on his own." He then looked into the woods and toward the road. "Who's out there with ya, boys?" He called out. "It wouldn't be your big brave sheriff, now would it?"

Leon began pacing back and forth much like a caged animal. He began wondering what the Hell he was doing in all of this, and why he was sticking around now. Now that Steel had his attention away from him, Leon realized that this was his perfect opportunity for a clean escape. He jumped into the van and sped off like a canon, leaving Steel bellowing behind him to 'come back or else' as he took a few wild gunshots at the back of the van.

Meanwhile, Daisy had been parking the jeep behind Rosco's patrol car. As she saw the maroon van drive off, she naturally assumed that Steel was in it with Bo and Luke, and she started running toward the saw mill to alert the others of their escape. Little did she realize, she was practically running into Steel's arms.

Steel reached out and grabbed Daisy around the waist and held her tightly as he drew his gun to her head. "Okay, Coltrane! I've got one of your little helpers, here! Now be a man and come on out and face me, before anyone gets hurt!"

Rosco realized he didn't have much time and needed to act fast. Turning to Jesse, he started to set up a plan. "Jesse, I need you and Cooter to take the boys and Boss back to the vehicles and keep them out of sight." Then to Enos, "I'm gonna head over that way so that Steel doesn't see us up here, and you head over the other way. It's our only chance to get him surrounded. Once I'm over there, I'm gonna come out where he can see me, meanwhile, you try to come up from behind him." Everyone then split up and went in separate directions, following Rosco's orders.

Jesse grabbed each of his kin by an arm and practically dragged them back to the cars. Once back there, Cooter dug into the back of Daisy's jeep for some bolt cutters to free Bo and Luke from their cuffs. Once their hands were released, they wanted very badly to go back and face Steel, but Jesse wouldn't permit it.

"Now you listen here, and you listen good. That fella Steel has a gun and a temper, and the only thing you're gonna wind up doing by storming down there is to get Daisy and yourselves killed. Now, I know it's hard to hear, but right now Enos and Rosco's our best bet to take Steel down, or at least they have guns of their own to back themselves up with. I only wish I'd thought to grab the bows and arrows for you boys, then we'd have a fighting chance against him."

After a bit of persuasion, it was decided that they would at least creep a little closer so they could see what was going on, and if Rosco and Enos managed to get the gun away from Steel, then they would be able to rush in and help take him down. By the time they got back behind the bushes, Rosco had already come out with his hands up and presented himself to Steel. Bo and Luke listened closely to what was happening below them.

"Okay, Steel, you win." Rosco was saying, "Let the girl go and you can take my car out of here and escape. That way no one gets hurt."

Steel began to laugh. "Hurt? What's the point of all this if no one gets hurt? Why, hurting you is the part I've been looking forward to the most!" Cocking the gun against Daisy's head, Steel made his demand. "Drop that gun and get your ass over here where I can reach you!"

Rosco took a few steps toward Steel, before dropping his gun to the ground. As soon as the gun hit the dirt, Steel lashed out with his gun and clocked Rosco clean across the jaw, knocking him down and knocking him out cold. Steel seemed very disappointed. "Shoulda figured you for a lightweight, Coltrane." He sneered. "You didn't even put up a decent fight. That didn't hardly seem worth anything." He then returned the gun to Daisy's head and cooed in her ear. "Looks like it's just you and me now, sugar. We're gonna take a nice trip in the Sheriff's car and go find ourselves somewhere nice and cozy to get to know each other a little better." He started to drag her away, when Enos made his entrance from the woods.

"Hold it right there, Steel, and drop your weapon or I'll shoot!" Enos stood frozen with his gun drawn on Steel, but he was noticeably shaking.

"Well now, where did you come from?" Steel coyly asked. "I don't seem to remember you from two years ago. Seems to me it was some drip named Cletus who was deputy before." He turned his body to face Enos as he hid behind Daisy. "Let me tell you how it's gonna work, now. You're gonna drop your gun just like your sheriff did, and if you don't, I'm gonna shoot the girl. You've got 'til the count of three. One…..two….."

Seeing no other way, and not having a clear shot, Enos reluctantly dropped his gun.

"That's better." Steel praised. "Now, the girl and me will be taking a ride now, and you'll stay right there until we're out of here. And don't try anything funny or heroic, or I promise you, she will be dead. You got that?"

Enos nodded and bowed his head. "I'm sorry, Daisy." He apologized. "I promise we'll find a way to get you out of this."

Again Steel laughed. "Don't make promises you can't keep. I've got the girl, I've got the car, and after a while, I'll be back to finish things where I started with your sheriff and them hick cousins. I'm not done with any of you yet. I'll get my revenge on all of you even worse than this time. I will have my victory in all this, end of story!"

Suddenly, there was now a gun placed directly at Steel's temple as Rosco had come up from behind him. In surprise, Steel had turned to see who it was and had taken the gun away from Daisy just for a second, and Rosco slapped at the gun and knocked it clean from Steel's hand as Daisy ran to the safety of Enos' arms. Everyone in the bushes sat in awe with their mouths open as Rosco spoke softly into Steel's ear. "You forgot a chapter in that story, Steel. It's the chapter where you have the right to remain silent." Steel stared at Rosco in disbelief as Rosco smiled. "Seems I'm not such a lightweight after all, just a good actor. Coot coot!"

Watching from the bushes, Bo could no longer stand it as the rage was taking control of his body. He bolted out and charged toward Steel with Luke right behind him. Bo hit Steel hard with a body slam, knocking him a good ten feet from Rosco and onto the ground. Within seconds, Bo was on top of him. "Ya like punching people and kicking people who can't fight back? Ya like watching people in pain and keeping them tied up?" Bo shouted. "Well, then, I'm gonna enjoy this more than I care to admit." He raised his fist back and was about to strike, when Luke came up behind him and grabbed his arm.

"Bo, Stop!" Luke commanded. "Don't do anything you're gonna regret."

"Don't worry, I won't regret one minute of this." Bo answered as he struggled to free his arm from Luke's grasp. "Lemee go!"

Luke shook his head as he held Bo's arm tight. "I know he deserves it, and I know he's put us through Hell this week. But, Bo, if you do this, then you're no better than he is. Look at him! The guy's a loser. He's already lost and he's going right back to prison where he belongs. He's done." Sensing that Bo was starting to listen to him, Luke cautiously loosened his grip on him. Bo started to regain control of his breathing and calmed down a bit. Luke put his hand on Bo's shoulder. "C'mon. Get off him now and let Rosco and Enos handle it. It's over now. Let's get out of here and get back home." Luke stood and held out a hand to Bo, who took it and got to his feet.

Bo looked back down at Steel. "You're about as pathetic as they come. I hope you rot in prison for the next ten years."

As Rosco led Steel to the patrol car, Daisy ran over to Bo and Luke and threw herself into their arms. "I was so worried about you two. I'm so glad you're okay!" She cried as she held them both tight.

"I'm glad you're okay, too. You really had us scared there for a minute." Luke chimed in as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. The three cousins walked over to join Boss, Jesse and Cooter who were all walking toward them. Daisy then melted into Jesse's arms as he gave her a tight squeeze. "Looks like we've got some celebrating to do tonight." Jesse announced, "Just as soon as we get out of here and get back home, I'll fix us all up a nice dinner and we can all catch up with each other and then get some much needed rest." Turning to Boss, Jesse added, "And I hope you, Rosco and Enos can all join us for dinner tonight. It don't seem like much, but it's all I can do to thank you for all you've done to help us."

"Sounds good to me, Jesse." Boss agreed. "I'm never one to turn down a good home cooked meal."

As they got back to Daisy's jeep, Bo started looking in the glovebox. "Hey, Daisy? You got any aspirin in here? My head's been killing me for two days now."

"I sure do, sugar, but it's not in the glove box, it's in my purse."

"Great. I'll take ten of them!"

Daisy smiled as she took the aspirin bottle out. "I'll give you three." She smiled as she handed the pills to Bo.

Jesse nodded. "That reminds me. First thing tomorrow you boys are both going with me in town to see the doctor."

Luke frowned and smacked Bo's arm. "See what you did? He would've forgotten the whole doctor's thing, but you had to go and start your bellyaching about a headache and remind him about it. Nice work, genius!"

Bo frowned back. "All I did was ask for some aspirin. You know my head's been killing me. It ain't my fault Steel tied that blindfold so danged tight!"

"Whine, whine whine." Luke continued.

Before either of them could speak again, Jesse chimed in. "One more word from any of you, and you'll both be needing a doctor for the blisters I'm gonna give you with my strap." He couldn't help but chuckle as he climbed into the jeep. "Now get yourselves in the jeep and let's get home. I've got a lot of cooking to do!"

Later that evening, they all gathered around Jesse's table and hungrily dug in to the wonderful meal that was prepared for them. Bo and Luke ate like savages, having not eaten anything since yesterday. Jesse jokingly admonished them to be sure they were actually chewing the food and not swallowing it down whole.

When Bo told the story of how Boss rescued him, Luke sat in disbelief. "Boss rescued you?" he clarified. "Wow! I never would've guessed that one."

"I know, but he did." Replied Bo, "I'd never been so surprised to hear Boss' voice as I was then, saying he was gonna get me out of there."

Boss chuckled as he swallowed a mouthful of food. "Yeah, well, you had me worried there when you said you couldn't walk, Bo. I was really wondering how I was gonna manage carrying you out as big and heavy as you are."

Rosco then chimed in and pointed at Luke. "Speaking of which, I would never have figured you to be so heavy, Luke. I've had to lift Bo before when he fell and hit his head on that log a few years back, and he was heavy enough. But you! You're much heavier than he is, and he's got a few inches on ya."

Jesse smiled. "That's cuz one's all legs and the other's all torso." He explained. "Torso outweighs leg."

Daisy laughed out loud as Bo suddenly looked insulted. "I'm not all leg." He argued. "I've got torso, too. Luke's just got more gut, is all."

Luke couldn't resist one last jab at Bo. "Yeah, well, it's just a good thing that ego's don't weigh anything, otherwise Bo wouldn't be able to lift himself outa bed each morning."

"Cute" Bo answered, but couldn't help smile at Luke's joke.

Jesse looked around the table at everyone. This had been quite a week, and he was incredibly grateful that everything and everyone was going to be okay. His wish had come true and he had his entire family back home and safe. Now, he just had to pray that tomorrow would prove to be a rather uneventful day in Hazzard County.