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~ Epilogue ~

Dimitri POV.

A few hours later…

I stared down at my daughter, sound asleep and cradled in my arms. She was so tiny, so perfect. Small, perfect hands and feet, ten tiny fingers and toes with little, delicate nails and super soft skin.

Her left foot twitched slightly as she shifted in my arms and I stared in awe for the millionth time as her mouth stretched into a little 'O' as she yawned and squirmed some more before her eyelids fluttered and then opened, heavy and dark with sleep.

"Hey, baby girl," At my whispered words her eyes flickered to mine and held as I carefully shifted her in my arms. "Your mummy's sleeping right now, so I wanted to say hi." I paused, feeling slightly silly for whispering to her when I knew she couldn't understand what I was saying, but still wanting to connect with her and soak up every detail of every minute that I could.

"I'm your daddy, and I've been so excited and nervous waiting to meet you. We all have. You've got a brother and three sisters at home waiting to meet you too. And your grandparents and aunties and uncles… they're all going to fall in love with you the minute they see you. Well, your grandparents already have, but you were asleep when they came in, so they're going to want to meet you again when you're awake to see them…" I hesitated as I carefully stroked along the palm of her left hand, elation bubbling up in my chest as her fingers curved around my index one and she blinked slowly, her gaze never leaving my own as my eyes widened at the strength in her grip, belying my previous thoughts that babies were tiny and delicate. "You're gonna be a tough one, aren't you?"

Roza snored and shifted on the bed and I laughed as Alana's little eyes seemed to widen at the strange noise. "That was your mummy. She's very tired at the moment." I gently adjusted the hold I had on her and supported her head so she could see Roza's sleeping form. "You're beautiful, just like your mummy. I'm going to have to get a gun to keep the boys away from you."

It had been meant as a joke, but the thought was sobering, reminding me of how things had ended with Adrian as my chest ached and gun shots rang out in my mind, freezing me in place for a moment when my breathing spiked and I had to forcibly calm myself.

Alana whimpered, picking up on the tension that ran through my body, her hand releasing my finger when her mouth opened and a small strangled cry escaped as her eyes began to screw up in agitation.

"I'm sorry, baby girl, I'm sorry." Roza's face scrunched up as she started to wake and Alana's cries grew louder and more insistent and intense as I panicked, rubbing at her tummy softly, and patting her little fists. "I'm sorry, baby girl. I didn't mean to upset you, daddy's sorry. Shhhh."

"Put her on your shoulder," Roza's voice was a sleepy mumble as her hazel brown eyes blinked at me slowly. "And then rub her back in small circles."

I followed her instructions, my eyes widening at the bright red shade Alana's face had turned as she screamed at the top of her lungs, her tiny hands clenched into fists.

"How on Earth can something so little make so much noise?"

Roza laughed, shrugging softly as I shook my head in amazement and began to gently rub Alana's back, my lips pressing against the downy hair on her head in a soft kiss as she continued to yell a little more, and then seemingly cried herself out as her wails began to quieten and slow down.

"Even when you berate me loudly for messing up, I still love you, baby girl."

I smiled and carefully lifted the hand that rested against my chest to my lips, marvelling once more at the softness of her skin.

A small snuffling sound left her lips and then Alana relaxed completely in my arms, her face resting in between my shoulder and the crook of my neck as she fell asleep once again.

I craned my neck backwards to see the peaceful expression on her face, and then my eyes met Roza's, soft, happy and warm with emotion.

"You're a brilliant daddy, Dimitri."

The next day…

"She's very small."

Tom stared doubtfully at Alana who was cradled in Roza's arms and Sophia nodded along in agreement. "And very wrinkled."

"And squirmy."

"And pink."

Roza laughed lightly as they continued to assess their youngest sister who was currently staring back up at them, wide eyes flicking around the room as they talked over her.

"Can I hold her?"

Alyssa and Katrina had been enthralled with the newest addition to the family, asking questions non-stop from the time I'd met them in the reception to bring them to Roza's room and only quieting when they'd seen Alana was asleep. Now that she was awake, they were itching to meet her properly, to introduce themselves and hold her and take pictures to show all their friends.

"Sit down fir-"

"I called first dibs on holding baby kiz!"

Janine only rolled her eyes as Abe began arguing with the kids over who was going to hold the baby first before Lissa stepped in and smoothly took over from Rose, smirking as they fell silent and Abe frowned.

"But I called first dibs."

"Next time, maybe you should actually do something to hold the baby, rather than arguing about it."

Christian was peering over her shoulder, and predictably, Alana pulled him under her spell once they locked gazes, a goofy smile covering his face as he stroked one finger across her tiny hand. "Even though she's so small, it still amazes me how babies fit out of such a tiny hole-"


Mis snorted and looked like she was hiding a smile, but Lissa's sharp reprimand startled Alana who began to snuffle and squirm like she'd done the night before, little whimpers preceding the fall out that was sure to follow.

"Now look what you've done!"

"What I've done? You're the one that scared her in the first place!"

I chuckled as Lissa continued to try and softly rock Alana despite the glares she and Christian were trading and lifted her into my arms, this time rubbing her stomach softly until the tears stopped and she was almost asleep.

"I still want to hold baby kiz."

A smile quirked my lips as I gazed down at Alana once more before passing her into her grandfather's arms, watching as Janine moved to his side and carefully stroked her small cheek as they cooed over her.

"She really is a beautiful baby, Rose."

"And the last Belikov baby I'm having. Cute as she may be that labour was awful. And Dimitri's getting a vasectomy."

"What?!" I took a step back, noticing that the rest of the men in the room mirrored my movements as Roza tore her gaze away from her mother who was now holding Alana to focus on me.

"You heard me. No more unplanned pregnancies!"


"No buts. Either you get snipped or we never have sex again."

I winced at the casual way she mentioned it, even as the kids began the usual rounds of protests and complaints at the mention of their parents being intimate.

"Oh suck it up, how do you all think you got here?" At Mia's raised eyebrow they subsided into mutters and dark looks, but perked up once Janine carefully placed Alana into Mia's arms.

"Alyssa and Katrina, you can hold her next. Tom and Sophia, you need to come and sit next to me before you get to hold her." Silence filled the room as they dutifully followed Roza's orders.

"I still want a little bro-"

"When your dad is able to have a baby, then you'll get your little brother. Until then, no."

Alana chose that moment to yawn widely, and the conversation was forgotten.

Three Months Later…

I stared down in horror at the screeching, wriggly bundle that seemed intent on escaping from my hands and landing head first on the floor.

What on Earth had happened to my sweet little daughter to turn her into- into this?

"Alana, baby girl… what's wrong? Come on, it's not that ba-"

An ear piercingly loud wail made me flinch and fumble.



"She won't stop screaming. I don't know what to do!"

Patting her back hadn't helped. Neither had rubbing her tummy, or changing the position I'd held her in, or humming, or singing, or talking to her softly. Trying to kiss her head had resulted in nearly having my eye poked out as she waved her tiny fists around in little jerky movements.

"Roza!" My voice was desperate as I clutched Alana closely to my chest, grabbed her nappy and bed time clothes in my free hand and then made my way downstairs into the front room where Roza was curled up on the sofa and the kids were watching television.

Alana had quietened down a little as we'd moved from one room to the other, but now she started up again in full force, little chocolate brown eyes narrowed and glaring up at me accusingly as I peered down into her reddened face.

"C'mon, baby girl. It was only a quick bath. You're screeching like I ripped the head off of your cuddly bunny."

More crying followed that statement and Roza laughed. "She's probably hungry and tired," she held her arms out and I gratefully passed Alana into her embrace as her eyes scanned my face. "You look exhausted. I'll put her to sleep and get the kids sorted while you go and get ready for bed. I think everyone needs an early night."

I nodded, my body aching at the mention of getting into bed and kissed her softly before saying my good night's to the kids and heading back out of the room.

"Are you asleep?" Roza's voice was soft as she slipped under the covers and flicked off the lamp, casting the room into darkness.

"Not yet," I rolled over to pull Roza into my arms, our lips meeting briefly before she curled up against my chest. "You're tense, what's on your mind?"

"I should know better by now than to try and hide stuff from you, shouldn't I?"

I chuckled lightly and then kissed the top of her head. "It's my job as your husband. Besides, you can always tell when I have stuff on my mind so it's only fair that I'm able to do the same. Now spill."

She sighed, and then wriggled out of my arms so that we were face to face. "Is it strange or wrong that I'm upset over the way things ended with Camille and Daniel? That as soon as the police cleared Camille of having any involvement with Adrian's crazy plan, she packed up their things and moved away, pulled Daniel out of school and left without even saying goodbye to Katrina? I know that Katrina's ours, but still, she's her biological mother. I just don't see how she can't feel even slightly guilty at what she's done to her daughter, to not want to say goodbye or see if there's a chance that she and Katrina could have some sort of relationship now that Adrian's not a threat or influencing her anymore."

"I think that's exactly the reason why she's done it, Roza. Guilt. The guilt is too much for her to handle, so she decided to run. But she'll never be able to get away from it or escape. Now she's started running, she won't be able to stop. It'll always be there, preying on her mind or tugging at her heart; she'll see something and it'll remind her all over again. So, no, it's not strange that you're upset, because you're upset for Katrina, the way a mother should be. Be happy that you feel this way, it only further shows just how much you care for her, and the fact that we were right to bring her into our family."

"I never thought of it like that." I kissed her forehead and then let her climb back out of bed to check on the kids once more. It was something we'd both started to do, after what had happened with Adrian. It was irrational, but if checking one last time that they were safe and sound and tucked up in their beds helped us to sleep better at night then neither of us were going to stop.

"They're all fine." I smiled as Roza re-entered the room, pausing to glance down at Alana asleep in her cot and tuck the covers back around her before she got back into bed.

"While we're on the subject, why do you keep hiding from me?"

Roza frowned and her brow furrowed in confusion as she pulled the covers up over her chest and then wriggled across the bed into my arms.

"I'm not hiding from you, I'm right here."

I chuckled and tugged at the long sleeve of her pyjama top. "I'm talking about this, Roza. The long sleeved tops and pyjamas that barely expose your neck and ankles like we're back in the Victoria era. Why are you hiding from me?" Her eyes dropped and a flush of colour stole its way up her neck. "You have nothing to hide. I've seen it all before." I paused, hoping she'd laugh, but she didn't answer, except to try and bury her head in my chest and I sighed as my finger began to run through her hair. "Roza, look at me."

"No," her voice was stubborn, not teary, which was a good sign.


"Just leave it, Dimitri."

"Not until you look at me and tell me what's going on."



"Why do you have to be the one guy who actually wants to get into all the deep emotional, let's-talk-about-our-feelings fluff and do all that sort of stuff? Why can't you just make a crass comment about the fact that my boobs are bigger now and leave it at that?"

"Because I love you, and as you seem to constantly forget, I love you for more than your body." Her face tilted up a little and I smiled. "I love you for your passion, your care, the contrast between your ferocity and gentleness, the way you're stern but loving with the kids, and the fact that you've got such a big, beautiful heart that it makes me fall deeper in love with you every day."

Worried hazel eyes met mine. "I feel fat. And ugly. And my breasts are sore sometimes, and that makes me feel even worse. And I haven't lost all the baby weight yet, and I don't want you to see because the stretch marks are hideous and I don't want you to see them until they're not so prominent, and-"

My lips met Roza's softly, and I savoured the way her mouth moulded against mine, her fingers threading through my hair as I pulled her close. "I love you." My lips began to trail across her jaw, and I smiled against her skin as she gasped. "I love you, Rosemarie Belikova, every single inch of you. I don't care whether you never lose the baby weight. I don't care if you put on five stone," my lips began to trail down her neck until I reached her collarbone, where I bit down lightly. "I don't care, because you are my beautiful wife and the mother of our children, and I love you no matter what."

"Mmm, Dimitri, but-"

"So," my tongue began to tease the skin of her neck, and I grinned inwardly at the thought of giving her a love bite. "Stop covering up from me. If you're genuinely cold or want to wear those pyjamas then fine, but don't hide your body away because of what you think I'm thinking. I like to hold my wife in my arms, not reams of flannel because of a lack of communication. You are beautiful. And sexy. And you've been teasing me for the last three months with that sultry little smirk you like to use, and then leaving me high and dry-" I pulled back, intending to look into her eyes to be certain that she wanted me to continue, only to find Roza's hands pushing me back down to her chest.

"You talk about me being a tease, and look at what you're doing." I groaned at the breathy tone to her voice as arousal thudded through my veins, and slowly began to inch my hands up her top, my lips kissing every centimetre of exposed skin until a hungry wail pierced the near silence.

"Damn it." I sighed and rested my cheek against Roza's stomach for a moment before getting out of bed. "Now I remember why you were against having any more kids in the first place."

Nine months later…


"Yes, Alana?"

"Bah. Bah, bah." Her pudgy little baby hands clasped together when I leant back and placed her on my chest as her little cheeks pulled up into a gummy smile.

"Come on, you can do it," I couldn't help the grin that popped up across my face when her little eyes, eyes that were exactly the same as my own and those of my family, locked with mine and she smiled again, dimples showing in her chubby cheeks. Her smiles and laughter brought me to my knees every single time, and I was proud to admit it.

"Ba." She let go of her hands and leant forwards slightly, before her hands came out again and pressed against my chest for a moment. "Muhhh." Her hands lifted to press against my cheeks as she stared at me, waiting for an answer.

She couldn't talk, but our daughter was smart and knew how to get her point across.

"She's in the shower." I crossed my eyes and stuck my tongue out of the corner of my mouth, grinning when she laughed; soft little giggles filling the room as she burbled happily to herself.

"What are you both laughing about?"

Alana's eyes lit up and her arms stretched out invitingly as Roza entered the room and walked over to us. "Muhhhh. Mu-" She paused and her face scrunched up as we both watched her. Her expressions were some of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. Her nose wrinkled as her face straightened out and she smiled, until she sneezed.

It wasn't huge, but her little body shook from the effort.

"Excuse you." I kissed the tip of her nose as Rose laughed, but Alana's eyes filled up with tears and my heart just about broke in my chest.

"What's wrong, baby girl?" She stared at me as her bottom lip trembled, and she sneezed again before bursting into sobs. Tears streaked down her cheeks as her tiny face crumpled and I immediately pulled her into my chest, Roza's hands rubbing soft circles on her back as we tried to soothe her. "It was just a sneeze, that's all."


I couldn't help it. Despite my heart twisting as she cried, I had to laugh at the forlorn expression on her face when she paused and looked up at me.

"You're not even all that upset are you, baby girl?"


That and a sniffle were all I got with regards to an answer and I laughed lightly as she leant in for a cuddle. "I know it's strange, but you're fine. I'm guessing your mummy taught you that trick, huh?"

Roza snorted. "You're just a big softie. Now come on, we don't want to be late for our own daughter's christening, do we?"

"You ready, baby girl?" Her brown eyes met mine, blinking up at me solemnly before she rested her head against my chest once more. "Okay, let's go." Roza winced, and I paused as she rubbed at her stomach. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she nodded and sighed. "They're just taking turns in pummelling my kidneys. I'll be much better once these twins are born."

"Lissa and Christian wouldn't have minded waiting for lon-"

"I know, I know, but that's not going to change things now. And if I'd waited I'm sure I would have changed my mind. It's all for the best that the IVF worked as well as it did. Besides, I love seeing the elation on their faces when they get to fuss over the bump and feel the babies move and the horror on Christian's face when Lissa drags him on another huge shopping spree for them. Now," she paused and winced again but slapped my hand away as I reached for her. "It's not that bad, Dimitri. They'll calm down once I start moving around, and we really need to leave. The kids are ready and waiting by the door."

"Then let's get going."

Everything had been going smoothly, which of course meant that it was too good to last.

Alana had slept all the way to church and throughout most of the service, only waking when the priest had poured Holy Water over her head before anointing her with oil, and even then she didn't cry; only looked around in confusion, a disgruntled frown marring her face. Being handed from person to person, before settling in Christian's arms when he and Lissa took care not to ruin her Christening gown as they made their declarations on her behalf hadn't even caused her to wake up in a grumpy mood and fuss.

Oh no, the trouble came when the ceremony was ended and it was time to take pictures… and partway through Abe decided to take it upon himself to put on the bonnet that went with Alana's Christening gown. Yes, she looked adorable dressed up in the gown and shawl, and the bonnet would only have added to that, but Abe didn't seem to have realised that his granddaughter had inherited her mother's stubborn streak, like her brother and sisters. And Alana did not want to wear it.

Abe put it on, she pulled it off, and everyone laughed.

Abe put it back on, this received a few moments where Alana allowed him to leave it there, and then she pulled it off… and dropped it.

Cue a battle of epic proportions.

This time, Abe held her hands down after he'd put it on, and Alana began to screech at the top of her lungs and flail around like a sock puppet. "Daaaaaah!"

"Baba, maybe we should just leave-"

"No." Abe grunted as he had to either release Alana's wrists or drop her, and then scowled as she all but tore the bonnet from her head, a practised look of disgust across her delicate features as she deliberately let it fall to the ground. "I bought it, and she looks cute in it so she's going to wear it."

The kids snickered and even the priest looked like he was hiding a smile as Alana and Abe tried to stare each other down. "Come on, baby kiz."

"Da! No!" More squirming accompanied her little shout as Abe began to try and put the bonnet back on her head. "Muh!"

"Baby girl," her eyes met mine as I brushed a hand across her curly tufts of hair. "Just let your granddaddy put it on for one picture, and then you can take it off."

Predictably, she sat still for a few seconds as I talked to her, and then started to screech and wail as the dreaded bonnet made contact with her head again.


"Kiz, where's her rattle? Maybe the noise will distract her long enough to get at least one picture with the bonnet on."

"I don't think that's a good idea, baba…"

"Nonsense. She'll love it and forget all about this silly tantrum."

"Are you s-"

"Rose, just give your father the rattle." Janine's eyes held a gleam of supressed laughter, and I felt a brief stab of pity for Abe as Alana's grabby hands wrapped around the rattle and she looked up at her grandfather suspiciously.


Rose smiled and kissed her forehead as we took our places around Abe so that the picture could be taken.

A little shaking sound filled the silence, and Abe, true to his word, took advantage of Alana's distraction to pull the bonnet onto her head and smile at the camera.

"Chee- ow! Son of a bi- gun!"

Alana had smacked him full in the face with her rattle.

Everyone stared in shocked amazement at the huge red mark on Abe's forehead, then at Alana who seemed surprised at herself, and then burst into tears, little sobs wracking her body as she dropped the rattle and held her arms out towards Roza.

"Oh no, it's okay," my eyes widened as I looked up from where I'd been rubbing her back, to find everyone fussing, well trying to fuss over Alana, to hear Janine laughing at the bewildered look on Abe's face.

"I told you not to buy that damn hat!" She laughed some more. "But you didn't listen! And your face… when she hit you…" She actually looked like she wanted to sink to the floor and roll around. "And you- you look so upset because everyone's fussing over the baby instead of you!"

Seven months later…

Soft burbles filled the room, and I smiled as Roza curled up into my lap.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah," her head tilted back, and I smiled at the contentment that was clear to see in her eyes before my lips met hers gently. "I love you, Comrade."

"I love you too, Roza." My hands found hers as we watched the babies on the floor. Alana was now nineteen months old, walking, talking and mischievous, following in her older siblings' footsteps and keeping us on our toes.

Lissa and Christian had come down to spend the Christmas holidays with us and to continue looking for a house. They were planning on keeping their house up in Scotland, but as a holiday home, and relocating closer to us, so that we could see the twins regularly.

Marcus Andre and Oliver Christian Ozera had been born four months ago, happy and healthy and a perfect mix of their parents. Marcus had Lissa's hair but his father's eyes, and Oliver was the complete opposite, both of them happy and healthy babies who had weighed a little under six pounds each when they were born despite being a month premature.

They had made Roza and I Godparents as thanks in helping them to finally have their own family, and had fallen in love with their babies from the moment Roza told them that the IVF had been successful and they were going to be parents. Lissa had quit work almost immediately and moved in with us once Roza was three months along, and Christian had driven down every weekend to spend time with us. Roza refused to have anything to do with the baby, outside of what an auntie would usually do, and so Lissa and Christian attended all of her doctor's appointments and antenatal classes, and were the first ones to see their babies on the ultrasound monitor and to feel them kick.

Once Roza had to go on maternity leave, she and Lissa had spent a lot of their time during the day house hunting and it had become the norm to come home and find Roza laid out on the sofa, Lissa sat beside her and cooing at her stomach. When Roza went into labour, Lissa and Christian were by her side the entire time, soothing, calming and encouraging her in equal measure as she brought their children into the world, and as I'd held Roza afterwards, their smiles and joy clearly made it all worth it.

Now, watching as they carefully played with their children on the floor, holding up stuffed toys for them to burble and try to grab at with their small hands, I could feel Roza smile against my chest.

"They're brilliant parents. I'm glad we gave them the chance to actually be a proper family."

My reply was cut off by the sound of shouting in the hallway, where Mia and Mason were supposed to be having a 'discussion', and Lissa's eyes widened as it startled the babies and Oliver began to cry, which in turn upset his brother and the resulting noise meant Alana stopped what she was doing to toddle over and cuddle.

"Well just fuck off then!"

"Mia, for God's sakes, I'm just suggesting that-"

"That what?! If you don't like the way things are between us then fuck off!"

"I didn't mean it like that-"

"How else could you mean it?"

"Would you just listen for a second-"

"No! If you- mmph!"

Silence reigned supreme, and everyone waited anxiously too see what would happen next before looking incredibly guilty as the kids entered the front room to plonk themselves down in front of the television, their faces red and flushed from the cold wind outside.

"Aunt Mia and Mason are kissing."

"You son of a bitch! Don't think you can just kiss me and that'll sol-"

More silence was followed by a soft moan and then a sharp slap, and the kids grinned at each other in anticipation of hearing more 'bad words' as Mia stomped into the front room.

Mason followed after her, and then pulled her into his arms as she tried to turn away. "You drive me absolutely crazy, and your temper is awful."

"Well your hair is hideous and I'm going to get a dog to replace you."

"Marry me."

"And- what?"

"You are a tiny, crazy, beautiful woman, and I love you. Will you, Mia Rinaldi, marry me?"

"I- but you- you want to break up."

Mason laughed. "No, I said that I was frustrated with the way things were between us, and I meant that I wanted to make them more permanent. So I'll ask you one more time, because if you don't answer again I'm going to drive us both to Gretna Green right now…" He let go of her, and Mia gasped as he knelt down on one knee. "I haven't bought you a ring, because I know no matter what I'd choose you'd argue. I want to get you something you want, so I'll buy the ring you pick out, regardless of price or what it looks like. I'll give you the wedding of your dreams. I'll argue with you about the most inane things every night, because it's your way of saying 'I love you'. The only thing you have to do is say yes. Amelia Rinaldi, will you-"


Mia all but fell on top of Mason, her hands threaded through his hair as she kissed him fiercely, and I snorted as the kids shrugged and turned their attention back to the television. Marcus and Oliver were staring at their Aunt and Uncle with wide eyes, the noise and sudden movements capturing their attention as Lissa leant against Christian and smiled up at him when he wrapped his free arm around her waist.

"Mason's proposal reminds me a lot of the way my mum said my dad proposed. Our family is absolutely crazy, I hope you know that. "

I smiled down at Roza as she let Alana down to go and sit with her brother and sisters before I tilted her face up and kissed her deeply.

"I wouldn't have it any other way."


Love is patient and kind.

Love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude.

It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful.

It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends.

1 Corinthians 13.

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