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At first, it was a small matter that no one paid any mind to. After all, there really wasn't anything wrong with avoiding physical contact with others. And she didn't avoid all contact, as she would still hold hands with her friends as they came to school.

Yet as weeks went by, it became obvious that she was not the cheerful, girl she once was, despite the act she put on. She was becoming increasingly distant. Instead of going home with her friends, she would disappear as soon as the meetings were over, saying simply that her parents wanted her home as soon as possible, and that everything was fine.

At first, they believed her. After all, Rosa Chinensis en bouton was never one to tell a blatant lie. However, after one such occasion when the young girl left immediately, she neglected to receive an important document for the Yamayurikai from Sachiko, who was beginning to sense that something was very wrong with her petite soeur. Thus she, along with a concerned Shimako and Yoshino decided to make a trip to the Fukuzawa residence.

"What is it that you want?" The girls were met with an angry glare from the man who Sachiko knew as Yumi's father, a glare that made the girls flinch.

"We came here to give Yumi-san some papers we need her to look over," Shimako answered, with a look at Sachiko's face, "They are for the upcoming events at school."

"We're also concerned about Yumi-san," Yoshino added cautiously as she looked at the older man, "She seems a bit depressed at school, so we wanted to try to cheer her up."

"...I see," Yumi's father responded after a moment, "Yumi is busy with her school work at the moment, but I'll be happy to give her the documents for you, and tell her that you all stopped by."

"Take care on the way home," he added as he took the papers from Sachiko and closed the door.

"Am I the only one who thinks Yumi-san's father was acting strange?" Yoshino questioned as the three girls got into the black limo that was waiting for them.

"I think so too, Yoshino-san, "Shimako replied sternly, her cerulean eyes narrowed in thought. "What do you think, Sachiko-Sama?"

"... We need to keep a close eye on Yumi," She responded after a moment, "They're is something going on with Yumi, but she's not telling us anything. It's rude to nose into other people's business, butI will not simply watch while something is going on with my petite soeur. Shimako, would you please keep a close eye on her in class from now on?"

"You don't need to ask, Sachiko-Sama. Yumi-san is my precious friend as well."

Nodding to each other, the three girls went home with their plan in their mind. As Shimako lay in her bed that night, she thought about her friend, the girl that brought light into everyone's life by simply being around them with her simple smile. 'Yumi... what on earth is going on in your life..? Are we not close enough for you to trust us-trust ME?'

Shaking the thought out of her mind, she turned the light off in her room. Now was not the time to worry about that. Right now, Yumi needed their help, even if she wouldn't say so. And Shimako would do whatever it took to help her.

However, it seemed that Yumi's problems were bigger than they though. Yumi would not return to school for a week.

They tried visiting her house again, but nobody answered. They tried calling her, but no one picked up. Everyone was worried. Sachiko was grim. Yoshino was out in the city everyday, looking for her friend, Rei searching for her as well when she was not at the kendo club. Shimako was the one who remained seemingly calm and collected at the academy, the reassuring hand for all of her friends. And when she got the call from Sachiko Sunday night, who said that Yumi had called her and would be in school the next day, she cried tears of relief.

When she entered the classroom the next day, Yumi was already in her chair, staring out of the window. Shimako was so relieved to see her, that she immediately rushed over to her and embraced her, but let go with a gasp as the small girl squeaked, quickly pushing her away. "Yumi...san..?"

"Ah, I'm sorry Shimako-san!" Yumi quickly screamed, then, in a softer voice as she took Shimako's hand in hers, "I was lost in thought. I didn't mean to push you."

Shimako simply smiled, "It is fine, Yumi-san. I'm just glad that you are back. We were all really worried about you! Where have you-"

At that moment, the teacher came into the class, and everyone went to their respective desks. It was only after she had been teaching for about an hour that their teacher noticed Yumi's outfit. "Yumi-san? Although it is nearing winter, you cannot wear your scarf nor those gloves in the classroom. Please take them off."

After a moment, Yumi stood up and looked at her teacher, a slightly sorrowful look on her face. "I'm sorry ma'am, but I cannot take off my scarf or my gloves. I'm not trying to be rude... It's just that..."

The teacher could see that Yumi was struggling for something to say. "Would it be easier if we stepped out into the hall, Yumi-san?" To which Yumi immediately nodded, a grateful look on her face.

The classroom was dead silent as everybody strained their ears, trying to hear the conversation between the two. After a few moments... "Oh, my... Yumi-san! This is-! But... Alright, but at the very least... I'll write you a pass for the rest of the day... Here, go on ahead. I'll send your classwork to the Yamayurikai later." Yumi's voice was so small they couldn't hear it, but they did hear the teacher from time to time.

After a moment, the teacher returned. Without an explanation, she resumed her lesson as if nothing had happened, but Shimako could see that something had shaken her up a bit.

Lunch time came, and Yumi had not returned. Sachiko and Yoshino had both come to the classroom, but left immediately upon hearing that Yumi had left earlier, even though her school bag was still on her desk. Shimako sat at her desk, spaced out. She didn't come to her senses until someone put their hand on her shoulder. "Ah, I'm sorry. You wanted me, Sensei?"

"Yes. Can you take these along with Yumi-san's stuff with you to the Yamayurikai building? She said she will be there later."

"Yes, ma'am." Shimako replied with a smile as the teacher walked away, leaving her alone in the classroom. Or so she thought.

"Shimako-San." She turned to the window to see Tsutako Takeshima; classmate and part of the photography club, as well as friend of her and Yumi.

"What is it, Tsutako-san?" Shimako asked as she stood up, getting her supplies together. Tsutako walked up to her, a very worried, almost grief-stricken look on her face.

"It's about Yumi-san... You're the only person I felt i could talk to about this... It's... pretty bad."

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