In the End

"The world is not so simple that one man's self-sacrifice can save it. Remember, no matter how talented you are, you're just a human being. There is no need for any one person to become either a savior or a murderer for sake of the world." - Rurouni Kenshin

Rated T for violence and lime. Also contains scenes that the anime skipped.

September 28, 2018 a.t.b

Chapter 1- Rebirth


Seconds after the 99th emperor of the Holy Brittanian Empire, Lelouch, drew his last breath, chaos ensued. Cheers of "ZE-RO! ZE-RO!" erupted from the once tyrannized citizens lining the streets, yelling praise to the masked savior of Japan. After the slaughtered ex-emperor's troops vanished in the madness, the terrorist mastermind himself tore the still screaming Nunally off of her brother's bloodstained corpse. To the surprise of all onlookers, she fought him, determined to stay with the man who, by incurring the entire world's wrath, had created a better and brighter future for all who his influence had reached. Her wailing was drowned out by praise of Zero, defender of the weak and slayer of the hated Demon King Lelouch. As the liberated Black Knights took to the street to be greeted by an admiring crowd, the now Empress Nunally was carried away by her sister, Cornelia. Her haunting cries rang in the heart and ears of everyone, garnering sympathy for the poor little girl who had just lost her brother.

As the new soon-to-be Empress was dragged back to the Tokyo Settlement Palace, most of the newly free Black Knights set to chasing off the remnants of the Demon King's slave army, turning the instruments of their oppression against their persecutors. Their bonds had been pried open with anything available at the time, fingers and arms pulling together as one towards the common goal of liberation.

Someone had an idea to move the body before it was harmed, and a few of the Black Knights moved it from the base of it's crimson sacrament. From the disgusted looks on their faces it still carried the warm of life, steadily dripping a trail of claret red. Lelouch could almost be sleeping except for the horrendous hole right through his stomach, eyes peacefully shut against the world. Out of respect his long saintly robes were quickly wrapped around him in an obstructing cocoon.

After a tearful reunion with Viletta Nu, Ohgi approached Kallen. His disapproving expression spoke volumes, no doubt hinting at the whole mess his recent discovery was going to lead to. "Wait...where's C2?" he asked, worrying the painful chafe wounds on his wrists.

Scanning the float, she averted her eyes from where the defiled corpse had lay, and realized that the green-haired witch was indeed absent.

"C2...wait a second…you're right, where is she? Doesn't she usually stay at his side at all times?"

"We better find her, for the chances are pretty good she's carrying Lelouch's child!" huffed Ohgi, a scowl on his face.

Kallen, turning red, scowled back. "Ohgi! Why would you say that?" I hope not...

Ohgi sniped a reply, taken aback that his theory hadn't gone over so well. "I don't see how it's so impossible. We all know that-" he dropped his voice so only she could hear, "when Lelouch was Zero they were always messing around. Don't forget, C2 was his accomplice every step of the way, and that makes her just as guilty as him. Her influence as Lelouch's former mistress could also help her rebuild his army, or whatever is left of it."

"Shut up! We both know that's not true! Anyways his soldiers will pose much more of a risk than some woman, even if she is preg-...alive." Kallen said dismissively. The damning prisoner's garb clung to her skin in the hot sun; sticky white fabric that was a perfect backdrop for the blood she was supposed to have shed. Abandoned Knightmare frames littered the area, silent sentinels to their fallen master.

Secretly she hoped C2 had enough sense to flee the country after she heard the news of Lelouch's assassination, and once Ohgi had moved on to freeing the remaining rebels, she allowed a couple of tears for the man she had gone to school with and fought beside in battle. The echoe of his lips, resisting hers as she'd said her goodbye pressed heavily on her mind, letting unanswered questions come with it.

I get it now. With his whole self-destructive plan, he didn't want to bring me down with him. That's why he pushed me it? There could have, SHOULD have, been another way! I mean… NO! I shouldn't feel this way toward such a monster...but that was all an act...was it?"

With sorrow and doubt in her heart, the smile on her face didn't come anywhere near her eyes, plastic and fake, fake because she, unlike almost everyone around her wasn't in any way happy about Lelouch's unexpected murder. It was hard to process how people who considered themselves good could celebrate the death of another, no matter who it was. However the time demanded conformity, and Kallen hoped that her tears of sorrow could be interpreted as those of joy.

Though everyone thought his life had ended, his second one was just beginning.

Yes, I know it's short, but I hope you enjoyed this chapter.


After working on this story for over two years I have grown dissatisfied with the direction it has taken, and am doing a complete re-structuring/re-writing to make it the story I want it to be. You can still enjoy the forty-something chapters I have here, but know that a completely new and certainly much better version is in the works! Thanks. –VO1D