Chapter 50- A Suivre

After working on this story for over two years I have grown dissatisfied with the direction it has taken, and am doing a complete re-structuring/re-writing to make it the story I want it to be. The whole new plan I had for the plot seems really desperate and tacked on, and if a book I was reading had played out like this story I would have thrown it out and complained to the next three people I talked to about how bad it was. And I just lack confidence in my plans, or maybe that's just my depression talking. But never fear, the new and improved version will feature...

-more Jeremiah and Anya

-OC's that do something useful!

-an actual plot based on actual history (I've just been winging this whole story)

-Schneizel's twin daughters

Thank you so much for following and supporting this story for the last couple of years:) I'll leave this story posted as a sort of diary of my progress as a writer and so people can still enjoy it, but the new story will include all of these ideas I didn't include, have improved characterization and be completely separate from this. Thanks again.