Iesu Part I- Chapter 7

The Town of Shinseiu

On the third day after the Emperor Lelouch's death, a rickety cart rolled along a dusty road, carrying the body of the still-sleeping demon. Carefully buried in hay, he didn't feel the cart come to lurching halt, nor see the concealed figure get out of the driver's seat.

The village they had recently arrived in was far enough from the Tokyo Settlement to risk stopping their journey, and having gone without food since a crappy piece of pizza so long ago, the woman was starving. Orange trees shaded the road, and seeing a nice, pleasant farm town and hoping they'd have a roof over their heads tonight, she knocked on the door of the first house. Its resident opened the door irritably, and denied her request for lodging. Trying again, she pleaded at the next house.

"My brother is sick and injured, so we need a place to stay. Please, just for one night. I'll even pay to have my horse-" After being rudely interrupted, the occupants claimed to have enough sick to take care of and slammed the door in her face. CC didn't bother wasting time moping at yet another failure and moved on while she had time.

Finally, the sun bloated and red, after asking for shelter all day, out of desperation she ditched the cart and horse which could almost be considered a vacant stable; empty except for the bright yellow hay and its sweet musk.

Checking for people, the demon's body was carried like a doll out of the cart, cold and unresponsive. He was arranged with his once-magnificent robes spread out, protection from the hay's sharp needles. The ethereal cloth looked like broken wings; a fallen angel with blood and filth tainting his once pure being. The pained grimace on the his face never faded, and the woman watched him, waiting and hoping for a flicker of awareness. Hours later, she finally fell into a dreamless sleep, in which she didn't notice violet eyes, unfocused and weary, opening to witness the birth of the night's first star.

Night Before the Requiem

CC sat on her bed, dozing slightly from the fireplace's breath. Hearing a knock on the door, and knowing only one person who'd come to see her, she issued a quiet "Come in." To no surprise, in walked the Emperor, though when the door closed, it was just Lelouch. His visits were frequent, and they didn't care who knew that. Looking exhausted and running a hand through his hair, he greeted her and walked over to a chair by the fire, lying back with his eyes closed as the flames soothed his body.

"If you're going to sleep at least take off your shoes." CC said, immediately getting up to do just that. She smiled after she undid them, but then decided to take off more than promised. After all, he was sitting pretty close to the fireplace, and it would be rather undignified for his robes to catch ablaze. Her careful hands ever so lightly removed the long sashes hanging over his shoulders, an intimate expression spreading on her face when his lack of retaliation dawned upon her.

As the white robes piled up around the two, CC's fingers ran down the edges of Lelouch's smooth features, probing the sharp curves of his nose, the slope of his jawbone, and the circumference of his neck. As her arms wrapped around his shoulders, he unexpectedly drew her even closer with the grace of a swan, gently circling her shoulders with weary arms. Removing most of the emperor's garnets seemed to lift a tremendous weight off of them both, and CC adjusted herself so her head lay on his too-sharp collarbone, her body on his rested, not willing the strength to move, aching and sore from the hell happening around them.

"It will all be over..." he said, the unsaid 'tomorrow' hanging in the air like mist, choking them. He nuzzled CC's head like an affectionate beast, kissing her face as though her skin were the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. He felt CC shiver with his touch and he smiled. His lips finally connected with the immortal witch's and they finally met, her tongue exploring his warm mouth. Unwilling to let go of each other, they shuffled over to the top of her bed, pushing aside the tangled sheets. After a few minutes, they released each other to catch a few breaths, and within that time they finalized their plan for CC's escape, absorbing each other's pulse through their remaining clothes.

"You should hide in the Shinjuku ghetto." Lelouch thought out loud while further loosening the straps of her straitjacket. "If anyone goes looking for you, which is a scenario I'm counting on, there are tons of places to disappear. Also, they won't suspect you being right under their nose."

Agreeing with this, CC added "And as an excuse for me to leave we could pretend that we had a fight or something. So..." she added teasingly, pinning him under her. "What are we going to fight about?"

Laughing at his obvious embarrassment, she rolled off of the bed and fixed the undone belts that had made lying down more comfortable. Lelouch reluctantly sat up and gazed back at the witch, slightly longing, but otherwise unfazed. "Something dramatic." he proposed. "It needs to show how much of a monster the Demon Emperor is. I can pretend to be in one of those foul moods often put on by your typical dictator."

CC shrugged while chuckling lightly at his joke.

After a few different schemes, they settled on him pretending to demand an heir from her, and then throw her down the stairs in anger. "I'm sorry in advance. You need to be in good shape to 'run away', so the stairs in the throne room will be fine..." Pausing for a moment, he asked, " Are you sure you're alright with this CC?"

"A little bruising won't hurt that much. Now all we need are witnesses." CC replied. "Would that part of the palace be busy?"

Struck by how they were casually planning a violent confrontation, Lelouch replied, "No, but we could easily attract some by yelling at each other. After all, the perfect dictator needs an heir to the throne. Our 'disagreement' would also start a fear of the fake child succeeding me, all better the reason to drive out a potential mother."

"A child out of wedlock? How scandalous!" smirked the witch, poking fun at him.

Returning her smile, Lelouch realized he had another reason to wish his days weren't numbered. With an exasperated sigh, Lelouch got out of bed and picked up his ornate sash along with the other discarded robes on the floor. The fire flickered in his eyes and for one moment, he thought that his robes might actually catch on fire.

That would have been rather undignified.

CC got up, and after crossing a wide expanse padded into the ornate bathroom and placed a glob of liquid soap in her hand. She was absolutely positive that she would regret this soon, but this was the only way she could make this argument look more believable. Just before she put the soap into her eyes, she glanced back at Lelouch, who had joined her. His clothes were slightly askew and his hair mussed, ruining the regal effect of his outfit. Fixing them so that he looked formidable enough, CC led him to the throne room where their altercation would begin.

Lelouch glanced once at the green-haired witch before he cracked his neck and cleared his throat. "Are you ready?"

CC, eyes red and weepy from the soap she'd rubbed in them, nodded in agreement, and her escape from the palace began, just as according to plan. Starting the 'fight', Lelouch grabbed her slim shoulders in what he hoped was an iron death-grip.

"You're barely even squeezing me, and it looks like we're going to hug. Hold me much tighter." CC ordered, a small smirk gracing her lips.

"Right." Lelouch answered, completely serious about the situation. As soon as his knuckles were turning white and shaking from the strain, they began their overdramatic bickering. CC started crying loudly and begging for him to let go of her, drawing the attention of anyone within earshot. Lelouch's moment in the spotlight came after a decent sized crowd had gathered, and frozen in place they witnessed him start shaking her violently, his teeth gnashing.

"You...How DARE you defy the great Britannian Emperor, you filthy witch!" he bellowed, his knuckles burning from their hold. CC did a good job of sobbing even louder, causing the spectators to grow even greater in number. There was even that hidden layer of agony that only added to the effect. Lelouch's nails were digging into her skin and if she weren't already crying from the burn of the soap, the pain from his grip would probably be enough to trigger tears.

"What is this...a wretched and self-centered,no, thoughtless refusal? You should be grateful! Having my child would be an honour! AN HONOUR!" For more dramatic effect he punctuated the final statement by shoving her (Sorry CC) down the platform steps, where she collapsed into a heap of more hysterical sobs, holding the area where his hands had been and staining the carpet with her soapy tears. "You know what? I'm sick of you playing temptress, and your denial of my basic rights! Get OUT of here!" Lelouch dramatically pointed to the doors as though casting out an evil sprit. He continued on with a loathsome hiss "I never want to see you again... and if I do, you will be killed with no regret!"

Fighting an enormous urge to rush to her side and burst out laughing, Lelouch made a move as if to climb down the steps and 'harm' her even more. He stalked down the stairs menacingly, but a few of the braver people in the audience sprinted up and held him back from doing any more damage. Their touch on his person was still too light to truly hold him back if he really were angry, but he allowed them to protect CC that easily.

"Your Majesty, please!" they pleaded, almost afraid to touch him. "That's enough!"

However, he hardly heard them as his attention was completely focused on CC.

"Goodbye..." he silently thought as the terse CC was hastily escorted out by a few nervous guards. Putting the candles on the cake, he let out a last roar. "You will be KILLED, wretched scum!"

Apparently CC had caught on, because he heard one last wail as she was moved out of earshot.

Erasing the loss from his face, Lelouch quickly replaced it with a look of fury even more poisonius, and his restrainers backed up several feet. If it's a show you want, it's a show you'll get. Emperor Lelouch is going out with a bang. He thought, somehow getting a sick sense of enjoyment out of his performance. Continuing the show, he acted as if bone-weary, and staggered to his throne, and laguidly, Behold the Emperor in all of his glory!, flicked off his contacts and gave orders to the nearest and most unfortunate bystander.

"You. Turn that into firewood." he snarled, gesturing to CC's smaller throne. "And don't stop until every bit is the size of a match." the poor person, unable to resist, began breaking the chair into chunks with their bare hands, which were soon bloody from the effort. Using the last of his will to force a sound that passed as laughter, Lelouch savoured the appalled faces looking up at him.

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