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Paradigm Shift

A Bad Start to a Long Day

"Uuuggghhh…" I stretched, got out of bed, and started up a pot of coffee. "Why do we have to get up at…" I checked the clock on the microwave. "Four thirty? You said it started at SIX!" I was thoroughly annoyed that my sleep had been interrupted at such an hour.

"It is at six," a feminine voice responded. "But it takes place in Lilycove. And goodness knows that it'll take us an eternity to get there, especially the way you walk."

"Yeah, but – " I started, remembering the progress, or lack thereof, we made in the past week. "Touché. But can't you just teleport us there? I mean, I'm not eager to travel five miles. On foot, no less. After what it took to get here, I'm exhausted! And like I said, it's four thirty!"

"How easy do you think it is to teleport us there? Hmm? Teleportation takes more energy than you think. And I want to preserve my psychic abilities for the actual events, not the transportation. Because at full strength, I'll blow everyone away! Nobody stands a chance against me!" I watched as Grace got herself psyched up for the competition. I was not ready to hear her rant on about it.

"Grace? Grace!" She snapped out of her stupor to look at me. After knowing her for a couple of years now, I could tell what she was thinking most of the time. At the moment, she was dreaming about winning the trophy at the Annual Psy-competition. "I'll walk with you, obviously, but quit worrying about it. You'll do wonderfully. Especially with a trainer like me!" I puffed out my chest and exposed my massive ego.

Grace giggled at this. Through everything we've been through, she still finds it comical that I always flaunt my magnificent personality. "You're such an idiot. You know that right?" She continued, smiling pitifully at me.

"Yeah, but I'm your idiot!" For some reason, this cracked her up even more than she had been already, sending her into fits of laughter. I couldn't help but laugh myself. Soon, we were both laughing loudly, and I was partly worried that we'd wake everyone else up.

Grace read my thoughts, and stopped laughing. "So? We're getting them up anyway, aren't we?"

"Umm, no," I said sheepishly. Grace looked at me awkwardly, awaiting an explanation. "You see, they've been travelling awhile, and I kinda wanted to, umm, have it just, you know, just the two of us." An image flashed in my head. I tried to shake it off, but I wasn't quick enough. Grace had looked into my thoughts, and I feared the worst.

She gasped, and I covered my head in embarrassment. I was awaiting something – a slap on the face, a kick in the groin, both – but when nothing happened, I looked up. What I was not expecting was to see Grace standing there, blushing profusely.

I started to explain. "Grace, I – " But she held up a hand for silence, so I shut my mouth. Grace usually respected my private thoughts, but this time, I had thought at the wrong time. Perfect. Now, I thought this particular thought occasionally. Okay, more than occasionally. But I always had managed to shake it off before Grace could see it. I understood why it would offend her, and to be frank, I felt it would ruin the relationship we currently had.

"Why?" she said, dragging me out of my thoughts. I looked at her, trying to understand what she was asking. "Why me? I mean, I'm not even human. Why would you think about something like that with a Pokémon?"

True. Grace was not a human. Specifically, she was a Gardevoir. And not just any Gardevoir, but a gorgeous one. Like most others, she had long green hair, ruby red eyes, and a billowing white ball gown, which I often wondered whether or not it was completely attached to her. However, the part that I noticed was different was her robust… bust. It wasn't obnoxious, but it was definitely not flat. And apart from her sexual differentiation, she had a great personality, as cheesy as that sounds. She was nice, but realistic. She was shy, but not awkward. And she was caring. In all my time in Hoenn, I had never met someone with such a heart for others.

I noticed that she was still awaiting an answer. So she hadn't read my thoughts yet? I guess I could still fix this. "W-Well, I-I-I wanted t-to tell y-you. B-But I never quite figured out how." I realized how lame I sounded.

She began to look somewhat angry. "Is that why you caught me? Because you wanted me to do that with you?" I felt hurt at this. "After all this time, all those years, you just think of me as some kind of… of…?" she seemed unable to say the word, but she had certainly gotten the point across. The point being that she had no idea what I thought of her.

"Grace, wait, it's not like that!" I protested. I was too late. She quickly floated out the door and slammed it shut with her psychic powers. Great. Just great. She gets into my head and sees an image of the two of us having… relations, but doesn't stick around enough to hear me out. To hear me explain that I've loved her for years, not just physically, but with the desire to be closer emotionally as well.

I ran down the hall to look for her. I figured she would have left the house and started walking to Lilycove. And I was right. At the end of the driveway, I saw her floating off. I called out to her as I began to catch up. She turned around, and I prepared to explain to her what she was really seeing in my mind. As soon as I opened my mouth, though, she tripped me using Psychic. I looked up and caught the word 'pervert' as she teleported off.

I got up and brushed off the dust. So she would have made me walk the whole way, but if she was going alone, she had no problem teleporting? Go figure. I went back towards the house, catching a glimpse of my bike near the porch. Realizing I had to do something, I left a note for my other Pokémon, grabbed my pack, and hopped on the bike. This is going to be a long trip.