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AN: This idea was rather sudden, and I know that Alicia wasn't mentioned in the epilogue, but she could exist. George's family wasn't really mentioned there, was it? I think I'll go check. A refresher on the ages, too.

Have you ever noticed that parents just aren't fair? It's like in the parenting code or something. My father was one of the biggest pranksters at Hogwarts during his time, the other being his brother, my Uncle Fred. Anyway, he was-and is-this huge prankster, but when I pull one measly prank he comes down on me hard.

My father? He's the infamous George Weasley. Yes, I am one of the Weasley clan. Yes, my older brother is Freddie Weasley. Yes, he almost broke the record for the most detentions, which is currently held by James Potter and Sirius Black. Even Dad and Uncle Fred couldn't beat that. But then again, they did leave school early "because of that ugly old toad," as my dad puts it. My mum says it was because he and Uncle Fred were prats who just couldn't wait to start their joke shop.

Freddie never gets in any trouble for his pranks. He could get detention for a month, and Dad would be proud. Mum says it's because of what happened to Aunt Ginny, but I still don't know the full story. None of us do. I think they're holding out on us. I think Mum would be secretly happy if I beat the record.

I have to beat this record. My family's good name has to be upheld, after all. So, I, Alicia Katie Weasley, am going to beat the record for the most detentions at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is currently held by Sirius Black and James Potter, with 1,002 detentions throughout their entire Hogwarts career.

Do you think I can do it? I know I can, and I'll document each one. I might have to repeat some ideas though, so don't get tired of me please. Also, I'm going to try to get semi-good grades, and actually graduate, unlike Dad, Uncle Fred, and Freddie.

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P.S. Should there be people, OC or otherwise, to help Alicia with her pranking? She definitely needs to have friends in her year, of course. And a Sirius Black to her James Potter…hm…