Hiya! Okay, AU and most likely OOCness. But I had to... Anyway, it's basically all the smash characters (some forced) in a musical! lol I don't know if they're gonna have music... but, oh well, if your still here, thank you and on with the story!

Week one: Auditions.

She took a step through the door, she was early. Again. But being early was her thing, she was never late.

She looked around, her secret love of theater was something she could let be known here at least, of course at school she was the nerd. Why? Her secret love of theater, wasn't so secret...

She was the second one here, who could get here earlier than her? Link Hyrule, her rival. She always found it amusing that his sister, Zelda Hyrule, was always late with her twin, Shiek Hyrule. Now how did she know all these people when she was the nerd? She had been in this since she was six, along with everybody else here. But who was everybody? Well I suppose introductions are in order...

Link Hyrule: Sister to Zelda and Shiek. Always a little bit of a teachers-pet. Best friend to Ike Greil. A nice guy with a bit of a competitive edge, always looking out for his friends, secretly in love with Samus Aran. Talented singer, actor and an incredable friend.

Zelda Hyrule: Sister to Link and twin sister to Shiek. Social butterfly and best friend to Peach Toadstool. Basiclly 'friends' to everyone exept Marth (Does anyone know a good last name!). Which is akward because her BEST friend is in love with him. Incredible singer and dancer, good actress.

Ike Greil: How do you describe him? Fun, random, an idiot and an all together good friend. In love with Samus Aran and oblivious to his best friends love for her. Best friends to Link and Marth. He's the protector of everyone who needs protecting (Especially Samus). Amazingly talented actor and good singer.

Shiek Hyrule: Live's in her sisters shadow. Nobody knows much about her except that she's Zelda's twin sister and Link's sister. Peach always trys to talk to her and never really gets a reply... Likes to keep to herself. Has a secret talent for guitar and is the greatest singer you could ever imagine, but likes to keep it a secret so that Zelda get's to be the best, and she is always looking out for Zelda.

Peach Toadstool: Princess over everyone. a good friend and best friend to Zelda. Thinks of Shiek as a sister even though Shiek trys to avoid her. Is in love with Marth and often day dreams about him. She is ditzy, fun, bouncy, perky and a bit of an air head. Is full of self-confidence. VERY talented dancer, good singer and okay actress.

Marth ?: Shy and kind of a mama's boy. Is often made fun of and called gay even though he's in love with Peach. Best friends with Ike and Link. Plays classical piano. He is an all 'round nice guy, a little overly sensitive and head over heels for Peach. Very good actor, singer and friend.

Samus Aran: In love with theater and Ike (Mostly Ike) is friends with Zelda and Shiek, often annoyed with Peach's loudness. Rival to Link and okay friends with Marth, often shoved next to Ike (By Peach) has no clue that Link is in love with her. Computer whiz and very talented actress and singer. Hates to dance.

By this time everyone was already there and lining up to audition.

Wish them luck!

Okay voting time! Vote on what play they're doing, Cinderalla, Little Orphan Annie or Jolly-mon(Google them) I'm open to OC requests (Author based) And will most likley put myself in.
The OC form will look like this

Name: Twilight.

Gender: Girl

Age: (You don't have to) 15

Eye color: Black.

Hair color: Brown.

Talents: Plays piano, very good actress.

Pairing:(Don't have to) She hates love.

Best friend: Shiek.

Personality: Is secretly shy. Most of the time shes happy, enjoys keeping to herself and is thought of as a little sister by most. Warning: Can be very random.

You can add other things but that's all you need, and Twilight will be in this... So that's all! REVIEW.