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Natalie was still grinning like an idiot, and was beginning to scare the others. Ralynn was simply standing next to her, a very smug look on her face. She was obviously proud of something, and apparently, not noticing all the odd stares she was getting.

Zelda walked up to her and yanked her into a nearby room. Which of course, was the kitchen. This proved distracting, as Ralynn clapped her hands together and ran to the fridge. She was probably looking for one of Peach's cake, everyone, even Shiek, Samus and Twilight. Loved anything Peach cooked, the pink girl was somehow blessed with the cooking skills of an angel...

It took several minutes and a lot of yanking, but Zelda finally managed to get a rather upset Ralynn out of the fridge and on the floor behind the counter.

Ralynn let out a huff. "Nothing! She didn't even cook anything!" She folded her arms and made a pout. Zelda simply sighed at this.

"Ralynn." She addressed. "What did you do to Natalie?" She watched the girl jump and grin equally as smug.

"Oh..." She paused and turned deviously away. "Nothing... Why? What did you do to her?"

Zelda let out a sigh. "Ralynn." There was a certain stoney-ness in her voice, showing that she was serious. Ralynn was almost scared by this, Zelda never got serious like this, she almost shyed away from her friend. "You've been with her all day, and now you two won't stop grinning. What's with you?"

Ralynn turned away and shrugged. "You're her friend too. Why don't you ask her?"

Zelda placed a hand on her friends shoulder. "I did." She watched the girl nearly turn around. "She wouldn't tell me, I'm a little worried about her... She's been so weird lately- And so have you!"

Ralynn turned and opened her mouth to speak. But of course, Peach came busting into the room. Smiling and half giggling. "There you guys are!" She strolled up to them. "Ooo... What are we talking about? Boys?" She plopped down next to them and watched as Zelda sighed and flung her head back. She could've sworn Ralynn was snickering.

"Ummm... Guys?" Peach looked back and forth between the two. "What's up?"

Ralynn sighed, Natalie was gonna kill her for this... "Okay, I'll tell you. But you can't tell anyone, especially Natalie or Pit."

Zelda nearly flew off the floor and stared at the girl. Peach giggled and leaned in.

"Alright... For the past few days, me and Natalie-mostly me- have been trying to think of a way to get..." She scrunched up her face as if rethinking the whole thing.

Zelda grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her for an answer. Ralynn held up her hands in defense. "We've been trying to get Pit to like her!"

Zelda immediately pulled away and covered her mouth, a smile spread across Peaches face.

"Natalie likes Pit?"


Samus stood up and walked down the hall, Peach, Zelda and Natalie had been gone for at least fifteen minutes. And everyone was begging each other to go check on them, Samus was to sick of it. She would've left if they were begging or not, this whole thing was getting on her nerves.

She walked down the hall and heard Peach's familiar giggles. She stopped in front of the door and was about to open it but...

"He's just so cute!"

"Yeah, with that adorable blue hair..."

"And such a gentle man!"

"Well... You know. Blond and blue go great together..."

"Yeah! I just love him so much!"

Samus pulled away from the door. What had just happened? Why were they talking about Ike...? And why did Peach say she loved him?

Samus could feel an odd burning in her chest, she wasn't angry... She couldn't be jealous! She did not get jealous... Did she?


Cross held up a pack of black eye shadow and walked down a line of girls, smearing the strange concoction on their cheeks. Making them all look like one big, female football team.

"Okay." She paused. "We all know what we're doing now right?"

Twilight crinkled her nose. "Hopefully getting this off soon?"

Cross shook her head, then widened her eyes and blushed. "Uh, actually... I think we do need to take this off..."

The line raised an eyebrow at this.

"Well... You see, we are starting this after dark... And we can't just walk around with this stuff on our faces!" She sighed watched as everyone struggled to rub off the make-up.

And just in time too. Peach, Zelda, Samus and Ralynn, all came strolling back in. Except... Samus had her arms folded with a rather angry look on her face, and Peach was holding a bowl of... Pickled cucumbers?

Shiek jumped up and backed away from her. "No! I'm allergic to those!"

Zelda widened her eyes. "Oh! How did I forget?" She paused and looked at Peach. "Could you please..."

Peach waved her hand. "Sure." She walked out of the room and Twilight pulled Shiek off the desk she had jumped onto.

Peach came walking back in holding two DVD's and grinning. "Who likes the Twilight Saga?"

Twilight grumbled something and raised her hand, along with at least three others. "Sorry Peach... I... Dislike. The Twilight Saga."

Everyone in the room face palmed except Twilight and Shiek. "The irony..."

"Pickles should not be cucumbered!" Sheik yelled.

Everyone turned to her with a very puzzled look on their faces. "What?"

Shiek busted out laughing. "I mean! Cucumbers should not be pickled!"

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