May 1st

Seren Glen

May Day dawned clear and warm, with nary a cloud in the sky. Jack Harkness stepped out on the front porch to get his paper with a spring in his step and a song in his heart. He and Ianto had spent the rest of Easter and the following day together before Santa and Team Icicle had collected him that evening. After one last kiss the two had reluctantly parted, somehow knowing they would see each other again soon. Just before the sleigh took flight, Santa had tossed a small pouch down to Jack and told him to hold onto it 'just in case.' When Jack had opened it later on, he'd found a set of comms. inside, one for him and one for Alice, and a small hand mirror with a tag attached that simply read:

For when you miss him, but keep it between us - Santa

Jack had discovered what his cryptic words meant the following day, when he happened to say Ianto's name while holding it. The mirror's reflection had rippled and stilled to show Ianto back in Elfsburg, staring longingly into a snowglobe housing a small village that looked a lot like Seren Glen. Jack had found himself watching over Ianto in his spare moments, marveling at the wonders that made up his home at the North Pole. Smiling to himself, he settled down on the front porch swing and sipped his morning coffee in the early morning sunshine, closing his eyes and listening to the birds singing the world awake as the last of the late spring snow finally melted away.

His reverie was interrupted when he heard someone nearby clearing their throat.

Jack's eyes flew open and he saw Mother Nature's personal assistant, Mister Smith, standing before him clutching a rather large bouquet of flowers.

"Good morning," Mister Smith greeted him. "My mistress has asked that I present Miss Alice with this bouquet and deliver this invitation to you with her regards."

Jack quickly set down his coffee and stood up to receive the flowers and the invitation. Jack looked at the envelope and saw his name written upon it in embossed silver script.

"Did she say what-" Jack started to ask once he had read the front of the card. But Mister Smith was gone.

Opening the envelope, the scent of fresh cut grass and rose petals tickled his nose.

Captain Jack Harkness

Is Cordially Invited to

A Celebration of the Summer Solstice

June 21st 2011

Grove of the Ancients – Land of Mist and Time

Jack read it over several times, trying to make sense of what he had read.

"Land of Mist and Time?" he asked scratching his head. Suddenly inspiration struck and he pulled out the mirror.

"Ianto," he whispered, watching as the reflection shifted to show Ianto opening his own invitation, and Jack grinned.

The Holiday Assurance Elves are taking a little break until Halloween. But Jack and Ianto will have a short adventure on the Summer Solstice.

Thanks for reading!