The woman backed up, her chest heaving, eyes scared. She called something out, something different, not the name, something full of promise and terror, and then ran towards the water. Her body arched towards the silky surface, slamming into the water in a perfect dive, her fingers dipping in first, followed a fraction of a second later by the rest of her body. She plummeted down, scything towards the other body, the calm body, still calling out.


Deep beneath the surface, wrapping her arms around his still, lifeless form. This couldn't be happening.

No! Greg!

She shook him, as much as she could while still underwater. His skin was rapidly taking on a greyish pallor: she needed to get him to the surface.

Please House, c'mon breathe, you gotta breathe, please don't leave me, please…

Her mind was incoherent, even to herself, and that was something new. All that mattered was getting him to breathe, was getting him to live. She started to kick her feet fiercely, driving them upwards towards the ever-out-of-reach sky as her arms held House tight to her, carrying him with her.

It seemed like an eternity until their heads broke the surface of the water. Cuddy was vaguely aware of dragging House's limp body to the shore, of pulling him on to the pebbled beach, of tears mingling with the water dripping down her face. She could hear her voice mumbling incoherent words as she tried desperately to resuscitate him. Her hands thumped down on his chest, trying to force his lungs back into action. Shaking fingers pressed to the pulse point in his neck, finding nothing.

Her lips pressed to his over and over again, half pushing air into his lungs, half kissing him desperately back to life. And all she could think was, 'It wasn't supposed to be like this'..

And she was steadily realising that it was no use.

She was too late.

Tears dripped uncontrolled from her eyes, splashing on his face, his neck, his hair. He was gone. Snatched away from her because he hadn't been careful enough.

"House," She whispered, shaking fingers stroking his cheek. "Greg, I love you…"

He was gone. Forever.

It was her nightmares come true.