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Anakin couldn't remember when he'd felt this nervous over something so insignificant. He'd be starting classes in the temple today.

Oh, he remembered classes well enough, but that was before, when he hadn't asked the Council to not tell anyone of his supposed prophecy. That had been when he'd only been accepted because of Obi-Wan. Back when he'd either been an outcast due to awe or jealousy. This time, perhaps he could make some decent allies.

Faces of some of the original initiates and padawans he'd met flashed across his mind. Ferus, Darra, Tru...

Then again, maybe not.

Something that both worried and relieved him, though, was that fact that this time, he wouldn't have Obi-Wan to back him up. Before, when classes had become unbearable, he'd talked with Obi-Wan or Palpatine. He couldn't do either at the moment. Not strictly speaking anyway. He wouldn't go to Palpatine if the universe ended, and Obi-Wan would now be off starting his days as a knight.

Without an apprentice.

Thinking of Obi-Wan as a Knight without Anakin by his side felt incredibly strange. Most of his memories of Obi-Wan were from when he'd been a Knight with a young padawan sharing his quarters. Now Anakin had a small, initiate room of his own, far away from Obi-Wan's apartment.

In all actuality, he loved the idea of his own space. He couldn't remember if initiates normally got their own rooms or had to sleep in barracks of some sort, but he wasn't about to look a gift-horse in the mouth. He knew the creche children didn't have their own rooms, just cubicles with beds and a few places for personal items.

Blinking, he looked back down at his still-empty bag and berated himself for being foolish, Anakin turned to the task at hand, making sure he had everything he would need. A few blank data pads, flimsy and styluses in case he needed to put down a diagram, and several data pads filled with information about the latest gadgetry in case he became bored (which he undoubtedly would). He was just going over his list one final time when he heard doors open behind him and felt a familiar presence.

"Master Yoda," he said, somewhat surprised as he turned to face the diminutive master. "Why are you here?"

Yoda chuckled. "Come to escort you, I have."

"Escort me?"

"To your classes, mmm?"

Anakin blinked. "But… you're the Grandmaster. Why escort me?"

Yoda walked in, using his little cane for balance. Anakin often wondered about that. With the Force, it wasn't like the little being needed it. He somehow suspected that the little troll just liked to hit people with it.

"Know me, you do. Familiar I am, no?"

Anakin sighed. "You're worried." Would he have to have an escort everywhere now? The last thing he needed to put up with right now was a babysitter. It would make so many of his plans far too difficult...

Yoda nodded his head. "Worried for you, I am."

"For me?" Anakin asked, immediately suspicious. Yoda had never been this welcoming to him initially. What had changed?

"New this is. No master have you. Felt I could help, I did."

Anakin tipped his head, his suspicion not receding. "Why?"

"A Jedi you are, now. If help, you need, provide it, we will."

Despite himself, a knot in the time-traveler's chest began to unravel a little at the olive branch being offered to him. "That's... all?"

Yoda nodded.

"I will not have an escort tomorrow?" Anakin asked slowly.

Yoda shook his head with a smile. "Important you are, but not that important."

In his old life, that would have made Anakin angry and resentful. He was the Chosen One! How could he not be important?

But at that moment, to his great surprise, Anakin found that that was exactly what he needed to hear.

Nodding his head, he hefted the bag full of data pads onto his shoulder. Darth Vader wouldn't say what came to mind next, but Anakin would have... and he found that was what he preferred to fall back on right now.

"Thank you, Master Yoda."

Yoda just chuckled and led the way through the door.


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