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Itachi's mind was spinning in circles along with the rest of the world. Literally. Sasuke had him spin around for five minutes and now the world wouldn't stop spinning. He just wanted it to stop. Apparently, it was Sasuke's way of putting him under what Sasuke referred to as 'anesthetics', and it worked. He wouldn't move even if somebody paid him to.

"I'm going to start the surgery now, Itachi." Sasuke said in a blurry voice. Itachi could barely hear him, because his head was spinning and he felt like he was going to vomit any minute now. He had to give Sasuke credit though, because he felt like somebody knocked him out and he was slowly losing consciousness.

Meanwhile, Sasuke went over to his box of things and pulled out three bandages and a red Magic Marker. He walked over to where Itachi was lying and pulled his shirt up. Then he proceeded with the surgery. First, he made a small cut where Itachi's heart was, then a cut under Itachi's belly button, and the last one under Itachi's ribs. After the surgery was done, he had to cover up the marks with the band-aids.

Slowly, everything in Sasuke's room came back into focus, and Itachi rubbed his temples. If Sasuke wasn't so cute, Itachi would kill him for making him spin like he had done earlier.

"Doctor Sasuke, am I allowed to move? Is the operation over?" Itachi asked in a drowsy tone of voice.

"That's not a good idea, because the medication hasn't worn off yet." Sasuke said.

Itachi sat up anyways, but the world started to spin again and Itachi let his body fall back down to the bed. "Ughh…" Itachi moaned.

"I told you. That's what you get for not listening Itachi." Sasuke said.

He waited quietly for Itachi's response. "…sorry…" Itachi whispered. Sasuke walked over to the bed and said, "The operation's over, but you still need to recover. Take a nap for a little bit."

Itachi would've protested, but Sasuke covered him up with his big, comforter, and Itachi hadn't gotten much sleep last night…so…he decided that a nap might be a good idea….

Sasuke walked over to the radio, and turned it on. It came out fuzzy, but that always put Sasuke to sleep. Silently, since Itachi wasn't looking, Sasuke tip toed out of the room and shut the door. Just as he peeked in, he saw Itachi turn over on his side and get comfy.

On the other hand, Itachi couldn't see why Sasuke put it on a fuzzy station. He would've told him, but for some reason, he didn't. It did become a bit more soothing though, and helped make everything stop spinning for once.

"How did the operation go, Doctor Sasuke?" Mikoto asked Sasuke when he came downstairs.

"Good. The patient is recovering right now."


Everything was silent for a moment. "Mom, I mean-Nurse?"

"Yes, Doctor Sasuke?" Mikoto asked him in her sweet motherly tone of voice.

"I need some stuff."

"Like what?" Mikoto asked.

Sasuke thought for a moment before saying. "Itachi needs some medicine for his recovery." Sasuke said.

"What kind should we give him? Cranberry juice or grape juice?" Mikoto asked.

"Medicine is icky, and so is cranberry, so we should give him cranberry juice." Sasuke said.

"Okay, Doctor." Mikoto said and got out a plastic cup from the cupboard, filling it up with red liquid. When it was completely filled up, she handed it to Sasuke. "Anything else?"

"Itachi was a good patient, so he needs a lollipop." Sasuke said. Mikoto placed both on the table, and Sasuke picked them up. "How about I help you bring them up so that you don't spill them?" Mikoto asked.

"Okay, but don't wake him up, I'm not ready." Sasuke said and gave Mikoto the cup of medicine.

"I won't." Mikoto promised and smiled.

When they both got upstairs, Sasuke set the lollipop on the table, and walked over to where Itachi was lying on his back. Mikoto set the cup on the table and watched as Sasuke lay his head on Itachi's chest.

"Don't go downstairs yet, Nurse, because I need to check his heart beat again." Sasuke said and walked over to his desk, pulling out a blank piece of white paper. He started to scribble a bunch of zig-zag lines indicating Itachi's heart rate and showed them to Mikoto.

"Oh my…is that his heart rate?" Mikoto asked, thinking that it was supposed to look more…steady than that.

"Yes it is." Sasuke said.

Downstairs, Sasuke and Itachi's father, Fugaku arrived home from work and looked around. It was odd because nobody was around at the moment. Normally, he would heard the sound of running water and dishes from the kitchen, meaning that Mikoto was there. Also, Sasuke normally greeted him whenever he got home with a wide smile on his four year old face. Itachi, well, it was normal for him to be no where in sight because that was the way he always was. So, going by the chance that Itachi was still upstairs, he went up to ask where his wife and other son where. When he looked into Itachi's room though, he wasn't there. There was however, noise coming from Sasuke's room, so he decided to check there.

"Mikoto? Are you there?" Fugaku asked and knocked on the door. Nobody answered, so he opened it.

"Hi, honey, how was work?" Mikoto asked.

Fugaku just stared. Itachi was lying in Sasuke's bed, fast asleep, Sasuke was looking through a box of toys, and Mikoto was holding a cup of red juice. "Fine, but what in the world is going on here?" Fugaku asked.

"Dad, you need to leave, the patient is recovering." Sasuke said in a serious tone.

"Patient? What patient?" Fugaku asked.

"Itachi got surgery on his stomach. See?" Sasuke told him and help up the chart with Itachi's heart rate.

Fugaku was about to start yelling and asking questions as to when this happened, but Mikoto mouthed 'he's just pretending, dear. Itachi's fine.' It was a good thing after all these years, that Fugaku knew how to read her lips.

"Now go, the sign outside says no visitors, and you're going to wake the patient up." Sasuke said, trying to push Fugaku out of the way.

"Sign? What sign? I didn't see a sign!"

Sasuke pointed to a piece of paper taped to the door which had squiggly lines and a bunch of scribbles on it. Fugaku didn't understand how he was supposed to read it when it was impossible. "You can visit later when the sign says so." Sasuke said.

Sasuke closed the door, leaving Fugaku alone in the hallway.

"Itachi, wake up and take your medicine." Sasuke said and handed Itachi the cup with the cranberry juice in it. He had been nice and had given Itachi an hour to take a nap.

Itachi sat up a little in bed and took the cup. "What…um…is this stuff?"

"It's just juice, Itachi, now take it."

Without another word, Itachi drank it and cringed. He didn't particularly like cranberry juice, so it made sense that it was the medicine.

As soon as he was done, Sasuke shoved something banana flavored into his mouth. He then realized it to be a lollipop and said, "Thank ou, Dohctor Sathkay." Itachi tried to say with a lollipop in his mouth. He almost spit it out though, when Sasuke showed him his heart rate. Then he remembered that Sasuke was just four and pretending.

"Itachi, I have bad news and good news." Sasuke said.

Itachi took the lollipop out of his mouth so that he could speak properly. "What's the bad news?" Itachi asked.

"I'm not a real doctor."

Itachi raised his eyebrows jokingly. "Really? What's the good news?"

"I had a good time taking care of you." Sasuke said and gave Itachi a hug.

"Is he still alive, Doctor Sasuke?" Mikoto asked, suddenly appearing at the door. "Yeah." Sasuke said.

"If that's the case, then you can have your lollipop then." Mikoto said. Sasuke shook his head. "Oh?" Mikoto asked.

"I don't like sweets." Sasuke said. Mikoto giggled and left the room. "Alright then. Dinner's ready you two, and I'm sure Itachi's hungry after his surgery."

On the way down, Itachi was curious about something and asked Sasuke about it. "Sasuke?" Itachi asked.


"How did you learn about all of those…" He didn't want to say procedures, because Sasuke was only four and wouldn't understand. "…things, about doctors and what they do?"

Sasuke smiled, shrugged, and said, "It's simple. I stay up late and watch that doctor show that you watch in my room every Sunday night." Sasuke said. "Don't tell mommy, it's a secret." He said and ran downstairs, leaving Itachi shocked at the top of the stairs. His four year old brother stayed up until eleven to watch a show that was probably rated PG-13 about…doctors. Then again, Itachi watched it, and he was only nine years old. Sasuke's secret was safe with him.


About a week after Itachi's 'surgery', Itachi became sick with the flu. Sasuke offered to take care of him again, but since he was actually sick this time, Mikoto offered to take care of him this time around, giving Sasuke a break.