I don't own Garfield or its characters. I do however own my characters and the story plot.

It was just after sundown when we saw a vanilla cat walked by. We followed the cat to a little meadow off to the left of the ranch.

The cat stretched and said, "Hello there! I am storyteller Vanilla to the comics of Garfield. As you notice we are on a ranch. All the storyteller animals and people live on the ranch. So you might see a storyteller or two go by… Now a certain cat have a little…"

It was Monday and someone have a little issue with a certain appointment.

Garfield groaned, "No, no I hate Mondays. Have I told you that already?"

He crawled under his blanket and attempted to go to sleep. A few minutes later, Jon suddenly whisked him out of bed.

Jon said, "Time to rise and shine, Garfield. Do you know what day it is?"

Garfield looked at him hopefully, "Yea, time to go eat all you can eat fish?"

Jon set Garfield on the floor and first put Odie in an animal carrier. He turned to grab Garfield.

Garfield ran out of the room yelling, "Oh no! I am not going into that cage. I am not going to that vet."

Vanilla said, "Garfield realized they were going to the vet by how Jon transports them. Whenever, he put them in the car with no cage than they are not going to the vet. Whenever, he uses the animal carriers than they are going to the vet. Back to the story…"

Garfield ran into the bedroom underneath Jon's bed.

Jon walked in ad looked around.

Jon said, "Garfield we are not going to play this game are we?"

Garfield nodded and crept to the other in order to run out of bedroom. But before Garfield could do anything Jon had grabbed him and stuck him in the cage. As Jon carried the cages out, Garfield groaned.

He said, "The two things I hate most are Mondays and going to the vet."

Storyteller Vanilla concluded, That is one silly cat… he needs a good long talk. Well, it is time for me to sign off until next time. Bye-bye!"

She curled up to take her nap.

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