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I Miss You, Scully

Vacation. She had gone on vacation. In all the years of their working together, Fox Mulder had never known his partner to take a vacation. But, he supposed, she needed one to escape all the pressures of the life of an FBI agent, especially one assigned to the x-files. Mulder wondered, though, if it was from him she wanted to escape.

Whatever the reason, it didn't stop Mulder from thinking about her constantly. She was his entire world. His college, his best friend, the love of his life…the list went on. Mulder knew he couldn't live without her because there had been many past instances where he almost had lost her. All he wanted was to hold her in his arms and tell her how much he loved her but…. he couldn't…he could never risk all they already had. As much as he wanted to tell her everything, he couldn't risk their relationship that was already more than just a casual friendship. But sometimes when he looked into her eyes he had the feeling she knew how he felt and that she felt the same way. It often seemed as if their bond was so strong that they didn't need words to tell each other how they felt.

Mulder sighed as he sat on his couch staring at the TV but not really watching it, feeling lonely. He missed Scully and there was nothing he could do about it. Except…he reached for his phone but just as he was about to pick it up it rang.

"Mulder," he answered.

"Mulder, it me," the voice at the other end replied.

"Scully? I was just thinking about you."

"I was just thinking about you too. I miss you Mulder."

"I miss you too, Scully…"


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