Fill Me With Your Poison

Chapter 1

He'd watched her a lot of times from the operations room, he'd seen her work out, seen her spar with Jaden. He didn't really understand it but she was a lot like Nikita, in most ways. She sucked with computers, just as Niki had in the beginning, until she's had her special lessons with him, she was really good with martial arts, just as Niki, and she'd been a junkie. Lately Birkhoff had started having dreams about her, a lot of them. He didn't really know what to do with them since it there was a strict 'look-but-don't-touch' policy inside Division, he knew it was to protect everyone but sometimes he just really, and I mean really, hated that rule.

He spun his chair around and watched as Alex swung around and kicked the other recruit in the leg, the recruit dropped to his knees but soon came to a stand again, Alex grabbed him and threw him over her shoulder, she dropped down and hit his throat, the kid tapped off and Alex released him of her grip. She smiled as she picked up her towel and drank her water. Sweat was visible on her skin and although it was weird, Birkhoff kind of enjoyed it. He liked watching her work out, it was nice. What was even better up was that he'd caught her watching him sometimes, during sessions. He liked the idea of her thinking of him.

Alex's POV

Alex actually enjoyed fighting, it was one of the things she was actually really good at, and she had no idea why. Nikita had told her she was a natural at it when they'd trained together, she'd been proud hearing that from divisions best ex-agent. She turned as she heard Michael calling her name.

"Alex!" She walked towards him, wondering what he wanted.

"Yes, Michael?" She looked up at him, wondering if this man had ever loved anyone before Nikita, he must have. He was really good-looking.

"You have a new op, come with me." He said, giving her a weird look, she shook her head as she figured out that she'd probably been staring at him. Darn it.

Alex followed him like a good recruit and joined Percy, Amanda and Birkhoff inside the OP's room. She as close to Birkhoff as she dared, she didn't really know him. They'd spoken a few times, mostly during sessions, but she kind of liked him. At least she liked the atmosphere that was around him, it was so calm and kind of innocent, though she didn't dare say he was innocent. He'd probably done he's deeds to end up in a place like this. Alex turned around and saw Amanda watching her, she quickly turned back to the screens.

"I need you to watch this closely, Alex." Percy said and stepped up beside her. Birkhoff turned and watched Percy, Percy nodded and before he turned back he met Alex's eyes. She smiled towards him and she heard him click on the keyboard and suddenly a video clip started on the screens. She stared at the woman in the video, Nikita. She already knew the lines in this video, she'd seen it a thousand times, she'd filmed it a few times too.

"All of you probably know me by now, and you also know that you killed my mole. I know you all have doubts and I like that. You all know that I'm after you, or rather, I'm after Division and I'm coming after every one of you. But still, if you want, you can join me. I'm always looking for new recruits."

Alex stared at Michael before she sighed.

"So, what? You know her better than me, why'd you show this to me?" Percy stepped into hew view.

"Because, I want you to take her down." Alex shrugged.

"I'm not really that good, I just got out. Michael would do a much better job than me." Michael snorted loudly and Birkhoff choked on his red bull. Amanda walked up and put a hand on her shoulder, Alex face her with confusion.

"Percy himself wants you to do this assignment, aren't you going to accept it?" Alex wrinkled her eyebrows before shrugging off her hand.

"Sure, I'll accept it, but it feels like it's way too early for me to do this kind off assignment. I'm just saying." Birkhoff turned towards her.

"Michael will help you out and I'm going to escort you, as I always do, with my computer." Michael turned towards Percy.

"I agree with her on one thing, isn't this too early for her? I mean, she just became an agent not more than a few weeks ago." Percy smiled, which was unusual for him.

"It may be early, but I want her in." Michael crossed his arms.

"I don't want her going, why don't I take some other agents? If I fail, we could give her the mission later on, when she's had more training." Percy seemed to think about this, he shrugged before answering Michael.

"I agree with you on this, she'll pass on this mission." Percy turned to face her. "But I'm giving you an assignment with Birkhoff." This time it was Axel's turn to cross her arms.

"What does Birkhoff need help with? I couldn't imagine him ever needing help." Percy smiled once again towards her, this was really creeping her out.

"You've showed great potential when it comes to finding people. We'll need you to help Birkhoff find…" He became silent, as if he was thinking of the right word to use, "… a hacker." Alex nodded.

"Sure, I'll help him with whatever I can." Percy nodded and left the room with Amanda. This time Michael touched her shoulder.

"I'm glad you didn't have to take this assignment on." Alex smiled towards him.

"It's not like I don't want it, I just think it's too early for me. I mean, I got lucky that once, but I don't think I could beat her." Michael seemed to agree with his eyes.

"Don't underestimate her." Was all he said before he left her and Birkhoff alone in the Operations room.

Sorry for the short chapter, I was actually drunk as I wrote this chapter and I still am in fact. I don't know what I feel about this though, I kind off like it, but I don't know. I'm going to upload chapter 2 soon. Tell me what you think!