"Tess," Juliet said, waving her hand in front of my face as I stared at Hunter Firth, the hottest kid in school and the varsity soccer team's star goalie, "Hello, Tess? Stop staring at him!"

"Can't help it," I replied almost mindlessly before hesitantly looking back at her, "There's no harm in looking." Juliet rolled her eyes and took a bite out of her sandwich. "Don't give me that. You do way more than look." She scowled at me and Katie tried not to laugh.

"It's true," Katie agreed, a smirk plastered upon her baby-like face, "But, seriously, Tess, why don't you just talk to him? You guys have been eye-fucking since sophomore year, you've got tons in common, Juliet's his neighbor, Oliver is friends with him..." Oliver was Katie's boyfriend. They'd been dating for almost six months, but they'd known each other since they were ten.

"I don't know, guys," I sighed, sipping on my Mountain Dew sadly. My two best friends looked at me tentatively. I looked back over to where Hunter was standing and noticed Oliver approaching him. I saw Juliet's eyes follow mine from my peripheral vision but didn't notice her nudge Katie. When I looked back, Katie closed her phone, smirking michieviously. "You didn't."

Just as I said that, Oliver gave Katie a quick kiss and sat down at the table, Hunter trailing right behind him. I shot a death glare in the direction of the girls. As soon as Hunter sat down, my eyes lowered and I stared at my lap. I'd been in close range of him before, (hell, I'd even been pushed into him once) but I'd never really been in a situation where we'd actually have to, well, talk.

"Hey, Hunter," Katie smiled.

"What's up, neighbor?" Juliet chimed in.

"Hi," he replied. My eyebrow raised. His voice was deeper than I expected it to be. It took them a moment before it registered that I was the only one that hadn't greeted him.

"Right," Oliver said, "I forgot you guys don't know each other! Hunter, this is Tess. Tess, Hunter." Hunter smiled awkwardly at me, his eyes unable to meet my gaze.

"Hi," I greeted, attempting to sound semi-preppy. It didn't work. Both of us just looked back down at our laps uncomfortably. The others began to chat mindlessly until Juliet directed the conversation to me.

"So, Tess, did you find anyone to take that extra ticket you had for the America VS Manchester United game?" she asked, a grin on her face.

"Nope," I retorted, feeling a little bit more comfortable, "Since neither of you will go with me." I scowled at her and took another sip of my drink.

"Wait, you're going to the Manchester game?" Hunter asked, speaking for the first time since we'd been introduced.

"Of course. I love Manchester. I wouldn't miss it," I admitted. His eyebrows raised, clearly surprised. It wasn't an uncommon response, though. As a band kid, no one really expected me to be into sports.

"Really? Wow. That's so cool. I love Manchester," Hunter enthused, a genuine smile appearing on his face. I could feel my cheeks start to burn, but I forced the excitement down because I didn't want to seem... desperate. "And you have an extra ticket?" I nodded.

"You're more than welcome to it, if you'd like," I said, only just then noticing that the rest of the table had completely stopped talking, "Since, you know, these losers won't go with me." Hunter pursed his lips.

"When is it?" he asked, suddenly more aware of the fact that we were the only ones talking.

"Two weeks from next Friday," I informed him. I was a bit puzzled when he pulled a pen from his pocket and ripped a slip off of Katie's napkin until I realized he was scrawling down his number. He handed me the paper a couple of seconds later. I folded it and put it in my pocket. "Thanks," I managed to say after a moment. He smiled.

"No problem. Text me with the details," Hunter said just as the bell to go to third hour rang. Hunter and Oliver got up to leave and Oliver kissed Katie before the boys went to class.

"Oh my god!" Katie squealed, "You've got a date with him!"

"It's not a date," I mumbled, rolling my eyes as we got up to go to class, "We're just going to a soccer game together because I had an extra ticket and we like the same team. No big deal."

"Tess, he could have bought his own ticket if he wanted to. His dad is the richest guy in Maryland. Plus, he's got Manchester's schedule practically memorized. I bet he was going anyway. In fact, I know he was going anyway. Hunter would never miss a Manchester game," Katie concluded, crossing her arms as we sauntered down the crowded hall.

Her logic was sound, but I shrugged it off by countering with "I barely even know the kid."

"So what?" Juliette retorted, "I've never seen so much sexual tension between two people who have just met in my entire life. I guess the eye-fucking really does shit to people."

"Um, no," I denied, opening the door for them to go into class.

"She's right," Katie added as we walked into the classroom and sat down, "I mean, he totally thinks you're gorgeous. He told Oliver the other day."

"So what?" I asked, "Physical attraction is-"

"The first step," Juliet laughed, cutting me off. I began to argue, but she shushed me and there was no point in trying to argue with her.

The late bell rang and the teacher began the lesson. English was my strong suit, so I kind of let myself daydream. Technically, my best friends were right. I did, technically, have a date with this kid. But, still. I had literally just met him and I didn't even know him that well. Plus...

How much could really happen in two weeks?