Elliot's sitting in a chair, in a room. A room he doesn't remember entering. A chair he doesn't remember sitting in. just a minute ago he was in the squad room, sitting at his desk talking with Olivia. It was lunch time and he and Olivia had been the only two out of the four of them left. They were chatting about the case, butting heads on their different views.

'You're going to sit out here all night till I do aren't you? You stubborn son of a bitch.'

'Yes I am.'

He does remember the sound of glass breaking, gun shots, and Olivia calling out to him. He remembers the feel of the tile floor as Olivia tackled him shielding his body with her own. And now he was here. Looking up he see Olivia's tear streaked face he realized how close he was, she was, to getting shot or worse, killed.

'Don't let him play with your mind.'

She was shaking and crying silently as she watched him intently. By the look in her eyes he knew the bullets were meant for him not her, but the thought of Olivia lying there in a pool of blood always got to him.

'Olivia! Oh my god, no!'

It's not as if he'd never thought about it before, because he had, because there were other cases where he or Olivia where put in harms way. It's just they were never as close, they were never so unseen. They had always had people there to back them up or had back up on the way, but today was different. It was different because they had been alone, without Finn or John, without back up.

'I wish I didn't-'

'Didn't what? Didn't care so much?'

He closed his eyes and stood up trying to regain some sense of knowledge some sense of knowing what to do in this situation, but nothing came to him other than the fact that they were so close to being killed just an hour ago. He felt her hands gripping his forearms, keeping him up right, sturdy. He opened his eyes and looked into hers. They were concerned and fearful.

He moved closer…

'Look, you and this job are about the only things that I've got anymore. I don't want to wreck that. I couldn't take it.'

…closer to her lips…..

'Don't spy on me. I'm not your precious Olivia!'

'I was keeping an eye out.'

…his eyes closed…..

'I'd give you a kidney'

'Not if I gave you mine first.'

…heart pounding…..

'You're the longest relationship I've ever had with a guy. Who else would put up with me?'

…so close….

'If you had to choose between saving a member of the public and saving your partner, who would you choose?'


…to losing her…..

'You'd make a great mom'

…so close….

'There's been an accident. '


…to never being able to do this…

Where is he keeping her?

…their lips met…..

'What happened in that basement?'


…all the fear and lust …..

'How'd you know?'

'He said you went out for sushi. You and raw fish.'

…all the trust and anger….

'How long is this going to last?'

'What Calvin drawing?'

'No, you being a mom.'

All of the frustration and love poured out into that kiss. When they parted Elliot pressed their foreheads together and sighed deeply. He was so close to losing everything that mattered.

'Thank you.'

'For what.'

'Saving me.'