I don't own Fruits Basket! But I'm almost a Fruits Basket expert! I'm like ¾ way through the series, though. Well… I know enough background info anyways, sooooo… enjoy!


I've been writing songs lately. Well, poetry mostly. But sometimes when I'm at work, I'll hum something, and my made up lyrics will find their way in there.

Then, somewhere in the middle of the song, I'll gasp with joy as my face heats up.

The words swirl into a warm blend. Has your mother ever made homemade chicken soup? Well, the words feel like that. It's familiar, sensational. It's home.

It's love.

Most of my songs have revolved around love lately. Love is a delicacy. It's amazing to feel wanted—no, needed by someone.

But it can also create a giant gap in your heat, a sense of loneliness.

I guess my songs have been about someone specific. Whenever I think about it, I realize that it's my feelings about that person that I'm writing about.

Being an orphan, I guess I need an extra dose of love.

Also, being the Sohmas, You need an extra dose.

The Sohmas…are different, you would say. Oh no! Don't think badly of them! They have a curse on them…they can't control that.

But everyone's different anyways. There's just a certain capacity of "normal" that people are comfortable with. I think it's really sad. People are scared of people who are different. People will put on a show to humiliate those who are different, except we call it bullying.

Bullying: when someone picks on someone weaker to feel better about themselves.

But who, I wonder, is the weaker one?

Well, as I was saying, the Sohmas don't know love too well. I shouldn't even think this, but I think it's because of Akito. Akito makes all of them terrified to walk the planet.

When I came along, I noticed that the Sohmas maybe, actually started smiling more. Maybe.

Oh my goodness! You've been listening to me babble senselessly about stuff! I didn't even tell you whom my poems were about!

Well…It's one of the Sohmas…he's really quite handsome...really all the Sohmas are beautiful though…he seems kinda scary at first but if you look beneath that….

You'll find a very beautiful person.

He's wonderful, he's…Oh there I go again with my babbling!

Ok, I'm in love with Kyo Sohma. And two weeks ago, we could laugh together easily.

But now all of that is fading away.

Wow. I literally wrote this on the spur of the moment. But now I have a whole story line for it. I really wanted to write a Kyoru fanfic anyways! They're one of my favorite couples! Ok… next objective: update soon!