I…I'm a princess…

Those were my first thoughts when I looked into the mirror. All worries, all fears, all inhibitions, they disappeared for that glorious moment. The girl in the mirror looked confident, professional, like she's been through this millions of times over.

My hair fell in just the right way, a slight bounce and tender curl thanks to Hana. I didn't wear any make-up, and that seemed to make me more comfortable in my skin, more natural. I did, however, wear lip-gloss.

But then comes my dress: a creamy light blue, silky fabric. The skirt had layers of shiny tule over it, as if stardust itself had been embedded within it. I wore many bracelets of fake diamond and blue ribbon.

I stepped out of my cramped bathroom, feeling quite confident in my matching blue high-heels. My friends looked upon me instantly.

Uo's eyes widened "Whoa," was all she said.

"Gorgeous indeed," Hana offered calmly.

I still hadn't convinced them to come to the dance, which was too bad. But Hana informed me that she was looking forward to a Mogeta marathon. I promised I would join in after the dance.

We all turned our heads towards the door when someone started knocking. Having an idea of who it might be for, Uo got up and answered it. She opened the door with a fancy flourish, her arm sweeping across gesturing for me to proceed.

At the door was Momiji. He bowed with the same flourish as Uo. "Princess Tohru, you're carriage awaits," he chirped happily.

I curtsied, playing along, and took his hand. I looked back at my friends to say good-bye.

"Well go!" Uo said smiling.

"Your prince awaits," Hana finished.

I nodded, my smile brightening more, and Momiji lead me out.

My prince…



(Before he picks up Tohru)

This…still doesn't look right…

I groaned in frustration again and un-did my tie. Again. Stupid thing looks crooked.

And knowing Tohru, She's probably going to look like a perfect little princess. Then there's me, her imperfect date. Ugh!

"Um…you doing okay in there?" came Yuki's voice from outside my room.

"Oh, just peachy! Now leave, it's none of your damn business!" I replied angrily.

But the Rat came in anyways, while I was trying my tie again. I decided to ignore him. I finished and, surprise surprise, it still looked weird. I started to un-do it but Rat boy stopped me.

"It looks fine. You're just nervous. Trust me she won't even care," He sighed, "Come on. Let's go."

I wish I didn't have to share a ride with Momiji, Haru, and Rat-boy. Momiji's going to be annoying, chirping crap that no one cares about. Yuki's going to correct everything I do. And I'm just not going to mess with Haru. The last thing everyone wants is for him to go black and destroy the dance…

So Yuki and I went to get in the western style stretch limo (A/N: Not "wild west" western. Western as in European or American. They probably have limos in Japan, but just to be safe…) and headed off.

We parked outside of the Sohma building while Momiji went up to get Tohru. When Momiji came back…I was stunned.

Tohru looked very much like a princess.

NYA! The chapters are getting smaller and smaller! NOOOOOOO! I was thinking of doing the dance in one or two chapters, but now I'm thinking I might just do one big chapter, and that would be the final chapter.

I hope you readers still enjoy this (*sweat drops*).