The sea rolled with huge blasts of salty sea air, pulling all the way up to Percy and Annabeth's ankles, barely grazing the bottom on Percy's khaki shorts. They held their hands together, just watching as the ocean at Montauk Beach changed colors with the painted sunset, casting orange, yellow, and deep purple light on the uneven green waters that washed over the shore.

"It looks so peaceful." Annabeth said, squeezing Percy's hand. "It's hard to believe we just defeated the most powerful Titan in the history of the world and none of this has changed."

"I don't think it's ever going to change. This beach has looked the same since my mom and dad met here." Percy looked over at Annabeth, watching the light catch her hair turning it so light it could have been gold and he wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. She turned and caught his stare and smiled for half a second before she looked away, slightly embarrassed because she knew he was staring.

"It's getting late, do you think we should head back to the cabins? My mom said she was making cookies and rented a movie." Percy asked, secretly hoping she would say no.

"Do you still have the picnic blanket form earlier?" Annabeth looked back at him, waiting on an answer.

He nodded, "its back at the dunes, come on." Still holding hands, they ran for the shore, a small part of the water following behind Percy for about five feet farther than usual. They found the blanket next to the "Don't Feed the Seagull's" sign, along with one unopened can of Cherry Coke from earlier. They spread it out a little closer to the shore, laying down next to each other on it.

They didn't talk for a few minutes, resting in a perfectly content silence that was only broken by the crashing of waves from the retreating water ten feet farther down the beach. "There's Zoe."

Annabeth was pointing to a cluster of stars, a Huntress, her bow extended like she was running into battle. Percy felt his throat close up a little; he missed all their friends who had been killed. Beckendorf, Zoe, Bianca, Silena, Lee, Michael, the list went on forever, but he knew he couldn't think about that now, he instead focused on the stars, trying to remember the constellations Annabeth had tried to teach him so long ago.

"There's the big spoon." He said, smiling, thinking she would be proud he remembered.

"That's 'Big Dipper', Percy, not spoon." She laughed while his ears burned. Where had he gotten "The Big Spoon"? That sounded so like a real constellation.

She pointed out all the ones she knew, and he tried to see what she was pointing at, of course it she seemed to be pointing everywhere, so it was a little difficult. So instead he focused on remembering the names. Cassiopeia, Hercules, Orion, Canus Major, the list was endless and after the first four, he just gave it up, and instead just listened to her enjoy herself talk about something she was definitely interested in.

She must have reached the end of here list, because he voice died down again, and instead she curled up next to Percy, her head resting on his shoulder, he arm laid over his chest. He moved his head down and kissed her, a long slow kiss that lasted until they needed air. "I love you Percy." She whispered, closing her eyes and snuggling in closer to him.

"I love you too." And they fell asleep, the sea roaring in their ears.

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