(A/N) Sorry for the long delay, I haven't been home to write in a long time. So here you go, hope it was worth it, last part of the main trilogy of Sally/Poseidon, my favorite PJO couple ever, although because of that I'll probably feature them in more one-shots.

"He looks like you." Sally looked up from the bed, catching Poseidon's gaze and smiling up at him from where she was lying on the bed. Poseidon looked back at her, desperate to see his son, but knowing that he should give her the first few minutes with Percy; he had held him right after he had been born. "He has your eyes. I thought he would."

"He's perfect, like his mother." Poseidon answered quietly, a genuine bubble of happiness rolling up inside him; only it was slightly hindered by the storm brewing outside the window, dark clouds seeming to hang over the hospital. They were making him uneasy, as was the hospital, he had never liked to be inside and the only water here was in the drinking fountain on the far end of the hall, making his power useless.

But it was more than worth it; even the inevitable repercussion from Zeus was worth seeing the son now nestled in Sally's arms. He had never stayed this long, he had never cared this much, but his heart was swollen with love for the tiny baby looking up at his mother with huge green eyes, his tiny tuft of black hair being the only part of him Poseidon could see where he was sitting.

"Come hold him." Sally handed him to Poseidon, who took him in his arms so gently that the blanket covering him didn't even twitch. Percy looked up at him, his tiny face contorted as he took in a new person, or at least one that he didn't quite remember. Sally was right on all counts, his son greatly resembled the Sea God, from his bright green eyes to his black hair to his ears that stuck out the smallest amount, a trait that the entire Olympic family shared.

"He's beautiful, Sally." She smiled up at him, then again down at the baby, who wrinkled up his face in response. Thunder spilt the room, shaking the building. A broad flash of lightning showed outside the window, but no rain came. A storm with no water, his brother would never give him that advantage.

"Hold Percy." Poseidon moved closer to the window as she cradled Percy in her arms, sheltering him protectively. "Stop this brother, this is not their fault." Poseidon glanced up at the black sky, knowing his words would do little to appease his brother. He was answered by a resonating clap of thunder and a streak of lightning that came from the window.

A low voice poured out of the storm, followed by sheets of rain pounding against the window. "Three weeks, Poseidon, that is all."

His heart clenched, causing an increase in the force of the rain on the window, turning it into a bullet storm. He looked over at Sally, one look confirming what he already knew. She hadn't heard Zeus.

When three weeks came, she wouldn't understand.