Summary: Inui accidentally switched his special mixes, and Fuji, Eiji and Kaidoh end up drinking the wrong one. After that they keep getting terrible stomach aches. What exactly was Inui's drink?

Pairing:OishixEiji. TezukaxFuji. Maybe MomoxRyoma and InuixKaidoh.

Rating:M [this chapter] Language. (maybe) Sexual Situations. (definitely)

Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis, nor do I own the franchise of McDonalds, although it's what I had for dinner tonight.

Mistakes Make Miracles

Chapter 1

"Sorry Eiji, looks like I won." Oishi waved to his friend from across the tennis court, and the redhead paled as he realized Inui was right behind him.

"Eep!" He yelped, knowing what was coming. He gulped audibly, then downed the ugly puke colored concoction Inui had made, before he ran away with his hand over his mouth. Oishi looked a little guilty about making his best friend go through the torture, but he sure wasn't going to drink that poison.

The next practice pair was Fuji and Tezuka. The Captain passed back the smaller boy's serve but Fuji just let the ball bounce right past him when he could have easily returned it. "Oh darn." He smiled, looking back over his shoulder at the slowing ball. "Looks like I lost. Guess I have to have some of Inui's drink as a punishment." His smile didn't falter as he was handed the drink, and he quickly chugged it. "Aaah, that was better than last time!" He held his cup out to Inui. "You don't suppose I could have more?"

"Uh…" The calculating boy looked down at his bottle of mix, then poured some more into the brunette's cup.

"Whoo! I won! Lucky!" Momo shouted, then gave a thumbs-up to Kaidoh, who hissed and gulped down his drink, trying not to lose his cool but it failed. He ran off in the direction Eiji had gone, pushing smaller students out of the way as he went. "Yeah! I don't have to drink it today." Momo sat down on a bench and relaxed with his hands behind his head. "I won't have to throw up all afternoon now."

Fuji chuckled at how relieved the black haired boy looked, but his normally present smiled faded suddenly. "Hm." His brow furrowed as he felt his stomach turn and he rubbed it gently but it suddenly worsened and he doubled over. "That's different." He groaned, and a crowd gathered around him. No one would ever suspect that Syuusuke Fuji could get sick from Inui's juice, so it was quite a sight seeing him so uncomfortable.

"What's wrong Fuji?" Oishi placed a hand on the brunette's shoulder. "Are you alright?"

"It feels like… my insides are moving around everywhere…" Fuji wrapped his arm around Oishi's neck for support, when they heard Eiji yelp from across the school grounds. Everyone looked in the direction of the redhead and watched him fall over, Kaidoh doing the same near the water fountains.

"That drink must be the worst one yet if it can make Fuji sick at all, never mind how bad he actually is." Taka shifted nervously and looked to his next opponent Ryoma, who gulped too. The youngest boy wasn't really worried about losing to Kawamura, but if he had to face Tezuka, or if the Captain just decided to be mean, he would have to drink the seemingly fatal Inui juice.

Inui himself looked puzzled, thinking to himself how the drink he offered everyday could suddenly make everyone -especially Fuji- this sick. He contemplated percentages, his actions of the day and all the concoctions he had made that could possibly have this sort of effect. His eyes widened suddenly and he pulled out his notebook just to be sure. Meanwhile Fuji, Eiji and Kaidoh had been picked up and placed on a bench. They were handed their water bottles and slowly drank the cold liquid, wincing every once in a while as the pain began to cease.

"No." Inui suddenly whispered to himself. "There was only a .1 percent chance that I would ever confuse this with my special training mix. How could I have gotten it wrong?"

"What did you do to them?" Tezuka appeared beside him, his arms crossed as usual and his eyes on the three still recovering.

"A slight miscalculation." Inui tried to sound calm. "They'll be fine by tomorrow. Like it never happened."

"Be careful next time. I don't want half of the team gone. Especially so close to tournament time."

"Sorry Captain. I'll fix my formula tonight." Of course Inui was lying about 'fixing' his recipe because technically he hadn't changed anything. He had accidentally grabbed the wrong mixture when he came down to practice, one that shouldn't have been tested yet. One that was only an experiment he had been toying with and wasn't ready to present yet.

"Nya, what did you give us Inui!" Eiji whined, and wrapped his arms around Oishi who was kneeling in front of him. The other boy blushed, but hugged Eiji back and secretly kissed the redhead's cheek, receiving a cat-like purr in return.

"It seems I messed up." Was Inui's simple reply.

"Well, at least it tasted good." Fuji smiled up at the team manager.

"Bastard." Kaidoh hissed and clutched his stomach.

"You three sit out for the rest of practice." Tezuka said. "And the rest of you will be excused from drinking Inui's juice. Now get back to work."

"Yes Captain!" The players dispersed and went about their business, all except Oishi who was trying to get away from Eiji's death grip, but the redhead refused to let go.

"Come on Eiji! I need to help!" He pleaded.

"No! Stay with me!" Eiji whined, then jumped as Fuji jammed his fingers into the acrobat's sides. Eiji let go of Oishi and pouted as the other Golden Pair member walked away quickly so he wouldn't get caught in his partner's hug again. "Fujiko! You're so mean nya!"

The brunette wasn't paying attention though and his hands pressed all over his torso, his brow furrowed and his blue eyes open. "Does it feel like something's different?" He asked, and the redhead perked up, copying his friend's actions.

"Yeah. Before it felt like everything was shifting around… and my butt hurt for a minute too."

"What about you Kaidoh?" The two looked at the Viper but he just hissed and looked away.

"Same." He muttered under his breath, a red tint coming to his cheeks.

After practice, Tezuka waited until everyone else had left before he changed back into his school uniform. He locked up the changing rooms, and turned to leave when he almost ran into Fuji standing outside the door. The smaller boy stared up at the Captain with his signature happy look. "Were you coming to my house today?" He asked innocently and Tezuka grumbled, trying to hide his embarrassment. He was supposed to go over to Fuji's to study but he knew that if he did, that would not happen.

"I guess. But we have to study today. I can't waste my time doing… what you want us to do."

"Aw, Tezuka can't spare enough time to make me happy?" Fuji teased, his hand taking Tezuka's and bringing it to his lips for a kiss. "He can't stop studying for one second so he can make me feel good?"

"Stop." Tezuka pulled his hand away. "I am only going there to study, so there's no need to try to coerce me into doing different."

"Fine." The smaller pretended to pout. "But can we at least hold hands? I like when your skin is touching mine."

The Captain sighed, and held out his hand in a bored and defeated manner, which Fuji took with utter delight.

"What did you get on the practice problem?" Tezuka looked up from his book at Fuji who sat on his knees at the table in his room, and watched the smaller boy tap his pencil against his textbook, patiently waiting for an answer.

"Sine two theta equals negative twenty-four, twenty-fifths."

"Good, that's what I got too." Fuji smiled over at the Captain. Tezuka went back to doing his trigonometry, and the smaller boy's face became devious. He quickly, sneakily crawled over to his friend and ducked his head down between the long legs. His mouth opened up, and he sucked at Tezuka's pants, underneath which the larger's cock lay limply.

"Hey!" Tezuka jumped, his book falling out of his hands and landing on Fuji's head.

"Ow. That hurt Tezuka. Did you do that intentionally?" The smaller sat up, rubbing his scalp.

"Why would I intentionally hurt you? I was just surprised because you suddenly… did that."

"Well, you looked like you were starting to strain too hard, so I was trying to suggest something different to get your mind off of math for awhile."

"Then we can just do science or something. We don't have to… to get me to think about something other than math."

"But, I'm getting bored, and doing science will only make it worse. Let's make each other feel good instead."

"No." Tezuka grabbed his book again. "Besides, you were ill earlier, so you do not need to be participating in strenuous activities."

"Hmph." Fuji frowned, sitting back on his knees. His eyes opened and he looked up at his friend with a fake pleading look. "You're so stiff. Nothing can entertain you except tennis. And the only thing you focus on is school." He smiled slightly as he turned away and Tezuka inhaled sharply.

"You can be very rude sometimes." He sighed, before gripping the smaller's shirt and pulling him backward. Fuji's back met Tezuka's chest as the former chuckled, his trademark smile back on his face. "Only once, understand?"

"As long as I feel good." Fuji turned around, letting his lips crash against his friend's. His hands held Tezuka's face and the two boys' tongues entwined as they slowly moved up and to the bed. Fuji fell flat on his back, his arms wrapping around Tezuka's neck while his pants were loosened and pulled down. They broke the kiss to breathe and took the chance to pull off their shirts, throwing them across the room before they met lips yet again.

Fuji undid his friend's belt then pulled his pants as well as his boxers off, letting Tezuka's awakening erection become exposed to the open air. His hands moved down to play with it and Tezuka groaned against his mouth.

"Protection." Kunimitsu suddenly pulled away, and opened Fuji's bedside table to search for the pack of condoms. While he did so, Syuusuke pulled his pants off completely before scooting down the bed. His mouth wrapped around Tezuka's cock and bobbed quickly but the Captain hardly seemed to notice. "Where are they?" He asked, looking down at Fuji's moving head.

"Mmm-mmm." The smaller shrugged, his hand playing with his friend's balls. "Mmm-mmm-mmm."

"I can't understand you."

Fuji let the now completely hard erection slip from his mouth, and he smiled up at Tezuka. "I said, 'go without then'."

The Captain backed off, and stood up from the bed. "We can't. I can't afford…"

"I don't have any diseases, you know. And I'm pretty sure you don't either. What else would you need a condom for?" Tezuka sighed. Fuji was extremely persistent when it came to sex. "And remember, only once."

"Fuji." The larger said seriously.

"Tezuka." Fuji smiled, and waved his friend back over to the bed. Tezuka reluctantly obeyed, climbing over the smaller brunette as they kissed yet again. Lube was grabbed from the bedside table, and poured onto Tezuka's fingers before they moved down to Fuji's entrance and pushed in. The latter groaned, his hands gripping Tezuka's shoulders, but he still had his smile. His hips moved with the thrusts of his friend's fingers, and soon he was moaning in pleasure as his prostate was brushed against.

"You're loud." Tezuka pulled his flanges away, then grabbed the lube again and poured it on his cock.

"Because it just feels so good when you touch me." Fuji pushed the Captain backwards on the bed, then climbed over him and lined himself up. He was penetrated slowly, and he moaned once Tezuka was in all the way. "Look, you don't even have to do anything. Leave it all to me." Bracing his hands on the larger's chest, Fuji began to bounce up and down, his smile never faltering as pain quickly became pleasure and he leaned over to kiss Tezuka. He moaned against the Captain's mouth, quieting his loud voice, and soon both were making noise, their hips moving together until Fuji started to stroke himself and the both of them arched their backs and came -Fuji all over Tezuka's stomach, and the latter into the small body on top of him. "Mmm…" Fuji moaned one last time as he was filled. "I guess you weren't that worried if you finished inside." He breathed, collapsing onto the Captain's chest.

"Would you have let me pull out if I had wanted to?" Tezuka asked, already knowing the answer.


"Exactly. I was tired of fighting you, so I just gave in."

Fuji sat up and covered his mouth with his hand as he pretended to gasp. "Tezuka giving in?" He joked. "It's the end of the world."

"Hm. Get off me now so I can get dressed."

"Don't you want to shower first? I know you hate being dirty."

Tezuka sighed, adjusting his glasses and running a hand through his hair. "I'll be fine until I get home."

"Does that mean you're leaving now?"

"It's late."

"But, we haven't finished-" Fuji inhaled sharply and he grabbed his stomach as a sudden pain shot through it. He fell back down against Tezuka, his breathing labored and he groaned, his body shaking. It was very un-Fuji like.

"Are you alright?" Tezuka sat up with the smaller in his lap, and felt Fuji's forehead to check his temperature, but it was normal.

"I-I'm fine…" Syuusuke dug his face into the Captain's neck. "Inui's juice must be coming back to haunt me again."

"Are you sure you're fine?"

"Yes." Fuji leaned up and kissed his friend's lips before he sighed. "You can go now if you want."

"Hm." Tezuka lay back down in the bed, pulling the blankets over the two bodies.

Fuji giggled happily. "Change your mind then?"

"Even when you don't say anything, you're still able to manipulate people."

"Whatever are you talking about?" The smaller boy rubbed their noses together, then snuggled against the Captain.

"How was your burger Eiji?" Oishi grasped his friend's hand and smiled at him as the two left McDonalds and walked down the street together.

"It was good nya!" The redhead hopped excitedly.

"Did it make up for what happened earlier with Inui's juice?"

"Yeah." Eiji quieted down, and he kicked a rock in the street.

Oishi noticed the change in his doubles partner and gave him a worried look. "Is something still bothering you?"

"Nya, Fuji, Kaidoh and I just realized that all of our guts felt like they were moving around when we got sick and when you mentioned Inui's drink, it just reminded me of it."

"Are you saying you want to see a doctor then?"

"No. I'm fine now nya."

"You still look upset though. Want to do something to cheer you up? We can go play at the doubles courts together."

Eiji suddenly jumped in front of his friend and stared down at their feet, his cheeks turning red. "Nya, I don't want to play tennis anymore today. I want to do something else with Oishi."

His partner blushed as well, then smiled and pulled him into a hug. "You're so cute Eiji." Oishi said.

"Does that mean 'yes' then?"

"Of course."

"Nya, can we do it at your house though? Mine's too crowded and loud."

"Whatever you want Eiji."

Eiji dropped his bag before he sat down on his friend's bed and bounced happily. Oishi was bent over his fish tank, feeding his pets and cleaning the filter, and didn't notice Eiji stare down at his own uniform, a smile coming to his face. The redhead unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop to the floor before he stood up and took off his pants too. Oishi turned to face him then, and flushed deeply as he saw the acrobat standing in nothing but his boxers, his hands running over his skin.

"Eiji!" Oishi sounded surprised. His partner then jumped at him and licked his cheek like a kitten, his mischievous hands reaching under the black-haired boy's uniform.

"Nya, why do you look like that? You knew we were going to do this, right?"

"Of course. I just didn't think you'd get undressed so quickly."

Eiji giggled, winking up at Oishi as he pinched the taller boy's nipples. "But we'll get to the good stuff quicker, nya." His fingers retracted out of Oishi's uniform and quickly unbuttoned it, before pushing it off and pulling his partner's undershirt over his head and throwing it in a random direction. "Carry me!" He jumped up, wrapping his legs around Oishi's waist and laughing as he was walked to the bed and placed gently on it.

The two leaned together and kissed deeply, their tongues meeting and twisting together. Shuichiro's fingers ran through Eiji's red hair and the smaller boy let his arms fall against the bed, giving his friend full control. Oishi pulled back from the kiss to let Eiji breathe and smiled as he stood up to go to his desk. He pulled a bottle of lotion out, along with a condom, then returned to his bed to take his pants and boxers off. Eiji picked up the condom from where it had been placed on the bedspread and looked at it seriously as his friend climbed over him, kissing his chest lovingly.

"Ready?" Oishi moved down further, his hands opening the redhead's legs and running up and down his smooth thighs.

"Nya, Oishi can we go without the condom this time? I want to see how it feels without one."

"If you want to Eiji." Oishi kissed the acrobat's tummy, letting his tongue dip into Eiji's little bellybutton before he scooted lower, and his lips made contact with the smaller's thighs.

"Nya! Stop teasing me!" Eiji whined. The black-haired boy smiled up at him, then opened his mouth and took in the redhead's erection. "Nya!" Eiji arched his back, letting a squeak slip from his mouth before it turned into a moan and he squeezed his eyes shut as Oishi bobbed his head quickly, his tongue swirling continuously. "O-Oishi!" Eiji shouted, then did it again. His friend was amazing at this. Shuichiro felt for the lotion while he continued to play with Eiji, and wet his fingers with it before slipping them down to and into the redhead's entrance. Kikumaru mewled and gripped the bedspread, his face scrunched in pain, yet pleasure remained from the blow job, keeping him from reacting further to the hurt emanating from his backside. The fingers moved and scissored before they began to rub, brushing suddenly against the acrobat's prostate. "Aaah!" Eiji moaned. "Please Oishi… I'm ready nya…" He relaxed as the fingers were removed and Oishi climbed over him, bringing their lips together again while he lined himself up. He slowly began to push in, and Eiji whimpered all over again.

"Sssh." He comforted, leaning down to place soft kisses all over the redhead's face and neck. "Relax."

"I'm trying…" Eiji squirmed uncomfortably. Even though he had experienced the feeling before, it seemed to feel worse this time around. Like something had tightened within him and made a cramping feeling flow from his backside. "Ow…" He pushed against Oishi's chest as he was penetrated further, but did not move him away completely.

Once fully inside, Shuichiro let his friend adjust before his hips began to rock slowly, waiting for the smaller's hips to push back against him to signal him to go faster. Eiji did it seconds later, some of the pain washing away for pleasure. He nodded his head in approval and Oishi sped up, rocks becoming thrusts which created moans from both boys, their eyes shutting as they enjoyed their activity. Eiji's prostate was hit again and he shouted loudly, his arms wrapping around his partner's body to make them closer to each other. Oishi kissed the acrobat's neck lovingly over and over again in a sensitive spot and Eiji could tell he was going to finish quickly. He gripped his leaking cock and stroked it, his eyes opening to meet with Oishi's before he came in between their bodies, his mouth eliciting one last loud moan.

"Do you want me to pull out?" Oishi whispered in the smaller's ear as he continued to move, but Eiji shook his head, giving the black haired boy one of his tight hugs.

"Don't stop until you're done nya."

"It doesn't hurt right?" Oishi asked, worrying first about his friend's wellbeing before his own pleasure.

"No. I'm fine." Eiji licked Oishi's cheek and giggled when the pace faltered, but it sped up again not soon after. That little tease helped though, because Oishi came not long after, his eyes widening as he watched Eiji arch and moan but whine at the same time. Oishi pulled out after finishing his release, and fell onto the bed next to his panting friend. He wrapped am arm around the smaller body, pulling it against his chest.

"What was it like?" He asked after awhile, and Eiji smiled.

"It feels so warm and nice, but it's all sticky and it's dripping everywhere." The redhead got up from the bed. "Nya, I'm gonna use your robe to go to the bathroom and clean myself, okay?"

"Go ahead. You can shower too, if you want." Oishi smiled over at the acrobat, as the latter turned and left the room. He sighed happily and rolled onto his back, happy that he had Eiji as a friend. He was very cute and so innocent acting, he loved being around the bubbly redhead. A crash interrupted his thoughts though, sounding like it came from the bathroom and Oishi jumped up, grabbing his boxers and throwing them on before leaving his room to see what happened. He opened the door and found Eiji slumped over holding his stomach, a supply shelf knocked over with its products littering the floor. "Eiji! Are you alright?" He asked, bending over to examine the acrobat.

"I-it hurts n-nya…" Eiji hugged his best friend. "Inui's drink must be poisoning me again…"

"Are you sure you don't need to go see a doctor?" Oishi felt the smaller shake terribly, quiet mewls escaping his mouth making him unable to speak.

After a few minutes, the redhead shook his head and stood up. "I feel fine now." He said, looking down at his stomach curiously. "But it's weird nya. This time, it didn't feel like my insides were moving."

"Maybe we went too hard and gave you a cramp." Oishi rustled his friend's hair.

"Hm. Maybe." Turning on the shower, Eiji perked up again and turned to the taller boy. "Let's shower together nya!" And he pulled Oishi under the water with him.

Inui watched Kaidoh run laps around the courts and contemplated whether he should test his newest concoction or not. The chances of Eiji and Fuji going home and having sex with another male were slim, considering they didn't have a partner and were only friends with Tezuka and Oishi, nothing more. Plus, they had already left for home, so the manager thought that the two may have an odd reaction to him just appearing at their houses.

So Kaidoh it was then. When the Viper came around the corner and passed him, Inui started up beside him, calculating how he would react to various approaches. He ruled out just jumping the kid, he would surely get a beating if he did. He decided against wooing him, because Kaidoh didn't seem like the romantic type, so Inui instead chose the most logical thing, tricking him.

"Do you want to see the new training regiment I set up?" He asked, receiving a hiss in return but Kaidoh slowed down anyway.

"You couldn't have waited until I was done bastard?" Kaidoh glared at him.

"I guess not." Opening his notebook, the spiky haired boy took down a few things before handing the book to the Viper.

Kaidoh's eyes scanned the pages, then he growled as he caught sight of one particular statement. "What the hell is this?" He shoved the notebook in Inui's face before walking away.

"Wait!" Inui jumped after him. "It works! Trust me!"

"How the hell would it work?"

"Sex is very strenuous. It really does help."

"Hmph." Kaidoh continued walking, but Inui just chased him again.

"I can be your partner if you'd like." He said and the Viper hissed.


"Hm." Inui grabbed Kaidoh's arm suddenly and pulled him into a kiss. The smaller boy however, didn't react the way he had wanted him to, and Kaidoh brought his fist back before punching the manager square in the face.

Both staggered back, Kaidoh wiping his mouth and Inui holding his bleeding nose and broken glasses.

"Bastard." Kaidoh hissed. "Never do that again." He ran off to retrieve his stuff.

"I knew it." Sadaharu grabbed a towel from his bag and held it to his nose. "The percentage that he would go through with it was too low. And now that I've lost him, I'm never going to be able to try it again, especially with the way he, Fuji and Kikumaru reacted to the drink and the fact that it only lasts half a day. So even if I change Kaidoh's mind, he'll no longer be viable for the experiment, along with the other two. Looks like I won't be able to test my experiment now." Sighing in a somewhat disappointed way, Inui grabbed his stuff and left for his house.

Kaidoh was also on his way home when his stomach hurt again. He pushed against a building to keep from falling, one hand holding his abdomen as the shifting feeling returned. "Damn bastard." He hissed and groaned, but still attempted to walk, his steps slow and shaky. The sun was beginning to set and the Viper shivered as a breeze hit his sweaty body. After a few minutes the pain receded and he stood up straight, pretending nothing had happened as he continued home.

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The sine 2 theta equals 24/25 was something I was learning about in my calculus class [but we're learning trig. FTW!] and I figured since Fuji and Tezuka were smart, they'd have advanced math classes.

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