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Summary: Inui accidentally switched his special mixes, and Fuji, Eiji and Kaidoh end up drinking the wrong one. After that they keep getting terrible stomach aches. What exactly was Inui's drink?

Pairing:OishixEiji. TezukaxFuji.

Rating: M [this chapter] Sexual Situations... kinda...

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Mistakes Make Miracles

Chapter 12

"Daddy! Daddy! " Hatsumi shook Tezuka's shoulders. "Work Work! Go to work!"

"Leave him Hatsumi. He doesn't have work today." Fuji came over to Tezuka and bent down to kiss his lips gently. "He's like sleeping beauty, don't you think? Except, even a kiss can't wake him up."

"Me try!" Hatsumi pointed to herself before kissing her father.

"Nnn…" Tezuka groaned, turning over onto his side, sending Hatsumi falling off the bed, only to be caught by her 'mother'.

"Apparently nothing's waking him up today." Fuji giggled before placing his daughter back on the floor. "Let him sleep then. He must be exhausted."

"What I do?" Hatsumi asked, looking around the room.

"Why don't we cook breakfast together?" Fuji suggested.

"Yay!" Hatsumi ran off for the kitchen area, the tensai right behind her.

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Eiichi shouted it over and over again as he jumped on the bed. "Mommy, wake up!"

"Shut up." Eiji groaned, throwing a pillow at his son. "I'm sleeping…"

"No, wake up!" Eiichi jumped onto his 'mother's' laying body. "Up! Up!"

"Stop it will you?" Eiji shouted, grabbing Eiichi around his waist and pulling him against the larger body.

"No! No!" Eiichi kicked and squirmed in Eiji's grip. "Let go! Get up!"

"This is more annoying than when you were breastfeeding and learned to walk!"

"Get up! Wanna play!"

"Go play with Daddy!"


"Ugh!" Eiji pulled back the blankets and sat up with Eiichi under his arm. "Fine! What do you want to do?"

"Play with Daddy!"

Eiji sighed and fell back against the bed. "Then go get Daddy and play with him."

"Can't find him."

"He's downstairs."


"Let's go." Eiji got up and carried his son down to the living room, only to find it empty. "Oishi?"


"It's Daddy."


"Where is he?"

"Don't know." Eiichi slipped from his 'mother's' grasp and ran around yelling out for his father while Eiji picked up the house phone and dialed Oishi's cell number.

"Mommy, it Shu!" Hatsumi called as she held the door open for the smiling Oishi.

"Shu?" Fuji came over to the door, wiping his hands of uncooked food. "Oh, Oishi." He smiled. "Where's Eiji? And Eiichi?"

"They're at home. I left a note on the fridge, so hopefully they aren't too worried about me." He held out a grocery bag. "Here. I know it's not much but I figured this would help keep Hatsumi from getting sick again."

"Oh." Syuusuke took the bag and smiled weakly. "Thank you. Would you like to come in? Kunimitsu has the day off today."

"If you don't mind."

"Not at all. As long as you don't mind a messy house and a half-asleep Tezuka."

"He's still asleep?"

"Mm. But don't worry; I was just about to wake him up." The door opened the rest of the way and Oishi stepped inside, slipping his shoes off.

"How are you doing?" He asked, holding his arms out for Hatsumi who hugged him tightly.

"I good!" She said. "No sick!"

"Really? How long has it been?"

"Mmm… don't know."

Fuji locked the door and giggled. "About a week now. She's been eating a lot less but I guess it's better than having it come back up." He walked across the room to the bed and shook his lover's body. "Kunimitsu, wake up." He said. "Wake up. Oishi is here."

"Nnn… quiet…" The taller man tried to shoo the tensai away, but Syuusuke wouldn't have it. "Come one, get up." He said with feigned sweetness, discreetly slipping his hand under the sheets to grab Tezuka's crotch.

"Alright I'm up!" Tezuka sat up in the bed and grabbed his glasses, letting his eyes adjust to see the small brunette in front of him. "What do you want?"

"Oishi's here. And breakfast is ready."

A red tint came to Tezuka's face as he noticed that his friend was standing on the other side of the room, looking at him while he wore nothing but pajama pants. "Uh… I'll go change." He said, taking clothes from his dresser before walking to the bathroom.

"He's so cute when he's embarrassed." Fuji said, turning back to his friend. "Would you like to eat something Oishi?"

"Oh, no thank you." Shuichiro smiled. "I ate before I came over."

"I want food!" Hatsumi said, pulling on her 'mother's' pant leg.

"Alright. You deserve to eat it anyway since you helped cook it." Fuji motioned for the two to sit at the table and went into the kitchen to bring Hatsumi her food.

"Why Eiichi not here?" Hatsumi asked, looking over at Shuichiro. "Him always come with Shu."

"He was sleeping when I left and I didn't want to wake him." Oishi answered, then jumped as he felt his phone vibrate so he reached into his pocket to look at the screen. "Oh, it's Eiji." He flipped it open. "Hello?"

"Oishi, where are you?" Eiji shouted on the other end of the line. "Your son is acting like a psycho right now and I can't get him to listen to anything I say! What did you have to do that would need you to leave so early in the morning?"

"I'm sorry Eiji. I went to Fuji and Tezuka's to bring them some food and that milk."

"Well, get back here quick! I'm gonna break something if Eiichi doesn't- Get off of that! Come here! I said 'come here'!"

"Eiji, give him the phone."

"Eiichi, come talk to your father!"

Oishi heard the phone being handed off, then listened to the four-year-old's heavy breathing, most likely from running around the house. "Eiichi, are you being a good boy?" He asked.


"Really? Because that's not what Mommy told me."

"I playin'."

"Play nicer then. And listen to Mommy when he tells you to do something."


"I love you and I'll see you later. Behave."

"Love you Daddy."

"Now give the phone back to Mommy."

"Oishi?" Eiji asked, holding the phone back to his ear.

"Hopefully he'll listen now. Call me if he's misbehaving again though."

"Okay. Tell everyone I said 'hi'."

"I will."

"Bye Oishi. I love you."

Shuichiro smiled. "I love you too Eiji. Bye." He clicked his phone shut and noticed that Fuji had come to sit at the table, watching happily with his head in his hands as Hatsumi ate her breakfast.

"Was he worried?" The tensai asked.

"No. Eiichi was acting up. At first, he wanted to know where I was, and then after that he was just angry that Eiichi wasn't listening to him." He sighed. "Again."

"He sure doesn't like obeying Eiji, does he?"

"It's because they're exactly alike. Eiichi thinks of Eiji more as a friend than a parent."

"I guess that's good in some cases but when it comes to discipline, it definitely backfires on him."


"I good?" Hatsumi asked.

"Of course you are sweetie." Fuji smiled his trademark smile at her. "You're a perfect little girl."

"Thank you Mommy."

"You're very welcome Hatsumi."

"Hello Oishi." Tezuka said as he came over to the table and knelt down next to his daughter.

"Hi Tezuka."

"How are Kikumaru and Eiichi?"

"You know, that doesn't really work Kunimitsu." Fuji said. "Eiji and Eiichi have the same last name. It's like you saying Fuji and Hatsumi. We're both Fujis, so it doesn't make sense."

"And we've known each other for so long now." Oishi added. "You know Eiji won't mind if you call him by his first name."

"Ah. So how are they?"

"Good. Except they still can't get along. Eiichi never listens to anything Eiji tells him and they're still as immature as ever."

"You seem to be quite attracted to that kind of thing." Fuji said.

"Well, I can't really help it. The way they act… it's just too cute, even if all they do is fight."

"Eiichi and Eiji silly." Hatsumi giggled.

"Then you're silly too." Tezuka teased, leaning over and kissing his daughter's cheek. "Because you're too adorable for your own good."


"Kunimitsu, don't play with her while she's eating." Fuji scolded.

"Looks who's the one with the sour personality now." Tezuka responded, raising an eyebrow. "I remember you always telling me to lighten up when we were in middle school, and now I'm saying that to you."

"She can't be fooling around when she's eating. She'll make herself sick."

"Just because I kissed her?"

"Because once you start, she's not going to stop."

"Uh…" Oishi laughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his head. "Should I go?"

"No!" The two shouted angrily.

"Sorry Oishi." Fuji smiled. "We're just a little stressed out."

"It's alright. I just didn't want to overstay my welcome."

"You're always welcome." Tezuka stated.

"Mommy…" Hatsumi suddenly muttered softly, her face paling.

"Darn it sweetie, not now." Syuusuke ran around the table and picked the girl up under her arms before running her to the bathroom.

"Will she be okay?" Shuichiro asked worriedly.

"Damn it!" Tezuka shouted, slamming his fist against the table, making Oishi jump. "She can't even eat a meal without a problem!" His expression turned to one of sadness and his eyes formed tears, completely surprising his black-haired friend. "Why is this so hard?" He asked, hiding his face in his hands.


"Why does she have to suffer like this? She's only a little girl, yet she's weak and thin and miserable because we can't even give her food her body will accept!" He slammed the table again. "Why is it her? Why does someone like her have to go through this?"

"I-I…" Oishi looked down to his lap. "I'm sorry."

"No, I should apologize for the outburst." Tezuka took off his glasses and wiped his tears. "Like I said before, it's just stress."

"Can Eiji and I do anything to help you guys? To relieve the stress? You know we can help buy Hatsumi some healthier foods; that would save you lots of money you can use on bills and the school tuition-"

"No. What you're doing is already enough. Syuusuke and I need to handle this on our own."

"Then why say what you did!" Oishi suddenly shouted. "You don't want Hatsumi to suffer, yet you refuse to get help that will prevent her from it! We're your friends! Just let us help you out until you can handle it!" He gasped as he realized his rude behavior and covered his mouth with his hand. "I'm sorry. I guess seeing you guys like this is really affecting me."

"Kunimitsu! Come in here!" Fuji shouted from the bathroom and Tezuka quickly got up and went, Oishi behind him.

"What is it?" He asked, upon seeing Hatsumi leaning over the toilet and throwing up into it constantly .

"She won't stop! And blood's starting to come up too! Call the hospital!"

"Fujiko! Tezuka! Hatsumi!" Eiji ran through the hospital hallways, Eiichi crying in his arms. "Oishi!"

"Here Eiji!" Oishi waved and the redhead ran over to him.

"How is she?"

"Daddy!" Eiichi cried, holding his arms out for his father. "Me scared! Hatsumi hurt!"

"It's alright Eiichi." Oishi assured him, hugging the boy tight in his hold. "She's fine now."

"What did they do nya?"

"They had to open her up and remove the undigested food but she's awake and healthy again."

"You can come in and see her." Fuji said from the doorway and Eiji immediately ran over and hugged his best friend.

"Fujiko! I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright. As long as Hatsumi is fine."

"Hatsumi!" Eiichi yelled, squirming out of his father's grip to run over to the girl laying in the hospital bed.

"Eiichi!" She squealed. "Look what I got." She lifted her hospital gown to show a line of stitches in her skin.

'Whoa! That cool!" Eiichi gasped. "It hurt?"

"No, but tummy does."

"That's because you're hungry again." Syuusuke told her as he walked over to her bed. "Eat something and you'll feel better."

"Don't like."

"Sweetie, I know it's weird, but you have to have it until the doctors say you can eat solid food again."

"What do you mean nya?"

"Hatsumi's problem is that she can't digest food very well. She also has trouble breaking down certain nutrients thus the reason she needs specific foods, along with them being loose substances that can easily break down. Milk and water usually help, but she's allergic to milk so we have to keep getting her the soy milk." Fuji leaned over and rubbed his daughter's hair before kissing her forehead. "But she's a strong little girl. She takes it, vomiting and everything."


"You're a brave girl sweetie." He kissed her head again. "Now can you please eat something? Otherwise you'll get sick from being so hungry."

"Fine." Hatsumi pouted, picking up the liquidized meal she'd been given and took a sip. "Yuck!" She gagged, pushing the glass away from her. "I get sick!"

"What's the problem?" Tezuka asked, walking into the room with a small teddy bear.

"Don't want drink-food!" Hatsumi pointed to the blended food before crossing her arms defiantly.

"Hmmm." Tezuka came closer and examined the glass. "This looks like something you'd drink Syuusuke."

"Ugh. It looks like Inui Juice nya."

"What that?" Hatsumi asked her father.

"It was a drink we used on our tennis team in middle school to punish people that couldn't keep up, or that lost practices. Mommy was the only one that could drink it without throwing up. He loved that stuff."

"And still do." Syuusuke smiled.

"I drink like Mommy!" Hatsumi said, grabbing the cup and drinking her meal, her face scrunched up in disgust the whole time. "There!" She announced once everything was gone. "All done!"

"Good job sweetheart." Tezuka smiled at her before kissing her cheek. "I'm proud of you for drinking it, despite not liking it." He held out the bear to his daughter. "And I got this for you for being so brave when they opened your stomach."

"More toys." Fuji said, shaking his head. Tezuka looked up, expecting to see a frown but instead got a smile, Syuusuke's most beautiful, genuine smile. "Daddy spoils you too much."

"I no spoiled."

"I think you are. If only I was as spoiled as you."

"You're plenty spoiled." Tezuka stated, leaning over the bed to kiss his lover.

"Be careful sweetie. Your body's still recovering." Fuji watched Hatsumi run off to the playground with Eiichi beside her while Eiji and the tensai sat down together on an empty bench together.

"Nnn… is it really good to bring her here when she just got out of the hospital?" Eiji asked worriedly.

"The whole point of leaving a hospital is because you're healthy enough to be out in the world again, so she'll be fine. Besides, she has Eiichi with her. He'll help her if she needs it, right?"

"I guess."

"So, tell me why you asked me out here with you. Did something happen?"

"Well… um… yeah, but it's supposed to be a good thing."

"What do you mean 'supposed to be'?"

"Um… Fujiko, I'm pregnant again."

Syuusuke's eyes opened and he gave a worried look. "Eiji, that's a wonderful thing. Why do you sound so upset?"

"Nya, because Oishi and I had a fight the other day over the fact that we don't have enough money to have another baby. And we're still too young to try for another one. I had gone to him that day to tell him that we were having another one, but I guess my approach was wrong and we ended up fighting."

"So Oishi doesn't even know?"

"No. And now I feel horrible because I'm carrying a baby he doesn't even want."

"I'm sure he'll want it once he knows about it; he just thought that you were asking for one at an inconvenient time. If the baby's already been conceived though, then he'll just have to accept it, and I know he will happily."


"Mm." Fuji's trademark smile came back and he pat his friend's shoulder. "How far along are you now?"

"Um… about a month and a half, I think."

"And it took you this long to even try to tell Oishi?"

"I only found out like a week ago! And you know how hard it is for me to try to talk to him about these things!"

"I know." Fuji giggled. "You know, Tezuka and I have discussed having another one when we get more money. I'm perfectly happy with just Hatsumi but he seems to want another girl to spoil, maybe more." The tensai sighed. "He's more enthusiastic about being a parent than I am."

"That's because he didn't have to give birth like we did." Eiji pouted. "I'd like to see them say they want another one after they go through what we did."

"If only…" Fuji laughed, catching Hatsumi in his arms as she ran to him. "Done already?" He asked her.

"Hungry." She said.

"I guess we should go get you something. You haven't been eating that well lately." He grabbed Hatsumi's bag and stood up, Eiji doing the same with Eiichi. "Sorry it was such a quick time together but if Hatsumi's hungry, then she should get something down soon."

"Nya, it's alright. I only called you to talk about that anyway."

"Bye Hatsumi!" Eiichi waved excitedly to the girl, who blushed and hid her face shyly in her 'mother's' shoulder.

"Does someone like Eiichi?" Syuusuke teased as he carried his daughter down the street back to their home.

"No! Him a boy!"

The tensai frowned. "Does that mean you don't like me then?"

"I like you. You Mommy."

Fuji giggled. "That's good to know."

"Mommy, how come I no have brother or sister?" She asked suddenly.

"Mommy and Daddy only want you right now."

"But I want one!"

"Maybe when you get a little older, we'll talk about it but right now Daddy and I are perfectly happy with just you." He kissed her cheek. "Can you be patient for us?"


"That's my girl." He smiled at her.

"Nya Oishi… I… have to talk to you." Eiji said shyly as he sat down on the couch awkwardly.

"What is it Eiji?" Shuichiro asked, looking worried.

"You know how I… said something about having a baby the other day?"


"Well um… I wasn't trying to ask you for another one. I was trying to tell you that… we're already going to have one."

"You're pregnant?" Oishi asked, his eyes widening.

"Yeah. I'm sorry I didn't just say something before but I felt so awful thinking that you didn't want the baby already inside me, so I-" He stopped talking when he was hugged tightly.

"Eiji, it's wonderful that you're pregnant again. And of course I want it. I just though you were asking for another one even though you know we can't afford all the things that come with a baby right now. If you had just told me that you were already pregnant, then I wouldn't have gotten upset with you."

"Nya, but why are you upset that I asked for one, but not over the fact that I'm pregnantalready?"

"Because I can't get upset at you for something that would be both our faults. We haven't been using condoms lately, so both of us are to blame for it. Plus, how could I not want a child I already have? What kind of parent would I be?"

Eiji pulled away and smiled. "You're right. You're too good a daddy to think like that."

"So how far along are you?"

"A month and a half. It must have been that one day we ran out of… protection and were too aroused to stop ourselves."

"The latter part happens every time we have sex." Oishi laughed.

"You pervert." Eiji giggled. "So… you're definitely not mad?"

"Of course not." Oishi smiled, kissing the redhead's cheek. "What do you think it will be?"

"Nya, I want a girl. Hatsumi's so much more behaved than Eiichi. I bet if we had a baby girl, she'd be exactly like her."

"The only reason Eiichi doesn't behave is because he's exactly like you. I predicted that would happen when we could first feel him move when you were pregnant."

"I remember that." Eiji grumbled, crossing his arms. "Why couldn't we just have a well-mannered kid; one that acts like you?"

"Eiji, you're too cute." Oishi chuckled and kissed his lover again.

"Nya, are you ever gonna stop saying that?" The acrobat blushed.

"Only until it stops being true, but I don't think that will happen."

"I love you Oishi." Eiji said, leaning forward to kiss Shuichiro deeply. "Let's do it while Eiichi is gone with my parents." He whispered and immediately he was pushed onto his back on the couch, his shirt pulled over his head. "Are we going to do it right here? You're so perverted." He giggled.

"Then let's go upstairs." Oishi lifted Eiji off the couch and the redhead wrapped his legs around the taller boy's waist before he was carried up to their room and dropped onto the bed. He pulled Shuichiro's shirt off, then unbuttoned their pants and removed them as Oishi kissed him all over.

"Nnn… Oishi, I really love you a lot." He mewled and Shuichiro smiled up at him.

"Me too."

"Unn… Kunimitsu…" Syuusuke moaned out as he felt his boyfriend fill him up. He came seconds later, and used the shower wall for support as his high began to fade. "That was amazing… as usual…"

"Ah." Tezuka agreed, leaning forward to kiss all over the tensai's neck. "But you realize what could result from that?"

"The same thing that could happen any other time we don't use a condom." Syuusuke giggled, turning around under the hot water to kiss Tezuka on the lips. "But I don't mind. I know it will be even tougher on us, but we all want another one, so let's just do it. Hatsumi needs a little brother or sister."

"Maybe even both." Tezuka suggested.

"Don't push it. Giving birth to one child at a time is bad enough. I don't want to go through multiples."

"Then we'll go by ones."

"How many children do you think we'll have?" Fuji laughed.

"Until you can't have any more." Kunimitsu joked.

"Lots and lots then, huh?"

"Ah." They kissed again before cleaning themselves off under the water. "Syuusuke." Tezuka suddenly said and the tensai turned to look at him curiously.


"Remember when we were fourteen and you asked if I would go away to get married with you?"

"Yes. Why?"

"I bought tickets to go to America. I found a few states there that will marry… couples like us and I booked a place for the three of us to stay, so we can do it."

"Kunimitsu…" Fuji breathed, his mind still processing the information. "Thank you!" He suddenly exclaimed, hugging his boyfriend tight. "I know you said you were willing to, but I never thought you would actually arrange for us to get married! Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome. I just thought that since we were willing, why not do it? We deserve to be together, like anyone else."

"Oh Kunimitsu! I love you!"

"Ah." The former tennis Captain blushed slightly, hugging his small lover. "I love you too."

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