A/N: Another MKR fic. Magic Knight Rayearth and its characters belong to CLAMP, not me. The only character that I own is Dinah, an OC. This fic takes place during the 1st season. However, it will not follow the season very well, as there will be a few main differences. It is not to be considered a prequel to "Reconciliation." This is what I would have liked to see happen in the 1st season. Will most likely have a PG-13 rating. Please don't flame.


Dinah, a fire sorceress and a maidservant of Zagato, was feeling sorely disheartened. She had seen her master's personality change drastically. She witnessed the day he kidnapped Princess Emeraude, and cast an evil spell on Lafarga the swordmaster. Zagato had declared war on those who sought to rescue Princess Emeraude so that she could continue her prayers as the pillar. Dinah understood that Zagato only wanted Princess Emeraude to be free, but she did not believe this was the right method to set her free. Dinah gave a sad sigh as she contemplated these turn of events. She was being faced with a dilemma, and she was at a total loss about what she should do. She wanted Princess Emeraude's tears to stop, yet she wanted to remain by Zagato's side. She really didn't want to betray him, for she knew that if she did, she would in all probability feel his wrath. And she feared that if she told the high priest how she felt, she might lose his respect.

'Oh, what a spineless coward I am,' thought Dinah, bitterly. She felt utterly ashamed of herself for not being more confident. Suddenly an idea came to her.

'Aha!' thought Dinah. She thought about assisting Princess Emeraude in a subtle way. She would do this by finding out a way to bring out the warmth in Zagato. She knew that his heart was very good, and she missed seeing that side of her master. She went to see Princess Emeraude. She appeared in the water dungeon where Princess Emeraude was imprisoned.

Princess Emeraude was weeping softly. It tore at Dinah's heart. A part of her was irritated with Zagato for causing her this much sadness, but she wouldn't tell him that.

"Greetings, Princess Emeraude," said Dinah.

Princess Emeraude straightened up a bit, which was pretty difficult, considering that she was on a flower.

"Dinah! What are you doing up? You shouldn't overexert yourself," said Princess Emeraude.

Dinah could see worry in the princess' eyes, and she knew why. It was because she was suffering from the painful and potentially debilitating disorder known as fibromyalgia, and she knew that Princess Emeraude was afraid that it would flare up. But being the proud person she was, Dinah tried to hide her pain.

"I'm perfectly fine," she said. The truth was that her back hurt her just to stand before the princess, but she didn't like to be seen as weak because of her condition. Zagato was kind enough to take her condition into account, which was just as good. She had no desire to participate in the war.

"All right, then. If you're sure," said Princess Emeraude.

"Your highness...it really pains me to see you this way...I promise you that you will be out of here," said the brunette sorceress.

"You mustn't! If Zagato found out, you could lose your life," said Princess Emeraude.

Dinah felt that was a great possibility. But she had other plans in mind.

"Not to worry. I will find the right way to convince him to find some other way to free your heart if it is the last thing I do. Something tells me that there is another way," said Dinah.

At this point, Princess Emeraude seriously doubted that. But seeing the look of determination on Dinah's face caused a glimmer of hope to rise once again.

"Very well. Please hurry before it's too late," said Princess Emeraude.

"No need to worry. I shall," said the fire sorceress. She disappeared from the water dungeon.

Realizing that she couldn't rely on Dinah alone, Princess Emeraude said a prayer that would summon three girls from another world...the ones who would become legendary magic knights. A plan B was always a good idea.