Hey y'all! I know I should be working on Letters (don't worry, it's open right next to this document) but I got this idea when I was reading comments on the GleeWiki website

This is not supposed to be serious. I'm merely joking. I'm going to have every character in ND (and maybe Blaine, Jesse etc) die and write the ND's response…these are going to be very short chapters and I'll update like every 30-90 minutes tonight. I've had about 10 cokes and I'm on a writing marathon!

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"Bad news guys, Artie's…passed away" –Will

"Passed away what? If it's the magic comb, then we'll lose Nationals!" –Brittany

"No, Britt….Artie's dead." –Santana

"…Does that mean we can date now?" –Brittany

"That's…..so…..sad." –Crying Tina

"Shhhhh….it's okay, Tina." –Mike, trying to comfort Tina.


"Who's going to be our black guy now? Or rap?" –Sam

"More important things at hand! Like my solo, for Nationals." –Rachel

"Oh, shut it Rachel. Someone just DIED." –Quinn

"Yeah, what Quinn said." –Finn

"Just make sure he's not buried in those sweater vests." –Kurt

"Don't worry, Kurt. I've already picked out the outfit." –Mercedes

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Next chapter to be up very soon!