Heyyyyyy guys Taylor again I am going to make an OC story but limited though like I had this story idea of American *which probly everyone is using* but like I will say "The more the merrier" So I need 2 more girls maybe three and 3 boys that is all. And if you all want to help me on this story that would be awesome (: Ha. Heres the info below. Any questions please inbox me and this will take place in digimon season 1 and season 2 altogether hopefully I can combine that ha.

Name: Taylor Moore

Age: (13-16) 16

Birthdate: January 6th

Personality: Very clumsy, Shy, likes to be wild sometimes, funny, and risky tom boy.

Background: She lives with her mom and they are like sisters although she hates it when her mom gets drunk and blames her for everything due to father, who was killed in a store in front of Taylor and since then her mom would slap her and abuse her when she drinks. She gets rid of her problems by writing a journal full of poetry and adventure stories also hot baths or listening to rock music. She always doubted herself about her can't do anything right and could never be what she wants to be. She fakes smile to all her friends and pretend nothing is going on. Her mom and she are close sometimes. She is very loyal to her friends but doesn't open up to anyone not even Galomon.

Family: Mom

Crest: Believe

Clothing: Wears black and blue ripped skinny jeans, tube tops with short sweater, always wears boots

Looks like: Wavy medium red hair, Nose pierce and ears, Blue eyes, 5'3 height and she has a athletic curvy body.

State: Washington

Crush: Matt Ishida (Or any OC you prefer)

Hobbies: Likes to write poetry, stay on computer, plays guitar, sings, plays tennis taking risky stuff.

Digimon: By the way I am not going in order unless you guys want to with digimon and its going to take place some may be make up because people like other digimon ya know haha sorry about that.

Baby: Chibimon

In Training: Wanyamon

Rookie: Galomon

Champion: Gaogamon

Mega: MirageGaogamon

Ultimate: None

Personality: Galomon is so serious about everything and totally opposite from Taylor but he is protective of her when it comes to guys and he worries about too much because she likes to do risky things. Taylor tries to make fun times with him.

Another OC

Name: Fuyuko Makota

Age: 16

Birthdate: June 4th

Personality: Fuyuko is quiet and always seems to have a lot on her mind on other things. She doesn't really talk to anyone and is never open about her feelings. She's nice but distant. She's basically a mystery to everyone including Renamon. She doesn't trust anyone and refuses to get close to people in fear of them leaving her.

Background: When she was 7, her and her brother got into a car accident on their way to drop Fuyuko off of school. She blames herself for his death and so does her mother (that won't admit it). Mother and father aren't never home. Because of them going to vacation or work.

Family: Mom and Dad

Crest: Trust

State: Washington

Clothing: wears baggy pants, athletic shoes, and long sweaters and always wears a feather headband.

Looks like: Short blonde hair, with blue eyes, Small body with curves.

Crush: Tai Kamiya

Hobbies: Staying home watching movies, computer, watches sport games outside, listening to music.


Baby: Reremon

In-Training: Viximon

Rookie: Renamon

Champion: Kyuubimon

Ultimate: Taomon

Personality: Protective of Fuyuko but mysterious to her although she wants to know more Fuyuko. Hot tempered but can hold a grudge.