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"Christopher! Hurry up we are going to be late again for school!" I yelled into the intercom of their house and he been my best buddy since he moved here. He knows most of me actually not as much.

"God Taylor you should lower your voice" I giggled and I see Christopher in his light blue polo shirt and he looked nice.

"Well excuse me for being so lazy with school and meeting up with William and Skylar" I told him and he just shook his head and me and him walked to school and I just yawned.

"How much did you get sleep?" Christopher asked me and I thought.

"Umm Not as much as people get" I said and as we continued our walk I see the guys walking up to us and we walked but I didn't pay attention to were I was walking and I bumped into a pole. I heard all the guys laughing and I blushed and rubbed my head.

"Ya'll shut up…Ok that was the funniest thing of the day" I said and we laughed.

"Damn Taylor I swear your like the clumsiest girl ever" Skylar said and I shot a glare at him.

"Sorry jeez don't be like that" He said and we just laughed and walked into the school and we all separated except for me and Skylar.

"Ready for computer class?" Skylar asked me and I just groaned.

"Hell no I don't even know why you made me sign up for this" I told him and he smirked.

"Because you need to get smarter" He said and I just laughed and blushed and hit his arm playfully. I've known Skylar for about 4 years and William 5 years and somehow we all became best friends I never got too close to them but there's stuff we tell each other.

"Smarter! Dude I am like socially smarter then you are" I said and he just laughed and I sighed.

"Don't think so it seems like you can cause trouble" He said and I shook my head.

"Damn you!" I yelled at him on accident and the teacher yelled.

"Ms. Moore! Will you please be quiet" Mr. Thornton said and I just put my head down and slapped Skylar on the arm.

"I hate you" I mumbled he just laughed. As the teacher lectures on and on I fell asleep.

"Tay Tay wake up" I got shaken up and I jumped.

"Oh crap did I fell asleep?" I asked and he nod and I see the teacher glaring at me and gave me a 'Come here' signal and Skylar walked out of the room and I was in trouble.


"Yo Skylar! Where's Taylor?" I got bombarded by William and Christopher. And I laughed about Taylor.

"Shes in trouble she fell asleep in class and then yelled " Damn" I said and they laughed.

"Lets get some food I'm hungry" William said and the three of us were at the table.

"What punishment do you think Taylor got?" William asked and we thought.

"I say Saturday school" Christopher said.

"Mhmm I say Thursday school" I told and by then we see the red haired girl smiling and shaking her head at me and walked over to us by then she slapped my arm.

"Ow! You still gave that bruise from yesterday" I said.

"I don't care I got in trouble thanks to you smarty pants" She said sitting next to Christopher.

"So what happen?" We asked and she sighed.

"Saturday school" She said.

"Yes I was right!" Christopher said and I just shook my head.

"And" She continued more.

"Thursday school" She said and I laughed.

"So both of you guys were right" William said and Taylor looked clueless not knowing what we were talking about.

"You guys are sometimes stupid" She said and put her head down.

"Dude we should go to the mall" Christopher said and we all looked at each other.

"Umm sure" William said and then Taylor was thinking and I was smiling.

"Yeah lets go there but before we go there lets go to my house I need to show you something awesome" I told them and Taylor sighed.

"No more computers" She mumbled and we laughed.

Somewhere in Texas


"It's Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin' down on Friday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend"

I started singing that song because I was excited for the party that Deena was throwing just for the hell of it even though she doesn't want too but I conned her to have it. I was down the hall way in high school and I saw Deena and Angelika talking and I smiled and scared them.

"Hi people!" I yelled and they rolled their eyes and I smiled.

"So whos ready for tomorrow!" I asked and they didn't respond at my loudness.

"Well Alex I am excited because I'm not having because I got a plan for all three of us and it's a cool computer game." Angelika said and I looked confuse and I just nod.

"Alright awesome!" I said and we heard the bell rang and we went to our biology class which was really boring.

"Hey Deena Angelika wanna be in a group to do the Strawberry lab?" I asked and they nod and as we got to the long table we laughed and tired to mess up with the DNA of the Strawberry.

"So what's the computer game you got explain" Deena asked Angelika who just thought.

"Well something called 'Digimon' and that's it but I saw some exciting stuff that we should look." Angelika said and it got me and Deena curious about it.


We all walked out of school and walked to Skylar's house and his parents weren't home and we just went up in his room and he got on his computer typing something.

"What is it called?" Christopher asking while I laid on Skylar's bed.

"Digimon and Bingo! I found" He yelled and we hovered around him and I was in the back because it says on a click button 'Destiny start' and we just looked at each other and shrugged.

"Wait!" Christopher said and we groaned.

"What is it boy" I told him and he gave me a playful glare.

"I mean I'm trying to say something freaky but I am but lets bring food with us because it seems realistic" He said and we looked at him.

"Wow umm its just a game chill" I told him and he wanted to say something more but couldn't.

"Click it Sky" William said and he did and his computer lite up and four vices came out of the computer and gave to all four of us.

"What the hell!" Me and Christopher said and we looked at each other.

"Umm what is this thing?" William asked and he put up his vice out and it was a navy blue with white and I look at mine with bright green and black. Skylar had orange and black like Halloween colors. Christopher had bright red with Dark orange.

"I don't know but lets see what happen when we stick the vices up to the computer." Skylar said and Christopher panicked and before he did he charged at Skylar.

"Wait what if we get sucked in and no food" He said and we nod.

"Food first then experiment tomorrow alright and bring whatever" Skylar said and we just didn't know what to do but nod.

"See you two later" William said to me and Christopher. Me and Him walked out at night time and it was cold I had no jacket I started to shiver.

"Here" Christopher said putting his jacket over my shoulder and I blush.

"Thank you" I said and smiled at him.

"Penny for thoughts" He asked and I shook my head and looked at the night sky with stars.

"Mhmm. I guess its tomorrow I'm excited but what about our parents though?" I said and we stayed silent until he walked up to his house.

"Well I'm sure our parents won't care" He said and I protested.

"Umm yeah they do! But any way I'm gonna head home" I told him and I gave back his jacket but he insisted for me to keep it and I nod and left his house. I stood in front of my house were I get yelled at a lot of no reason. I sighed and walked in and I smell stew which was my favorite.

"Taylor I'm so glad you're here" My mom said and I smiled and just went up stairs to my bedroom and put Christopher's Jacket on my small couch.

"Digimon? Weird" I said as I lay on my bed looking at my vice and studying it. Then I got up and packed my stuff especially my journal were I write things and then got some clothes. And went to sleep and finally getting out of the house but I was debating if I should tell my mom though.


"So are you going to tell us what this website is about?" I asked Angelika who was just thinking hard.

"Well it's a game and yeah oh it said on a warning thing to bring clothes and food I don't know why but I did so I would let you two know." She said and I looked at her dumb founded.

"Ok then but luckily I got my clothes" I said and Deena nod and laughed.

"Same!" Deena said and we all went to Angelika house and we saw her computer glowing out of no where and it gave us girls some strange looking vices. Mine was bright purple with white, Angelika was pink and black, and Deena Orange and yellow.

"What the heck!" We yelled and just starred at the computer and Angelika typed something and I went over to the laptop and just through my hand with the vice into the computer.

"What is this thi-"I was going say something but I got sucked into a computer along with Angelika and Deena and we screamed.

"This ain't Texas people" Deena said and we nod but starred at the ocean.

"Where are we?" I asked and Angelika shrugged and we heard laugher and screaming which caused Deena to scream out of no where and we laughed.

"We should hide" Angelika said and I shook my head no.

"What if there humans though?" I asked and we just stood there.

And we see a group of kids our age and three little people and we just starred at each other not knowing what to say.

"Umm hi I'm Deena, this girl with athletic shorts is Alexandria but call her Alex, and the girl who is hiding is Angelika" Deena spoke up first and a guy with blue hair stepped up to us.

"Wow there's other humans besides us" Kid with glasses said and I just starred at the weird but cute creatures beside them all and I was getting scared and so was Angelika.

"Well what place are you ladies form?" He a guy with spikey red hair asked me and I let out a sigh of boredom.

"Texas and you must be Japan?" I asked and they nod.

"How awesome is that!" Angelika said and we just laughed and we decided to have a campfire and talked about ourselves and it was interesting we knew so much about digimon and digital one and we are the ones who can save it.

"Hey Alex" I jumped and I see joe sitting next to me and I smiled.

"Hi how are you?" I asked and he was cute when he knew medical stuff and treat us like kids.

"I'm doing good you?" He asked

"Tired." I said and then we heard screaming and we all jumped up and ran towards the noise.


"William we did not say go into the computer now gosh and now we are getting chased by some green smelly guys." Skylar yelled and I jumped over wood and branches and lants.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know my hand was in front of the computer!" William yelled.

"Just shut up and run people" Christopher said and we laughed but ran.

"Spiral Twister!" A pink bird said.

"Pepper breathe" said an orange dinosaur and here come creatures and I screamed and ran away from everyone and I got lost in woods but I can hear the fighting and I sighed and trying to relax.

"Hello human" My eyes were closed and then bam there was a blue monster with a horn and I jumped and hit my head on the tree.

"Ow, And what are you? And who are you?" I said and he chuckled along a tall blonde hair guy with blue eyes.

"That's Gabumon my digimon and best friend and who are you?" He asked and I sighed.

"Umm Taylor and where am I and where's the other guys?" I asked and he took my arm and lead me into a group of random kids and I was seriously nervous when they looked at me