This might be a shorter story, I don't know, but a crossover none-the-less. I thought it made a little bit of sense so I did it. Enjoy :3

I poked at the egg with my finger. It's slightly warm. Yet, it doesn't look like a chicken egg, it's too colorful. Of course I didn't lay it though, I mean, that would be insane! I'm a normal human boy, I don't lay eggs, right?...

A Few Days Later

I sat in the back of the class half-asleep. I had woken up late this morning because I stayed up watching a movie last night it was the movie about a kid who learned Karate...

"Jake Long?"

I jumped. "Present!" I replied nearly falling out of my chair in the process. Everyone giggled. Ugh, first day of fourth grade and I straight up embarrass myself. Everyone last year knew I was a klutzy person, I didn't need any kids this year making fun of me. So I straightened up and leaned back coolly on my chair. The chair slipped and I fell on the floor. This time the class busted out laughing at me. "Aw, man!"

My mom and dad had tried putting me in the artistic kids school last year and the principle threatened to have me expelled several times, that's when they put me into public school with other kids. At least I had a few friends from the neighborhood Trixie Carter, Arthur (who we call Spud) Spudinsky, Emmit Redenson, Mark Cakden, all names to be made fun of. Now I went to school with all four. They were my group and Trixie, being the only girl, was the lead.

So it was recess of the first day of fourth grade. I had my friends and we were doing what we do best, competing against each other. We all had a race across the yard and I had just beaten Spud and Mark, but was second to Trixie and Emmit. Then Brad came along. He was the most sports-minded person I'd met.

"Well, well! Look at the little peoples racing! I bet I could beat you all!" he announced.

"Look here Brad, we're playing by ourselves, we didn't invite you," Trixie told him.

"Yeah!" Spud, Mark, and Emmit agreed.

"So you should just shuffle your little feet away and play with someone else," she continued.

"You're just afraid the Bradster'll beat you!" Brad retorted. "Because you are so tiny and weak, you can't even step a foot without being exhausted...!"

I was listening to my friends being bullied by this wall of meat and I was angry. Fire was bubbling up inside me and and steam pouring out of my ears (figuratively of course) and I couldn't take it anymore.

"Brad!" I yelled, cutting him off. "I'll race you, and if I win I get your new skateboard."

"And if I win?"

"You can give me a swirly everyday for a week."

"Jakey! NO!" my friends yelled.

"Deal!" Brad bellowed crushing my hand in his. "Tomorrow after school, one lap around the building!"

I tried to hold a steady face as he released his grip. "Deal."

Suddenly I felt really stupid for saying that. I didn't know what came over me. A moment after Brad left, my friends pushed me and told me to start training. I did so.

Later that night, I came home exhausted. So I marched up to my room, tossed my backpack on the bed then threw myself after it. I rolled on my back and sighed. I opened my backpack and pulled out the colorful egg I found in my bed a couple of days ago. I stared at it and held it in my hands a while, looking at all the details and patterns all over it. I bet dad put this in my bed for a joke, but Easter was a month ago. I decided to ask them anyway. I took it down stairs and held it in front of them.

"Mom, dad, did you put this on my bed?"

"Put what? I don't see anything," Mom replied turning to look at it.

"But, it's right here, in my hands," I replied.

"I don't see anything honey."

"Sorry Jakers, maybe we need to get you glasses because nothing is there."

I thought for a moment. "Can I go to Gramp's shop?"

"Yes, if your homework is done."

"I don't have any tonight," I called as I ran out of the house. I was running over to the shop because he could generally see things I couldn't, but as I was running I tripped and twisted my ankle. "Aw man, now I'll never get to Gramp's shop!" I sat on the ground with a sigh. Then suddenly next to me I felt movement. I had put the egg in my pocket and it was moving! I saw the egg come out and it floated in front of my face.

"Need help?" said a voice from the egg. I just watched as the egg cracked open to reveal a tiny person with emerald green skater type hair with black tips wearing a black sleeveless hoodie over a red tee with blue shorts and a gold chain around his neck. The most frightening part though, was the fact that he had the tail and wings of a dragon. "Yo, my name's Caspar. Y'all wanted help? Well let's do a character change! What do you want? Wings? Tail? Claws?"

"I wish I had wings," I began but was cut off as Caspar announced, "Character Change, wings of the dragon!" instantly I sprouted wings.


"Just flap! I'll help!" I flapped the wings as hard as I could and with Caspar's help was soon flying to Gramp's shop! Caspar undid the change and I dropped to the ground. I took another look at the small person then dashed inside, I didn't know if he followed me or not.

"Gramps!" I called frantically looking around for him. I saw Fu, my grandpa's dog who was just as old as he was. "Do you know where Gramps is?" I asked giving him a scratch but not expecting an answer.

"In the back, ah-gu-gu," Fu replied with contentment.

"Wha-?" Fu could talk? This day had just become even stranger! The dog cupped his paws over his mouth.

"Fu dog, did you answer the door?" I could hear Gramps yell as she shuffled out from the back. He looked up and his eyes widened. A little grin flashed across his face then vanished. "Ah, Jake, why are you here so late? Come here to help clean?"

"No, I came to ask you about...where is he?"

"Where is who?"


"The friendly ghost?" I heard Fu say.

"Fu dog!"

"What? It's about time he knew anyway."

"That I knew what?" I asked slowly, a little concerned about an old talking dog and a small floating person.

Just then there was a tiny tapping at the door. Gramps went and opened it and Caspar flew in.

"Thanks yo!" he chirped coming over and hovering next to my head.

"Jake, I think it's time you learn about your family," Fu said.

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