I gladly took the lollipop, more than happy to accept any sort of candy. "Thank you," I said politely. Rather than leave, Lucas remained in front of me, trembling slightly in his tennis shoes but still determinedly watching me.

"Aren't you gunna eat it?" he asked warily.

". . . Sure." Typically I'd prefer to savour the snack when I could be alone and take off my mask, but this could work too. I figured Lucas must have either been bullied or dared into doing this; not that I really minded: this meant free candy. I dropped the wrapper and slipped the lollipop beneath my mask, giving it an experimental lick. Cherry. My eyes glimmered pink; a mix between happiness and amusement at an idea that had just come to me. This was likely a dare over my mask, so why not leave the kids... wondering?

With a loud crunch that made Lucas flinch, I bit off all of the cherry lollipop.

I then held out the empty stick with a smile: an effect that was sadly lost beneath the mask, though he had to have heard it in my words. "Thank you. Cherry is my favorite."

"Y-you're welcome," he stuttered, taking back the stick and gaping at its frayed tip before fixing his stare back on me. I could just imagine what terrifying mental pictures he was conjuring, with his imagination. I smiled.

"Have a nice day Lucas."

Sorry to anyone who didn't get that ;) A few people have read it, and out of those, some did not understand at first. Probably because it is written from MK's PoV and not Lucas's...