Episode 103: Power Rangers in Space: Countdown to Destruction: Part II

"Look, we have been talking and talking over and over. What are we gonna do? I mean, where are the Power Rangers?" a lady asked

"Yeah," says a man. "And if they're here, why don't they come and help us?"

"Maybe they've left us," the woman says.

There are gasps from the people and the man looks around nervously. "Maybe she's right. Maybe they have left us."

"What do we do?" Clinton asked "Earth is going to be destroyed"

"Wait a minute! Listen, everyone, the Rangers have never let us down before. We'll have to believe they'll be here" said Mitchell "even when us EAGLE Rangers fought them, they kept on fighting evil. They could of killed us many times, but didn't"

The next day Astronema appears and said "Well, time's up, where are the Power Rangers?" and no one said anything

"I guess their going to keep them hidden" said Ecliptor

"Wait" said Mitchell stepping forward "I'm the Blue Ranger"
"And I'm the Black Ranger" said the man

"I am the Red Ranger" said another man

"You can call me the Pink Ranger" said the woman

"And I'm the Silver Ranger" said a man

"And I'm the Yellow Ranger" said a woman

"I can't believe this" said Ashley as she and the Rangers watched from the background.

"I'm a Ranger too" said a woman

"Me too" said a man "I'm a Ranger" and then all over Angel Grove people are claiming to be Power Rangers.

"This is all very touching" said Astronema "but I'm not impressed. Ecliptor fire the missile"

"Hold it right there" said a voice and everyone turns to see Andros, Carlos, TJ, Ashley, Cassie, and Zhane on top of a roof

"We are the Power Rangers" said TJ

"Them?" Zack said in shock

"They're who we fought against?" Trini said in shock

"Well I'll be" said Mitchell

"I was fighting against innocent civilians" Clinton said in shock, knowing trouble was coming his way

"LET'S ROCKET!" said the Rangers in unison and they insta-morphed.

"Red" said Andros

"Silver" said Zhane

"Black" said Carlos

"Pink" said Cassie

"Blue" said TJ

"Yellow" said Ashley

"Guys" said Andros "we can't beat them all by ourselves, we need your help"

"Of course" said Mitchell "these past few years you have helped us, now we'll help you" and he goes into a fighting stance and raised his fist into the air "for the Power Rangers!"

"For the Power Rangers!" said the rest of the world (except for Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly)

"The Navy's at your service" said Mitchell

"As is the NSA" said Beckman

"And the CIA" said Graham

"Don't forget NASADA" said the NASADA Commander

"And the Army" said Clinton.

"There's one more thing I can offer" said Mitchell and he pulled out a badge that said EAGLE on it "IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"

"I couldn't have said it better myself" said Tom as he insta-morphed.

"Hey don't forget me" said a voice and the Rangers turned around to see Jason in a fighting stance. Tanks rolled in, secret agents flowed in; the entire world was fighting. Like in Africa, Aisha is leading the attack. In England, the Royal Air Force is fighting. In Israel, the Mossad and the Israeli Defense Force takes them out.

"I'm going to get Karone to stop this" said Andros

"Andros" said TJ "Karone is gone"

"No she's not" said Andros fiercely and his Battlizer appeared and he activated his Battlizer and boarded the Fortress of Darkness

"Karone" said Andros "stop this"

"I will never" and she attacked. He deactivated his Battlizer, so he wouldn't hurt her.

"Fire!" said Astronema and Andros deflected the blast with his Spiral Saber and it hit her and she fell to the ground.

"No" said Andros and he was crying inside his helmet "Karone…"

"Andros" said Zordon "there is one way you can still win"

"How?" Andros asked

"Destroy my energy tube" said Zordon

"But you will die" said Andros

"The destruction of my energy tube will create a wave of energy that will destroy the United Alliance of Evil" said Zordon

"No" said Andros "I lost my sister, I won't lose my mentor on the same day"

"Andros" said Zordon "Greater love has no man than this: that he would lay down his life for his friends. I've done it before and I'll do it again"

"You… killed… her" said a voice and Andros turned around to see Ecliptor

"You killed my princess, my daughter, your sister" said Ecliptor "now you will join her!" and they battled. Ecliptor was losing badly to him.

"Andros" said Zordon "hurry, you must destroy my energy tube"

"Right" said Andros and he struck Ecliptor

"Time is running out" said Zordon and Andros sent Ecliptor reeling in pain on the ground "Andros, listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time" Andros pulled his Spiral Saber back and did three strikes, in a Z fashion. The third strike hit Zordon's tube and it cracked open with golden light. Ecliptor stood up and was hit by the wave of light, and turned to dust. The wave exited the Fortress of Darkness and hit Triforia first. It hit the Machine Empire, turning them to dust. The Zeo Rangers stood, repowered and morphed, along with their repowered Zords standing behind them. All that remained of the Machine Empire that wasn't turned to dust were pieces of a few generals, but they were destroyed. The Zeo Rangers looked around in awe. The wave next came towards Aquitar.

"Help me Zeddy" said Rita "don't let it get…Ahhh" but when it hit Rita, it didn't turn her to dust like her army, instead she was turned into a good human. When it hit Zedd, he was turned to human too, but his army was turned to dust. The Aquitar Rangers stood repowered, with their Zords standing behind them, repowered.

"Want to dance?" Zedd asked Rita and they danced away.

Next, it hit Eltare, but when it hit Divatox she turned to human, but her army was destroyed. Justin and Dimitria appeared fully morphed with a repowered Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion, along with the repowered Arctic Racer, Artillatron, and Robo Racer standing behind them.

"I'm gorgeous" said Divatox, looking at her new body "I'm alive, I'm alive!"

Finally, it hit Earth. The Earthlings were losing badly, and then the entire army turned to dust. The Rangers demorphed for some reason.

"Where's the Fortress of Darkness?" Ashley asked, as it was missing

"I don't think he made it out" said Zhane and then they here a noise and they see the Fortress of Darkness land, with Andros carrying a dead Astronema.

"What happened Andros?" Ashley asked, but Andros was too choked up to speak. All of a sudden, a golden light shot out from the Fortress of Darkness and hit Astronema and she glowed with light. Andros put her down and when the light died, Karone stood there, with no cyber implant.

"Andros?" Karone asked with tears in her eyes

"Karone!" Andros said and they embraced crying "I thought I lost you" when Andros regained his strength everyone asked questions

"What was that golden energy wave?" TJ asked

"That… was… Zordon" said Andros "he gave his life to save us all" and then a bright light appeared and out walked the Aquitar and Zeo Rangers, Justin, Dimitria, Ninjor, Aisha, Auric, Phantom Ranger, Rita, Zedd, Divatox, and Blue Senturion.

"What?" Tommy asked "Zordon's… gone"

"Yes" said Andros "he died for all of us. He saved the universe. But he said it wasn't the first time he died to save us"

"What" said Tommy "Zordon's died before?"

"That's what he said" said Andros

"Could Zordon be…" said Tommy

To be continued…

Next time on Power Rangers:

Zordon is gone…

("he gave his life to save us all")

…but so is evil…

("He saved the universe")

…but who was he?…

("Could Zordon be…?")

…Easter 2012…

("With God all things are possible")

Zordon's past will be revealed, as will the future of the Power Rangers

Power Rangers: Bible: Revelations

Author's Note:

Zordon's past isn't the only one that will be revealed, so will Ninjor's, Zedd's, and the Phantom Ranger's. For hints reread The Wedding, Ninja Quest: Part III, and Ninja Quest Part IV. Have a happy Good Friday and remember who it is about!