Episode 1: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Day of the Dumpster

Author's Note: The Yellow Power Ranger will appear as in Gokaiger when a female morphs into the Yellow Power Ranger.

In 1993, Astronauts were on the moon, and found a space dumpster.

"I wonder what this is," said the first Astronaut.

"Let's open it," said the second Astronaut. They open the dumpster and out pops 5 villains.

"Finally, after 4,000 years I'm free, time to conquer Earth" said Rita Repulsa and the Astronauts ran back to their Spaceship and return to Earth.

Meanwhile on Earth, Zordon has detected Rita's escape and says "Alpha, Rita's escaped, recruit 5 teenagers with attitude" and 5 teenagers from nearby Angel Grove are teleported to the Command Center.

"Where am I?" asked Jason

"You are in the Command Center," said Zordon

"What do you want with us?" asked Kimberly

"Your world is in danger, my dear," said Zordon "and I want you to save it. Alpha, hand them the Power Morphers" Alpha hands the five teens the Power Morphers "These are drawn from the power of ancient beasts from God's Creation. Kimberly you have been given the power of the Pterodactyl, fast and graceful. Trini you have been given the power of the Saber-Tooth Tiger, fierce and brave. Billy you have been given the power of the Triceratops, intelligent and cunning. Zack you have been given the power of the Mastodon, honorable and surprising. Last, Jason you have been given the power of the Tyrannosaurus, strong and courageous, with these traits, you will be the leader. Together you are the Power Rangers and you will use the Power of God to save the world."

"Dude, we don't believe in God, and there is no way 5 teens can save the world. Let's go guys!" said Zack, walking out, with everybody, except Jason

"Do you feel this way Jason?" asked Zordon

"Hey Jason, you coming?" asked Zack

"No, in fact, I believe in Christ, but I must go and try to convince the others," said Jason

"I understand," said Zordon "May the Power protect you" and Jason ran after the others.

At the Moon Palace, Rita is planning her attack on Earth.

"First" said Rita "Goldar, you take a squad of Putties and wipe out the Command Center."

"Guys, we shouldn't have left him. I mean, he chose us to save the world. I say we do it," said Jason

"Do you really think we can?" Trini asked.

"Hey guys, you don't even know what you're talking about. I mean, we talking to giant floating head," said Zack. Jason gave a half smile before feeling the wind suddenly shift.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," said Jason as Goldar and the Putties teleport right in front of the Command Center and the Rangers.

"Rangers" said Zordon through the loudspeakers of the Command Center "raise your Power Morphers high and call upon the name of your beast. IT'S MORPHIN TIME!"

"MASTODON!" said Zack

"PTERODACTYL!" said Kimberly

"TRICERATOPS!" said Billy


"TYRANNOSAURUS!" said Jason. The rangers stand examining themselves and Goldar is getting bored.

"Putties" said Goldar "attack them" The Putties go after the rangers.

"Rangers" said Zordon "pull out your Blade Blasters to defeat the Putties"

"Right" said Jason "Blade Blaster" The rangers use their Blade Blasters in Blaster Mode to destroy the Putties and then convert them to Sword Mode to injure Goldar.

"Grow Goldar!" shrieked Rita from her palace and she throws down her Wand and Goldar grows.

"Rangers to take him on you will need the Dinozords" said Zordon

"WE NEED DINOZORD POWER NOW!" said Jason "TYRANNOSAURUS!" and the Tyrannosaurus rises out of the ground

"MASTODON!" said Zack and the Mastodon walks in from a glacier field

"TRICERATOPS!" said Billy and the Triceratops rolls in from the desert.

"SABER-TOOTH TIGER!" said Trini and the Saber-Tooth Tiger runs in from the Jungle

"PTERODACTYL!" said Kimberly and the Pterodactyl flies out of a volcano

"Alright Rangers, log on" said Jason

"Zack here, this is kickin'," said Zack

"Billy here, systems nominal" said Billy

"Trini here, all systems go!" said Trini

"Kimberly here, let's beat this gold-bot" said Kimberly. The Tyrannosaurus hits Goldar with his tail. Mastodon freezes Goldar and then Triceratops, Saber-Tooth Tiger, and Pterodactyl all shoot him. Goldar knocks them over with his sword.

"Rangers" said Zordon through the intercom "you can form the Megazord by uniting your Dinozords.

"MEGAZORD POWER ON!" said Jason and the Megazord: Tank Mode is formed

"Trini here, this is amazing, I seem to know how to drive this thing," said Trini

"Affirmative, I do too, its almost like second nature to me," said Billy

"With the Power of God, most individuals can use the Morphing Grid to learn things that moments ago you only thought possible" said Zordon "Rangers, transform your Power Coins into the Power Crystals and use them to power your cannons"

"Rangers, power up your Power Crystals" said Jason

"Right, 3, 2, 1, go!" said the other Rangers and the Cannons fire making Goldar fall back.

"Rangers" said Zordon "the Megazord has an upright formation use it and summon the Power Sword to finish Goldar"


"Megazord sequence has been initiated. Megazord activated!" said the Megazord's computer

"POWER SWORD!" said Jason and Heaven opens up and the Power Sword flies out and lands in Megazord's hand.

Goldar and the Megazord exchange blows and the Megazord swipes in a circle (its finisher) and forces Goldar to retreat.

"Power Down" says Jason and the Megazord separates, the Rangers teleport to the Command Center and demorph

"Rangers you have done excellent jobs" said Zordon "but if you want to continue to serve as rangers you must swear 3 things. Never use your power for personal gain. Never escalate a battle unless your opponent forces you to. And never reveal your identity, no one must know you are a Power Ranger. You must follow these rules or the Power will cease to protect you. Do you swear?"

"We swear!" said the Rangers in unison.

"Very well" said Zordon "you may return to your lives for the time being, May the Power protect you" and the Rangers teleported out of there.

When the Astronauts returned to Earth, they reported what they saw to the head of NASA and were sent to the President Clinton himself as they described what happened he looked concerned.

"Gentlemen, to protect this country I will activate something that JFK started. He set up a program so that if Earth ever met anything from outer space that was hostile, we could protect this great country. This organization has been semi-active for years, and has technology farther ahead then anyone else's. Now I will make it fully active and fully known to man and we will use it to stop any attacks. The name of the organization is the EArth Guard LEague (EAGLE)."

Next time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

Rita has sent King Sphinx to attack, but the Ranger's Blade Blasters don't leave a dent on him. Will the Power Rangers be able to beat King Sphinx or will they be destroyed? What will happen when President Clinton finds out about the Power Rangers existence? Find out next time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!