Episode 25: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: White Light: Part I

At the Moon Palace, Zedd gets an idea "I have three allies, Nimrod, AC, and DC. If I send all three down at once there is no way they can beat all three at once with only 5 Rangers. Goldar get the trio and destroy those Rangers!"

"Rangers" said Zordon "Zedd has sent three monsters, this is going to be your hardest battle yet, May the Power protect you"

"IT'S MORPHIN TIME!" said Jason

"MASTODON!" said Zack

"PTERODACTYL!" said Kimberly

"TRICERATOPS!" said Billy



They fight the trio and are being beat badly.


"POWER AXE!" said Zack

"POWER BOW!" said Kimberly

"POWER DAGGERS!" said Trini

"POWER LANCE!" said Billy

"POWER SWORD!" said Jason

"POWER RANGERS!" say the Power Rangers and they fire the Power Blaster, but it doesn't even leave a mark.

"Is that the best you can do?" asked Nimrod "Grow!" and the trio grows.


"MASTODON!" said Zack and the Mastodon walks in from a glacier field "LION THUNDERZORD POWER!" and the Mastodon was struck with lightning and transformed into the Lion

"PTERODACTYL!" said Kimberly and the Pterodactyl flies out of a volcano "FIREBIRD THUNDERZORD POWER!" and the Pterodactyl was struck with lightning and transformed into the Firebird

"TRICERATOPS!" said Billy and the Triceratops rolls in from the desert "UNICORN THUNDERZORD POWER!" and the Triceratops was struck with lightning and transformed into the Unicorn

"SABER-TOOTH TIGER!" said Trini and the Saber-Tooth Tiger runs in from the Jungle "GRIFFIN THUNDERZORD POWER!" and the Saber-Tooth Tiger was struck with lightning and transformed into the Griffin

"TYRANNOSAURUS!" said Jason and the Tyrannosaurus rises out of the ground "RED DRAGON THUNDERZORD POWER!" and the Tyrannosaurus was struck with lightning and transformed into the Red Dragonzord "RED DRAGONZORD: WARRIOR MODE!"

"THUNDER MEGAZORD POWER UP!" said Jason and the Thunder Megazord is formed.

"THUNDER SABER BATTLE READY!" said Jason "THUNDER SABER BATTLE ACTION!" and the Thunder Megazord uses its finisher, but it doesn't faze the evil trio and Nimrod knocks the Zords apart and the trio shrinks.

"Good-bye Rangers!" said Nimrod about to give the death-blow

"Not so fast!" says an unfamiliar voice "The White Ranger and Saba here at you service"

Everyone turns around to see a White Power Ranger holding a sword. Two slashes destroy AC and DC.

"AC, DC, no!" screamed Nimrod "Zedd, make my friends grow!" and AC and DC grow.

"Zordon, we need Thunderzord power now!" said Jason

"Sorry Jason, but the Thunderzords are down, maybe this new Ranger has a Zord of his own" said Zordon

On cue the White Power Ranger says "WHITE TIGER THUNDERZORD POWER!" and a White Tiger appears. The Tigerzord attacks AC and pounces on it and destroys it, but is having trouble with DC.

"CONVERT TO WARRIOR MODE NOW!" said the White Power Ranger and the Tigerzord transforms into a humanoid mode. It uses its sword and DC is destroyed.

"Retreat!" yells Nimrod who teleports back to the Moon Palace

"Rangers" said Zordon "return to the Command Center" and the 5 Rangers teleport back to the Command Center.

"Zordon" said Jason "who was that White Ranger?"

"He is your sixth teammate" said Zordon and a door slides to the side and reveals the White Ranger.

"Who is he?" asked Zack and the White Ranger takes his helmet off, revealing…

To be continued…

Next time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

Who is this new White Power Ranger? Will he be able to beat Nimrod? What will President Clinton think of this new White Ranger? Find out next time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!