like a whisper in the wind

Lucy Weasley- centric
short freeverse

she's tired
tired of feeling unwanted
easily discarded
like a whisper in the wind
(and when it leaves, no one will notice)

she's exhausted
carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders
(like Atlas or whoever that Greek god is)
not letting anyone help her
though she obviously needs it
easily broken
with her
heart made of glass

she's wondering
everyone has their knight in shining armour
someone to distract them
but she has no one
thrown into the background
(but since when had she ever been important?)

{not pretty}
not her friends
not who everyone expects her to be

she's done
with feeling judged
done with feeling weak
done with wanting to give up
[done with it all, darling]

she's not
not who you expect her to be
not who you want her to be
not all that she could be
and she feels like she's
{not enough}

don't even try to (stop) her
she's done
{with how people make her feel}
but it's not them, really
it's her
her insecurity
her issues
(she's the screw up and she knows it)

and it's not like she can fix everything
one wave of a magic wand
one whisper of pixie dust
one tear from an angel
[not every fairy tale has a happy ending, darling]

so she'll just spin around
twirling in front of the mirror
dancing in the starlight

pretending that everything's okay

(but she's not okay)

and maybe she's not a perfect person
but who is?

{lucy weasley, reporting for duty}

A/N: This is for any true friend I have. Love you. Wish I could figure out who you are.

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