Ciel sat in the blue room of the manor, sipping on his cup of tea. He may love work, but there were times when he really wanted to just take a break, and today was one such day.

Considering what his body went through the previous night, it was probably very much needed.

As he took a sip of his tea, he heard Prince Soma at the door, looking for him. He was in no mood to handle the Prince, and hoped against hope that the idiot would go away.

"Prince Soma?"

Ciel heard Sebastian through the door, and prayed that the demonic butler would allow him his little break, and smiled when he heard the words "tired and unavailable". His smile grew and he settled down peacefully into his favourite armchair when he heard Prince Soma saying that he'd look for him later.

Perhaps the demon would do his job as a butler right for once.

"So what's wrong with Ciel?"

"Well... the Master had a riding exercise just yesterday, and the horse was feeling rather... energetic. It's only natural that his body would be rather sore."

Ciel nearly spat his tea at that.

Horse riding.

Ciel could very well imagine Sebastian's smile, the one that always got to him, needling him incessantly. He flushed red, wondering why he allowed a mere servant to get to him, the master of the Phantomhive family.

The conversation went on for a while longer, and fabricated ideas such as him liking his horses wild and energetic, or buckling, or how he like pain and hardship, believing that it builds character came up. Fortunately, Prince Soma left soon enough, promising to look for Ciel a little later when he was feeling better. Sebastian opened the door to the blue room, and gave Ciel a look of mild surprise. Naturally, feigning ignorance didn't work on Ciel.

"Oh Master, I didn't know that you were here, resting. Prince Soma was looking for you a while ago."

"You damn well knew I was here Sebastian. You've got a good poker face, but your eyes show your amusement."

Sebastian slowly walked to his master, and Ciel felt his heart beat harder with each step. He hated how the demon could do that to him, making his heart beat faster, his head spin, all without much effort. Sebastian leaned close to him, and they were looking eye to eye. Ciel could only keep his cool, though he felt his cheeks warm up quite a bit.

"Oh... and may I inquire as to why you were studying my eyes so intently, Master?"

Ciel kept silent at that, and Sebastian's leaned closer to his Master and kissed him. Their eyes were still open as they kissed, staring into the others eyes with a silent challenge to go even further. Sebastian broke off the kiss, giving a little chuckle as Ciel sighed.

"Horse riding, Sebastian?"

The demon's chuckle turned to laughter.

"You do like your horses wild and untamed, don't you? You did say that the bumpier ride was more... pleasant, I recall?"

Ciel's face burned red at that, but he kept his silence as the demon laughed his fill. Sebastian eyed his blushing master, and felt like maybe, just maybe, he had gone a little too far this time. Though the sight of Ciel trying not to let his displeasure show was rather adorable.

He leaned in close , and held Ciel's face, and for a moment, they looked into each others eyes. Sebastian could see that while a little hurt, Ciel's eyes softened, and closed. Closing his own eyes, he leaned in and they kissed, this time for real. For a moment they held it there, a warm, gentle kiss.

Ciel blushed as they broke off, looking on at his lover and butler with adoring eyes for a little longer, before looking away.

"Well, at least you got the idiot prince away from me for a while..."

Sebastian smiled, watching his small, shy master. He was probably the cutest thing Sebastian had ever seen...

… Aside from cats, of course.