"Wait, you're what?" I shout angrily, confused as to what my Mom was saying to me.

"You heard me. I'm gonna have to kick you out. I just can't have you here anymore, Danielle. You're almost 21 years old. Please, for me." She paused. "Remember, I'm only doing this cause I lov-"

I cut her off, "Would you just cut the shit already. I already know the truth." I turn my face away from her and walk out of the kitchen and into the living room. I know the truth is that she wants to go and get wasted in pubs and hook up with random men. I've got you all figured out Mom, but I also understand what's she saying too. I am almost 21 and it's time to start living on my own.

I hear a chair squeak on the linoleum floor, followed by a loud cough, "Ok, fine, pack your stuff to night. I'll buy you a ticket for a flight tomorrow night to Baltimore. You can stay with grandma until you can get yourself a place to stay on your own. I'm only doing this-"

"Cause I love you. Yeah, I got it."

I was somewhat relieved to be leaving because I knew that I would be starting out fresh. I guess this was my chance to be an adult, not one of those kid's how lives in their parents basement until their forty years old. I am not letting that happen, that's for sure.

A perky woman's voice came over the speakers saying, "Flight 493 is now boarding. Flight 493 - Florida to Baltimore – is now boarding."

I stood up from my seat, grabbed my luggage, and walked over into the line of people who were also waiting to board. I finally reached her, gave her my ticket, and walked on. I walked through many rows before finding my seat, which thankfully, wasn't the window seat. So I slipped in after putting my luggage up top in the tiny storage compartments. I buckled my belt and releasing the stress that was building up inside of me. I sighed and smiled, but then I unfortunately remembered my fear of flying. It had somehow escaped my mind. I don't know how the fuck it did, but it did.

It wasn't any better to be scared shittless when someone hollers out, "Woohoo!" as they board the plane. I turn around and see a group of 4 boys walk in, identifying the one with the blonde and dark brown hair to be the loud one. I turned back around and laughed. No matter how much that sudden shout freaked me out, it was still funny to see someone disrupt others. The boy with the blonde and dark brown hair took his seat in the same isle as me, but in the next row over. At least I'll be laughing more than freaking out.

The boy behind him surprisingly takes his seat next to me, smiling at me as he sits down and buckles his seat belt. He was actually really cute. He had light brown hair, with what seemed to be small blonde highlights, his eyes were a beautiful shade dark brown, and his teeth were pearly white.

The other two boys behind him took a seat next to the loud one with the blonde and brown hair, starting a conversation with the boy next to me. One was very muscular, with scruffy hair and a few tattoos. He wasn't talking much, he seemed kind of shy. The other guy was almost bald, with a fair amount of hair on his head, carrying a set a drumsticks, immediately drums on his knees the second he sits down. From what I heard, his rhythm sounded pretty good.

I felt as though I was paying to much attention to them, so I looked at the TV on the back of the headrest of the seat in front of me so it wouldn't look like I was creeping on them.

"Please turn off all electronic devices at the moment and please fasten your seat belt firmly around your waist. We will be landing in Baltimore in about 2 and a half hours, so please, sit back and relax. If you need anything, just press the button above your head. Thank you for flying with JetBlue." Said another perky women on the intercom.

Then some guy came out and explained how to use to oxygen masks, how to fasten seat belts, and other stuff like that. I grabbed the safety manual quickly after he was done and read it over, and over, and over again. This whole "fear of flying" thing was really getting to me. The boy next to me noticed and asked, "Are you ok?" with concern in his voice.

I laughed nervously, "Um, yeah, of course." Even after he nodded and started reading his newspaper, I continued to look through it, making sure I didn't miss anything.

"Fear of flying?" He looks over at me and asks. I nod. "Don't be nervous. I'll admit, I was nervous at first when I first started flying, but I got so used to it after a while that it just became natural for me." He gives a reassuring smile, that makes me feel so much better about this flight.

"Thanks. I honestly still don't understand how it took this long for me to get on a plane. I guess I just never needed to go anywhere else. All I've ever been is home, Florida." I laugh.

He reaches his hand out, "I'm Alex."

"I'm Danielle." I reach mine out and grab his. I hear the loud one say, "Don't let him fool you, under all that," He points to his body, "he's an ass."

Alex hits the boy on the shoulder and laughs. "This is Jack, just ignore everything he says."

Jack points over to his side and says, "Alex, don't be a dick. You forgot to introduce Rian and Zack."

They look over and wave at me and I wave back. I was just about to say hey, when Jack looks at me and says, "Looks like we all have a lot in common judging by your shirt. We all actually have a band that we basically started because of Blink."

"What's your band's name?" I smile.

"All Time Low. I'm the guitarist, Alex is the singer/guitarist, Zack is the bassist, and Rian is our drummer. We're actually in the process of writing another album right now."

For the next 2 and half hours, we all just talked and laughed about pretty much everything. When we landed, I didn't even remember feeling scared at all. I was laughing to hard to be scared anyway.

While I was walking off the plane, I whispered to Alex, "Thank you."

He looked back, smiled, and said, "Glad I could help."

As we walked down the plane's steps, the crisp, cold air washed over me. It was actually pretty nice knowing that I won't have to live through constant day-by-day heat in Florida. Finally, I reached the entrance to the airport and walked inside quickly. I didn't exactly have the proper clothing on for Baltimore. Dark-washed skinny jeans, black flats, and a Blink-182 shirt. No jacket. No nothing.

I make my way over to the Baggage Claim to pick up my stuff. Alex see's me and walks over. "Hey, you just visiting Baltimore or are you planning to stay?"

"Staying. I'm moving in with some family until I can find myself a good paying job and a house of my own."

He rummages his bag for a piece of paper, finding one, ripping the end off of it, pulls out a pen, writes something down, and hands it to me. "That's my number, if you ever wanna talk or if you're lost in Baltimore, just call." He laughs. "Also, you should come by the studio sometime. It'd be great to have you there." He looks back at the rest of the guys and then back at me. "Hey, I gotta go. See you soon." He smiles one last time before turning around and running over to the guys.

I turned back around myself, staring at the passing baggage, waiting for mine to come, with a bright smile on my face.

Moving to Baltimore might not have been that bad of a thing after all.