"Do you think he's gonna call?" I ask Anya, nervously, staring down at my nails as she paints them light lavender.

She stops and looks up at me, with an eyebrow raised. "Of course he'll call, who wouldn't call you?" She grinned at me, looking down at my nails, taking extra care around the cuticles.

"But I'm scared, what if he won't, and I'm just sat here, looking like an idiot?" She sighed in exasperation, putting the brush back into the small jar.

"Stop being so bloody negative, why wouldn't he call you?"

"Because I think I messed it up when I met him, and-"

The phone rang loudly on the bedside talked and I snapped my head up at Anya. We looked at each other, and screamed silently.

"My nails are wet, put it on speaker!" I said, excitedly. Anya leant forward, a wide grin across her face, and she pushed the answer button, then quickly onto speaker.

"Hey, Danielle?' I bit my bottom lip, trying to hide my smile, and cleared my throat.

"Hey John, what's up?" I ask, cutely.

"I was wondering, if you wanted to go out for coffee today?" Anya clapped her hands over her mouth in an attempt to stop the screech from emerging.

"Yeah, sure. Are you free at 2?"

"Yeah, I'll meet you down Starbucks, down by the pier?"

"I'll see you there."

He laughs and says, "Great! See you soon."

"Bye." He hung up and I felt a grin growing, Anya mirroring my exact expression.

"Gurl, you got yourself a sexy man." She squeals, fanning herself with her hand.

"I love you and all, but shut up."


"Hey, John." I said, sitting down in the seat opposite him, and he looked up from his phone, his face breaking into a smile when he saw me.

"Hey, are you okay?"

I look at him oddly. "Yeah, I guess. You?" Do I look sick or something?

"I'm alright." He said, and I smiled at him, a feeling deep in my gut, a feeling that wasn't right. We got our coffee's shortly after and sat down, talking for a few moments before I realized that he wasn't the one I wanted. He kept talking to me, but I kept imagining someone with messed up hair, caramel eyes, and thick eyebrows.

"Danielle?" He asks, breaking the silence that had been there for a minute.

"Wh-yeah?" I say, bringing my eyes from my coffee cup to his big, green eyes.

He scratched his brow and looked me back in the eyes. "I know you don't like me the same way I like you. Something about you seems missing. Someone..go find him. Go tell him what you really want, okay?" I felt horrible when John said that, like I was leading him on, stringing him along and breaking his heart. Was I really showing how much I missed Alex?

I stood up, and reached around to give hima side hug. "Thank you." I released him and walked away, knowing exactly where I had to go.

"Good luck, Danielle."

I take a deep breath and walk outside of the coffee shop, making my way down to my car. Right now, all I needed was a massive amount of good luck, because I honestly have no idea what's going to happen when I see him.

Good luck, Danielle.


Banging on the door, I realized how long it had been since I was last here and how I had wanted to be here for such a long time. He came to the other side of the door, peering out of one of the side windows beside the door. I could see his faint silhouette through the stained glass and the door swung open. He stopped when he saw me and he looked confused, angry, and upset all at the same time.

"Danielle, what-" I broke of his sentence, wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him tightly, and his wound around my waist. I've needed to hold him, to hug, for to long. Even if it wasn't a year, sure, but it was long enough for me to want him more than anything.

"I love you. I always have, I always will. If you take me back, I will never let you go." I blurt out, pulling my face in front of his.

"I love you too. I'm so sorry, for everything that's happened." He smiles, wrapping his arms around me, hugging me tightly.

I leant back up to kiss up, the first kiss for too long and I cuddled against him, his strong arms still wrapped around. I had him back.

My Alex.

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