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May 2020.

Washington-Dulles International Airport. 11:30 AM.

Georgie Hayden sighed as she looked around the Departures area. Starbucks over there, McDonald's on the other side, and a Hudson News that she and her teammates had already scoured for good reading material an hour ago. She checked the time again, but her Mickey Mouse light up watch didn't tell her anything new. They still had an hour to go before their twice-delayed flight was scheduled to take off.

"I don't even understand," she said to nobody in particular. "Is it fucking snowing in Chicago? In May?"

Jennifer, the girl sitting closest to her, nodded her head in false sympathy. "I know, it must be hard. Not everyone is used to having to fly commercial and getting delayed."

Georgie wrinkled her nose in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

Jennifer stuck out her hand. "Jennifer Isles. But you can call me Jen."

"Uh, nice to meet you. I'm-"

"Georgia Hayden. I know. Some of the girls over there," Jen pointed to group of Georgie's teammates, including her best friend Sarah, who were looking over at them, laughing quietly. "They mentioned it and suggested I should introduce myself, since I'm new on the team and all. That's what sucks about being a mid-season replacement, you know?"

Georgie scowled at the implication. "I'm not a rich bitch," she said slowly, trying to make Jen understand. "And, I don't appreciate that you implied I was one. So," she pointed to a secluded area a little far off. "I'm just going to walk away. And if we talk again, let's just pretend this minute-long conversation never happened, okay?"

"Oh, I- that's not what I-"

"It's fine," Georgie cut her off shortly. "Uh, I'm going to go make a phone call."

"Sure, sure, yeah, no problem," Jen waved her away awkwardly.

"Okay, then." Georgie said to herself as she walked away towards the empty area near the restrooms. She scrolled through her Contacts, and came across April's number first. In times of stress, whenever she needed to talk to someone in her family, she always came across April's number first. In a way, it was really helpful because April, no matter how busy she was, always had time for Georgie. Rory was either busy with work, Logan, or one of the kids, and Will was always studying, partying, or sleeping. April, who commuted between Boston and New York twice a week, was always a safe bet. She could be counted on to pick-up, especially if she was driving. Besides, Rory always tended to be unbiased in a situation, which got annoying after a while, and Will never really understood her issue. He was genuinely an awesome person to be around and he was cool doing anything, so he never doubted that people wanted to be around him for him.

April picked up on the first ring. "Hey, G."

"Hey! Are you driving?"

April groaned. "Ugh. Yes, I am."

"Brilliant, ETA?"

"Uh, two and a half hours? I just left Boston."

"You have singlehandedly made my day better in just the last thirty seconds."

"Wow, that bad?"

"Yes. I am stuck at Dulles right now. We've been delayed twice due to some weather fuckup in Chicago, and our flight's not going to be leaving for at least another hour."

"It's May."

"That's what I said!"

"Ah, tough luck."

"Thanks. Also, some girl I don't even know tried to become my friend by faking sympathy for me."


"'It must suck to have to wait here. You're probably used to flying to Milan in your own private jet.'"

"Oh. Ouch. You really are having a bad day."

"Sarah thought it would be funny to tell Jennifer Isles that I like everyone to introduce themselves to me."

"So it was just a joke then."

"Not a very funny one," Georgie replied dryly.

"No, probably not." April took a sip of her coffee and then honked at the driver in front of her. Traffic on the I-89 was always a killer. "So, am I expected to talk to you for the duration of my drive?"

"Yes. Don't deny that you love Bluetooth. It makes you feel like a super cool party person when you speak to the car."

April nodded, and then realized her sister couldn't see her. "This is true. Now, when I'm talking to myself, people think I'm actually talking to someone."

"What a world," Georgie giggled. "Technology hides the crazy tendencies of the general population."

"Thank God for small mercies."

Georgie looked around, and, seeing only the people sitting in the Gate 117A waiting area, leaned against the wall and then slid down, spreading her legs in front of her. "I'm sitting on the airport floor."

"Well, that's not weird, at all."

"Shut up. I'm just sick of being around so much red and white. It's irritating."

"Once again, I'm confused."

"Our uniforms? Red racerback and black shorts with our names in white letters?"

"OH! That's why you're going to Chicago."

"Yup, game against Northwestern."

"Good luck."

"Yeah. If we ever get there."

"Sometimes, that's how I feel about the commute."

"Remind me again why you do that?"

"Well, since Dad's in DC now most of the year, he doesn't have time to manage both firms."

"Yeah, but you're like, an associate," Georgie pointed out. "Why are you killing yourself trying to bend over backwards working at both branches?"

"Because I have clients in New York and I have clients in Boston, and it's a really great opportunity for me to be around the kids. How often do you think they'd be willing to make a three-hour trip by car out of New York City with three kids all five and under?"

"Lydia's six this year."

"And even more hellish to be around in small, compact quarters."


"Exactly. Besides, I'm doing what I love and I'm in two great cities, and I have my baby sister to keep me company when I'm driving. Win-win-win."

"Don't you get lonely?"

"G," April said warningly. "Not now."

"April, I'm just looking out for you," she said emphatically. "You haven't dated anyone seriously since N-"

"Georgia Katelyn Hayden."

The subject of April's love life had been one that had bugged Georgie for years now. She wasn't celibate by any means, April was a successful, attractive, 26-year-old woman who was dividing her time between two of the most bustling cities on the eastern seaboard. Had she wanted to be, she could have been married by now. But, like many other things in her sister's life, such as April's decision to go into law instead of medicine, this was something that Georgie was not privy to.

"Fine," Georgie sighed, backing off. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Are you coming home this summer?" April chose a mellower topic to discuss. At least this one couldn't lead to disaster.

"Yeah, I think I might."

"Uh, Sophia's fifth birthday is at the end of August."

"Yeaaaah, about that."

"Seriously? You're going to miss her birthday?"

Then again, with the Hayden sisters, you just never knew.

"I don't know when I'm supposed to be back at school!"

"That is such an epic fail. Aren't you guys on the quarter system?"


"So then at the earliest you have to be back by the 25th of August. You are not missing my Sophia's birthday."

"You do realize that Rory gave birth to Soph, right?"

"Shut up, G."

"Whatever." She put her free hand on the floor and pushed herself up, into a standing position. Then, she called out to Katie and motioned towards the terminal's Starbucks. When Katie nodded, Georgie started walking. "So I'm getting some coffee."

"So, I really don't care."

Georgie gasped exaggeratedly, putting her hand to her heart. "I am hurt, April."

On the other end of the line, April rolled her eyes. "I can't see you right now."

"You're rolling your eyes anyways, though, right?"

"You know it."

"Soph's gonna have an awesome birthday," Georgie said seriously. "Whether or not I'm there." At this, April groaned, but Georgie kept talking over her. "But that doesn't mean I won't be. I'll check when semester begins and I'll be there, I promise, even if I have to miss the first day of classes."

"Good, thank you. Ro will appreciate it."

"'Course she will. She loves me."

"Yes," April deadpanned. "It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that her daughter will be happy to see you."

"What should I get her?"

"I honestly don't know," April answered. Her phone beeped again, and, checking the Caller ID, she saw that it was her most recent client. "Hey, G., I gotta go. My client's on the line."

"Boo you," Georgie whined. "I was counting on you to keep my entertained until my flight took off."

"I'm sorry, baby sister, I really am, but I have got to take this call."

"Stop being such a workaholic."

"Yeah, yeah. Love you, bye." Click.

"Love you, too." Georgie said to a dead line. Bringing the phone away from her ear, she watched as the screen turned from her call screen back to her home screen. She had half a mind to call someone else, but figured that since it was a Friday, everyone she knew was going to be working. "Boo," she said again. "Now what do I do?"

"You know," A voice said from behind her. "If its entertainment you want, I could gladly figure something out for you."

Eyes widening at the deep voice, she blushed and turned around. Standing in front of her was a tall, dark haired man with deep brown eyes and long eyelashes.

She had a thing for eyelashes.

He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a white button-down with a red Brown University t-shirt underneath.

Not exactly dressed like Logan or Nate, but he was geeky-cute.

She had a thing for geeky-cute, too.

Suddenly realizing that she had blatantly checked him out and hadn't said a single word to him, so far, she opened her mouth, blinking away initial thoughts. "Uh, hi."

His lips twitched. "It's your turn," he motioned behind her.

"OH. Right, yeah," she turned around, embarrassed. The cashier smiled at her, a mixture of amusement and annoyance, and she hurriedly placed her order. "One Grande caramel macchiato with whipped cream, an asiago bagel, and a packet of these," she pulled out a packet of Madeleines from the black stand in front of her. "That'll be all."

And then, horrifyingly, she realized she had left her wallet in her purse at the gate. She hadn't even realized that she was walked all the way over here with nothing except her phone. Again, the cashier waited with that same smile when she dug through her pockets to no avail.

"Can I just go and get my wallet from the-"

"Don't worry about it," Brown guy said. He stepped up next to her, recited his order, and then paid for the whole thing by slapping down a twenty on the counter. "Seriously."

"I am so sorry," she followed him as he made his way over to the other side, where a crowd of people were already waiting for their drinks. "I am not usually like that."

"Well, when you're on the phone discussing your niece, it's easy to get carried away."

"You were listening to my conversation?"

"Well, Hayden, when you talk so loud, people tend to listen." He wasn't saying anything rudely, his tone was neutral. He wasn't amused by the situation, just indifferent. Then, just as she had decided that he didn't particularly care for anything that had just happened, he stuck his right hand out. "Wesley Hammond. Brown University."

Oh, fuck.

Of all the Starbucks in all the world, she had to walk into the one that Wesley Hammond had walked into?

She couldn't tell him her real first name. He already knew her last name, thanks to the fact that it was printed on the back of her red racerback, in loud, white letters. 'HAYDEN 14'.

So she had two options. She could either say her real name and blow her shot now, or lie and make something up and blow her shot later.

The choice was really easy to make. After all, it was a forgivable offense.

But seriously, who the fuck introduced themselves with their University name? Should she include her graduating class and her residential hall, too?

She smiled winningly, hoping he wasn't too disconcerted with the staring and zoning out pattern that she had already set. "Katelyn Hayden. Georgetown."

"Of the Hartford Haydens?"

Pause. If he found out...

But no. Right now, she wasn't Georgie. She was Katelyn.

"No relation, actually. I get that a lot, though."

"Yeah," Wesley smiled back. "I bet you do."

"So," she said as she turned to face the counter, taking a step back so she was standing next to him. "When do you think I'll be able to pay you back for the coffee?"

"I don't know, Katelyn," he smiled down at her, brown eyes twinkling in amusement. "Why don't you consider this our first date and then you won't have to pay me back at all?"

"Hey," she said playfully, raising her hands in defense. "I don't even know how old you are, Wesley. I don't know what kind of a girl you think I am, but..."

"Wes. Call me Wes. And I'm 21."

"If you call me Kate."

"Alright, Kate," he bumped her shoulder with his. Or tried, at least. The Haydens were tall, and Georgie was no exception. Her shoulder collided with his upper arm. "How old are you?"

"Are we friends now," she raised her eyebrows at the space between their arms. "What with the shoulder bumping and stuff?"

"I already asked you out on a date," he pointed out. "Friendship is implied."

"I see."

"How old are you?" he repeated.

"I'm 19," she stated, stepping towards the coffee counter, where her drink had just come through. She raised the bagel bag in salute, and then started walking away. "Thanks for the coffee. I'll pay you back someday."

And then she was walking out of sight and he was helpless to stop her because he was still waiting for his drink.

Wesley Hammond. Brown University. 21 years old. Son of Jonathan Hammond, Attorney General of the United States, and his wife Marissa, she thought to herself.

And, of course, let's not forget that most important moniker. Son of the source of my father's irritation on Capitol Hill.

Chris Hayden, since being elected to the Senate several years ago, almost immediately after April started college, had been the Senate Majority Leader for the past few years. And despite the fact that both were Republicans, John Hammond was one of the biggest issues Chris had to face.

So, you know, it probably was a good idea to not tell the guy who paid for her coffee that she was the daughter of his father's...well, enemy was too strong a word, but you got the point.

Still, he was kind of cute.

'I think I'll go to Boston, I'll get out of California, I think I'll start a new life."

She flipped open the phone without checking her Caller ID. "Hey, Nate. How's Dartmouth?"


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