Kevin's Point of View (Mostly)

May 2nd

I gotta laugh at life sometimes... I mean, it can totally drag you down, or, it can keep you in the most highest of regards. My opinion on the whole life subject before all of this stuff started? Eh, I'd usually say screw it, and everything that came along with it. Life can be just as tragic as you built it, or how you make it out to be. Or in my opinion, you can move on with whatever this so called life throws at you, see the positives in it, and try to make it better. I chose the better half of the deal. I made somethin' of myself. Met some good people here and there, got a decent job... Yeah, you wouldn't think that a former low life like myself could get into something so cool as alien law enforcement, now did you? I sorta have to laugh at myself on that one. Really, I do. But see, my point is, is that I'm actually proud with how my life is turning out so far... Though, I'd be lyin' to myself, if I didn't say that it didn't have its up and down moments too...

One day, I had met this over egotistical guy, right? I mean, the kid was a total idiot back in the day. The first time I met em, I thought he'd been dropped on his head a few times or two. I swear- to god, and to be brutally honest, I couldn't stand 'em most of the time.

I fought him a lot when we were kids too. In all honesty, I couldn't find the means to stop myself... It was just easier for me to lose myself to all of my anger, all of my selfish, careless ways, ya know?

I got into fights constantly around my neighborhood and what not. Just you know, searchin' for the standard trouble that an offbeat kid like myself would want to get himself into, pretty simple really. I did that for the longest time, did some tech deals here and there. I do have to admit though, that the money was pretty good... The job itself was dangerous to say the least. I could've cared less most days if I'd die tomorrow or not. Money and material possessions was all that I really, truly cared about. I mean, why wouldn't I think about it in that way? At that particular point in my life, I absolutely had nothin' to lose.

But, it all drastically changed once I met the same kid and his obnoxious red headed cousin again five years later, and evidently? They both showed me the path towards a better place, and, I don't know... Some other sentimental crap like that. I kind of forgotten how exactly he worded it... But seriously, as I've said before, that's not the point I'm tryin' to make here.

This guy showed me the better side of things. He forgave and forgot more times than I could ever count onto my one hand. But most importantly, and this matters the most to me. More than he could ever know. (And if any one speaks a word of this to him, they'll be askin' for a beat down from me...)

Now that that's out of the way...

It gave me a second chance at the whole girls and relationship, love, um, thing... I know... Sounds totally stupid right? Yeeaah, I thought so too. I had plenty of relationships that came and went. But it always ended with the same results. Dumb, stupid girls who didn't know their butt from their elbow half the time... Man... Come to think of it, I don't even think I had a single insightful conversation with any of 'em, and that's sayin' somethin'.

But, once again, that all quickly changed when I had met a certain red headed girl through the same kid that I had ran into a few years earlier. Plus... I hate to admit it, but... I basically chased her all over the place, was in the biggest denial for the longest time of course, not even realizing on what she was doing to my once cold heart on the inside of my chest. I mean, the whole "falling in love" thing totally took me by surprise. Oh, on a side note? And I'm being seriously way off topic here. I really don't see any relation between her, and my now, best friend. On most days, I reeeeally feel bad for her. Nobody deserves that much torture. Especially not her...

...And what she truly deserves? Is so much more than what I could've offered her. But, then again? She saved me from livin' alone for the rest of my life, completely clueless. She made me realize that there's more to relationships than what I had been taught on the first time around. I love her more than my own life. I'd give anything up for that girl, yes, even my own car... (But uh... Don't tell her that part)

Still... I wonder if she knows that already though? Yeah.. She's smart enough. She'd know if it came down to her and some materialistic possession that I'd be pretty stupid to let her go.

I know I need her.

...Okay, okay... Ben too... Geez... Though, I'll never admit to anybody on that one. Just so you know...

All in all, life has been good to me recently. I have friends that are more like family to me now, more than ever. I have hopes, and goals, stuff that only criminals like my former self can only dream about. I have a father figure to look up to, who'd tell me stories about my dad. Not just for the love of tellin' the tale. I know Max does it just because it brings a genuine smile to my face, that, and it makes Gwen happy. I love makin' her happy, and I'm proud to say, that I finally found my place on this god forsaken planet, and that I wouldn't trade it for all of the money in the entire world.

I guess In Gwen's heartwarming words, as to why I wouldn't join the team five years earlier, was because I was a thick headed idiot who didn't know his butt from his elbow... And I just have to say...

I couldn't have agreed with her more. Like I said, it just took me a long time to realize it, and I'm happy to know, that I finally did...

And, if anyone out there finds this stupid, 'n' pointless letter of mine, please, let Gwen know, that I still love her...

Kevin Levin

Badge # 32075 L11

Thunder began to highlight the atmosphere as Gwen fell helplessly to the bed, her face covered in tears. She turned to her grandfather, who just stood silently at the door way of her bedroom, his face weathered from seeing her in so much pain. He watched her quietly, through careful eyes, as she took in a deep ragged breath, finally finding a moment to speak.

"G-Grandpa?" She spoke softly, her delicate fingertips tracing the outline of Kevin's last knowing words. They were effortlessly flowing in and out of his letter; random circles of heartache. "We just have to find him... We... We can't give up on him, not yet."

"I know, Pumpkin." Max replied sadly, walking closer to the girl, setting himself down next to her on the dark green comforter. It was Kevin's favorite. "But... It's been well over six months, Gwen. We were just lucky enough that we found this among his belongings in the old wreckage of his ship." He sighed, putting a comforting arm around the red head's shoulder. "Ben and his team have been searching for a long time now... I think... Maybe we just need to-"

"NO!" Gwen aggressively shouted out, as she rose up from the comforting bed she and Kevin used to share. "I will not give up on him! We.. I can't do that!"


"He's out there somewhere, anywhere! I can feel it! He has got to be held captive, hurt.. Or.. Or, something!" Gwen was now heavily breathing all of her anger, and desperation on finding her fiance had now reared its ugly head to the surface. Kevin was gone, and she just wouldn't except it. Ben and Grandpa Max felt that they already knew the truth on Kevin's well being of fate, but Gwen...

"Alright." The older plumber said through his sad, tired eyes, as he got up slowly to leave the room. Gwen wasn't ready to give up, and Max wasn't about to let the girl down. Not yet. "I'll tell Ben to keep searching, honey." He sighed, while embracing the crimson haired girl in comfort.

"Thank you, Grandpa." Gwen managed to choke out, saying nothing further to her grandfather; letting him go, as she turned towards the window in her now empty bedroom, gazing up at the stars. She still held that lost but hopeful expression which played like a broken love song onto her young tattered and worn out face. Her tears threatening to spill over her features once more, as her grandfather began to leave the room.

"I know you're still out there..." Gwen whimpered, placing a soft, shaking hand against the cool tinted glass, as she glared up at the star lit sky above. "I can sense it..." She breathed, now leaning her forehead upon the clear, reflective surface. "Please, Kevin... Just... Help me find you... I'll do whatever it takes... Whatever it takes to bring you back to me."

The clouds finally opened up, as the storm began to rage on...

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