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My life at college starts today. I'm really nervous. After all, I am only 16, but I sure am glad to be free of Cross. I got here two days ago under special privileges from the head master of the school, and today everyone else living in the dorms on campus move in. Unfortunately, I get a roommate too. My special privileges couldn't get me my own room. I wonder if this roommate of mine will like me. Chances are that he'll try to kill me like all the others. I wonder how long it will take this time... Well, time to start my daily exercises. I grabbed a chair and balanced myself on the back of it. Slowly, I started doing push-ups. 1...2...3... ...495...496...497...49- The door opened. A tall redheaded boy stood in the doorway staring at me.

He looked kinda weird. His wild red hair was held back by a clashing green and black headband. He had an eye-patch covering one of his deep green eyes. That one green eye bothered me. In the past I have always been good at reading people and knowing what they think when they look at me, but this person in front of me I cannot read. Time to do what I do best, act. I hurried to remember his information before landing on the ground.

"You must be Lavi Bookman, Jr., right? I'm Allen Walker. It's nice to meet you," I smiled politely.

"Yeah... That was amazing! How did you do that?" He asked breathless.

"What? The push-ups? Well I wouldn't call it impressive. I only got to 498 and my sets are out of 550," I said. Watch for the reaction carefully...

"You mean you can do that many?" he asked. He looked eager and excited. Is that real or fake? I can't tell.

"Yeah, I've been doing training like this since I was young," I gave a smile.

"Well that's amazing. I don't think I could ever do something like that," he chuckled a bit before actually coming into the room. He set his stuff down and started unpacking. That chuckle... was it a sarcastic one? Is he making fun of me? I watched him unpack. A smile never left his face. Great. He seems like the carefree type. Will we get along? No, no. I don't think we will... but I don't think he'll try to kill me like the rest either. By the end of this week he'll get fed up with me. I guess I just have to wait it out until then.

To my right, I saw a young boy with white hair, bluish grey eyes, and a scar marking the damned over his left eye staring at me. He looked empty, soulless, and broken... My hands clenched into fists at my sides. I didn't bring a mirror here. I haven't used a mirror in years. Lavi must have brought it. The mirror only confirmed my suspicions. I'm a monster. No one wants to stay with a monster like me.

"So, Allen, since we're gonna be living together and we have nothing to do today, why don't we take this time to get to know each other?" Lavi asked cutting into my thoughts. I turned around and smiled at him.

"Sure. That sounds good to me," I said sitting down on my bed. He sat down on his bed and smiled at me. "So... how old are you, Lavi?"

"19. And you?" he asked directly.

"Um... I'm 16," I mumbled nervously.

"Whoa! 16? Seriously? Are you, like, a genius?" he asked surprised.

"I wouldn't call me a genius. I was just home-schooled for most of my life, and when I went into public schooling, I had enough credits to be a senior. Since my guardian is a total jerk, he forced me to stay ahead in my studies. Thanks to him I graduated at the top of my class," I muttered.

"Whoa! Valedictorian? You're awesome, little buddy!" he smiled wide. Awesome? He's joking right? That statement can't be true.

"Ah... yeah... well... um... When's your birthday?" I asked nervously.

"August 10th. I just turned 19. When's yours?" he asked.

"It's on Christmas," I replied. That earned a wide-eyed gape from Lavi. He stared me incredulously.

"Do you get double the presents?" he asked.

"No... In fact I don't even get presents. We aren't to big at celebrating," I said sheepishly. Why is this guy making me nervous? He's no different from the others I've met. "So... why don't you tell me some stories from high school?"

"Okay! Let me start with the time my friend, Kanda, and I met our friend, Lenalee's, older brother. It wasn't pretty..." Lavi started. He continued on telling me stories for a while. I couldn't help but be interested in some of the stories he told me and laugh at others. It seemed like Lavi is just an over-sized kid. His stories usually involved him pulling some sort of prank or causing some sort of trouble for others. He even told me things about his guardian, Bookman. During some point in our conversation, I had started playing with the edge of my gloves. Even indoors, it was too hot to be wearing a long-sleeve shirt and gloves. Lavi must have noticed. "Why are you wearing a long sleeve shirt and gloves? It's summertime."

"A-Ah... No reason really," I mumbled holding onto my arm. I stared at the ground. I want to hide my arm from him. I hate this monstrous arm of mine that curses me and everyone around me. Panic swelled up in my chest. I'm panicking? What for? A hand grasped my shoulder. I looked up to see Lavi smiling at me.

"Don't worry about it. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. We all have our secrets," he said assuringly.

"Thanks, Lavi," I started. Does he really mean that? His eye is so unclear. The smile on his face means that he wants to be comforting, but his eye is so unreadable. "Lavi, I want to as-"

"Open up, you stupid rabbit!" came an angry growl followed by a loud banging on the door.

"Just come on in, Yuu," Lavi sighed. The door opened and a Japanese man stormed into the room. His bangs were cut straight across the tops of his eyes, and his long, bluish black hair was up in a high ponytail. Had I not listened to Lavi's stories, I would've thought Kanda was a woman.

"Did you forget? We're supposed to meet Lenalee for lunch," he sneered at Lavi.

"Oh yeah. Sorry, Yuu. I was talking with my new roommate, Allen. Allen, this is Yuu Kanda," Lavi bounced. I got a good look at Kanda before he looked at Lavi again. His eyes were that of a warrior, always looking for a good challenge.

"Like it matters that you were talking with this beansprout. Lenalee is waiting for us," Kanda growled.

"Alright, Yuu. I'm coming. Would you like to come with us, Allen? You'll really like Lenalee, and Yuu is a good guy when he's not being a sourpuss," Lavi teased.

"No way in hell is that beansprout coming with us," Kanda said almost immediately.

"Did you just make fun of my hair and height, you girlie- boy!" Allen shouted.

"Oh, very original, bean sprout. I wonder how many times I've heard that one," Kanda rolled his eyes.

"About as many times that you've been hit on by guys," I smirked. Lavi snorted trying to contain his laughter while Kanda growled. I just won our quick little back and forth.

"Just come on already, stupid rabbit. Bring the beansprout for all I care," Kanda left.

"Charming guy," I rolled my eyes.

"He's not too bad, so do you wanna come to lunch with us? My treat," he bribed in a singsong voice.

"I'll come, but i'll pay," I tried. He definitely doesn't want to pay for me to eat.

"You don't have to. Think of it as my thanks for coming," he said.

"Alright. Fine," I sighed. I guess I won't be eating much today.

We left our dorm room and started walking around campus. Everywhere on campus the two of us were the center of attention. Lavi earned the looks of lust from most of the girls, and I earned the look someone would get if they worked in a freak-show circus. Ironic, huh? Some girls even crowded around us to flirt with him. He would just laugh, flirt shamelessly, take phone numbers, and then throw them away. He says that he doesn't like those kinds of girls, but I beg to differ. He did flirt with them after all. But then again, I can never tell what he's thinking. He's the first person I've met that I can't read. Eventually, we caught up with Kanda outside a restaurant on campus. Standing next to Kanda was a pretty Chinese girl with greenish black hair tied up into pigtails. She smiled when she saw me.

"Hey, Lavi! Ooh! Is that your new roommate? He's adorable," she chimed. It's got to be a lie right? But when I look at her, it seems genuine. Does she really think that?

"Oh... U-um... Thanks," I mumbled blushing a bit.

"I'm Lenalee Lee. It's nice to meet you," she smiled.

"Allen Walker," I smiled slightly.

We ate lunch together and Lavi and I headed back to our dorm room after another word brawl between me and Kanda. I was somewhat annoyed by Kanda's antics while Lavi was smiling because I had managed to best Kanda again. Kanda isn't very smart, so it's not hard. "Lunch was fun, and you were right. I do like Lenalee. She's nice," I smiled. She also seems like the first genuine person I've met in a long time.

"That's good," Lavi smiled. We continued walking back to the room. I noticed that Lavi was staring at me so I put on a smile as I walked pretending not to notice. What is that stare of his? It's not hatred or disgust. I know those stares very well. It's not lust or anything positive that I can recognize either. Not being able to read this one person is driving me crazy! How am I supposed to protect myself if I don't even know what's gonna happen? I brushed my bangs out of my face after the wind blew them into my eyes. Just calm down, Allen. I can handle anything. I am still alive after all. I looked up at Lavi and stared into his eye directly to try and see something that I'm missing. He quickly turned away from my gaze. Is he nervous? What does he have to be nervous about? Maybe he's trying to ask me something? What's going on? He looked back at me with a red face. When he saw that I was still staring at him, his face grew even redder.

"Lavi?" I called.

"We're almost at the room! Come on! I wanna show you some picture I have!" he said enthusiastically. He started running ahead but stopped when he ran into a pole. He fell back hitting the ground hard. I cringed at noise and sight of the accident. He sat up slowly, holding his head. "Ow..."

"Lavi, are you okay?" I asked crouching next to him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. My head just hurts," he said slowly.

"You're bleeding," I pointed out my worry weighing down my voice. A thin line of blood trickled down his face from under his headband and even landed on his shirt. I looked around for someone to help us or for something I could do to help. Lavi chuckled and grabbed my hand. I stopped my frantic searching to look at him.

"Relax. I'm fine. Besides, if blood is coming out, then that means that it's not trapped in my head which is a lot worse. I'll just take care of it at the room," he smiled at me.

"O-Okay... but let's hurry back just in case," I said nervously. I helped him up. Why am I helping him? He's going to turn on my in the end like everyone else does. Not only can I not read this person, but I also feel compelled to help him? Mana... What is happening?

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