Chaos In The Library

View of Marian the Librarian Scene from a Townsperson's perspective

Getting homework done in the library today did not happen. It started off well… then Harold Hill showed up. Ms. Paroo didn't look very pleased to see him. She told him to leave but he refused to go. What is his problem? I peeked out from behind my book to hear their exchange "What do you want to take out?" "The librarian." Then he started to sing. Apparently he missed the memo you are supposed to be QUIET IN A LIBRARY. At first me and the other library patrons really tried to not get distracted but there is something about Mr. Hill that gets everyone in a tizzy. I don't really understand what kind of power he has over everyone in River City but it is truly something magical and almost hypnotic. I mean it's not every day that we are dancing a ballet down the history aisle and throwing books all the over the place. Ms. Paroo continued to look displeased. I'm shocked she didn't throw us all out of the library. She really should have. It would have served us all right. Mr. Hill definitely deserved that slap in the face Ms. Paroo gave him. Too bad he ducked and she ended up slapping Tommy Dijlas instead.

A good day at the library was very much spoiled. I hope to go back to morrow to work on my homework. My research paper is due Monday… today is Thursday. Jeely Kly!

I wonder is Ms Paroo will date Mr. Hill. I hope she keeps her common sense and continues to tell him to leave her alone. If this musical was set in the future he would be arrested for stalking and put in jail.