Author's Note: This is set around before the last DBZ episode.

Chapter 1

It was an average Saturday morning in the village where the Son families lived. There was Goku, Chi-Chi and their seventeen-year-old son Goten, all living peacefully in their house, whereas next-door was Goku and Chi-Chi's oldest son, Gohan, living with his wife that he's known since she was his high school sweetheart, Videl and their four-year-old daughter Pan.

At 5:30 AM, Videl was just starting to wake up next to her sleeping husband Gohan. 'Ugh, lazy…' she thought to herself as she always does every morning when she sees her husband sleeping through their alarm. She decided to wake him up for work after a nice hot shower.

As Videl walked back into the room, naked and wet wrapped in a towel with a second around her hair, she started to dig out her clothes from the closet as a sleepy Gohan began to stir awake. "O-Oh, good morning honey…," he says drowsily as he rubs the tiredness from his eyes. Videl takes a quick glance at him before standing back up, walking around the room to gather the rest of her clothes.

"Good morning," she replies to him as she removes her towels, much to Gohan's unawareness as he's still trying to get completely awake. "You should hurry up and get in the shower; we're going to be late for that meeting at Capsule Corp.," Videl reminded Gohan as she slips her black knee-high socks on. He yawns as he gets out of the bed, eyes half-shut as he drowsily makes his way into the bathroom.

A few minutes later after blow drying her hair with Gohan just now getting dressed, Videl is wearing her business suit. "Are you sure Goten is okay with watching Pan so early and for such a long time?" Videl asks Gohan as they make their way out of their bedroom.

"He should be, I'll call over there and see if he's coming," he said. Videl bit her bottom lip before speaking,

"Shouldn't you just fly over to his window or something? Calling could wake up your parents…." Gohan blinked and smiled halfway.

"Nah, knowing mom she's probably already awake and my dad could sleep through anything," he said smiling as he picks up the phone and dials a number.

~Ring, Ring~

~Ring, Ring~

"Uh… hello?" a groggy Goten says after he picks up the ringing phone.

"Hey bro, are you still going to watch Pan for us while we're at that meeting Bulma set up?" Gohan asks his little brother.

"Yeah man… I got mom to show me how to work this new alarm clock she got me the other day just to wake up in time…," he says, still tired as he rubs at his eyes from the other end of the phone.

"Okay then bro, Videl and I really have to get to work now so try to hurry."

"Sure thing…" Goten says after a groan before he hangs up his cell phone. 'I have no idea why I let Trunks even talk me into buying one of those things…,' he thinks to himself as he looks at his phone he dropped on his bed.

Around ten minutes later, Goten arrives next door to his brother's house wearing the same clothes he had on when he fell asleep last night.

"You didn't even take time to change clothes?" Gohan asks as he opens the door. Goten looked at him gloomily and made his way to the couch.

"You said you had to get to work soon…," Goten tiredly says as he comfortably lay on the couch. As soon as his head hit the arm rest, Videl walks in the room with a briefcase with her hair up nicely.

"Don't fall asleep Goten," she says as she walks over towards him and Gohan. "Pan will probably wake up within the next hour or so." Goten stretches out his arms and yawns as he relaxes on his brother and sister-in-law's couch.

"Yeah, sure- sure thing," he says with a second yawn. Gohan laughs as Videl rolls her eyes.

"Well bro, we'll be back around the afternoon, if you need anything just call Mom since we aren't allowed to answer our phones in the office; thanks again for watching Pan for us!" he says with a smile as both he and Videl exit the house.

'Oh yeah, spending my entire Saturday babysitting… so much fun!" Goten thought to himself as he quickly drifts off back to sleep.