Chapter 4

WARNING: This part of the story includes STRONG lemon… or whatever you want to call it, I'm not familiar with story lingo.

As Videl's heated kiss to Goten broke off, the young mother stared into the half-saiyan's eyes before innocently smiling at him. "How was that, Goten?"

"It was… uh… it felt wron-," but before Goten could finish, Videl interrupted.

"But it feels so right, doesn't it?" she asks him with a sly grin, her eyes exploring Goten's body to find a bulge in his pants. "Haven't you always thought I was pretty?"

"Well… y-yes… I have, but… what about Goha-," he tried to say, but was interrupted by his sister-in-law once more.

"He's asleep. He won't know a thing, hon," she assured him, moving her hand down to the bulge in his pants. Goten's eyes wondered down to see Videl rubbing his boner, feeling all sorts of guilt in his brain for not stopping this… but like she said; it feels so right.

"A-Are you s-sure… this is alright?" He asks her, nervously looking around his brother's home as his breathing grew heavy.

"Of course it is Goten," Videl tells him with a sweet smile, putting her free hand to the younger's chin, lifting his face up to press her smooth, wet lips against his as her hand continued rubbing against his crotch. This time, Goten was more open to the kiss, guiltily closing his eyes in shame for what he was doing behind his brother's back as he moved his tongue past his sister-in-law's moist mouth. "Mm," Videl moaned into his mouth, happy that Goten was going along with her.

'What am I doing? This is all so messed up… I should stop… but Videl's so…,' Goten thought to himself, before losing his track of thought as Videl's tongue moved around the inside of his mouth, giving him a feeling that made him forget mostly about his brother's family. Minutes after the two's tongue wrestling, Videl broke her kiss with her younger brother-in-law to sink down to her knees, smirking up at him as she moved her hands to his waist, unbuckling his pants belt. Goten just sat on her couch and bit his lip, blushing as he saw the "MILF" as he would call her throw his belt to the ground, unzipping his pants zipper and lowering them down to his ankles. He could see her facial expression seem surprised when she got a better look at the bulge in his boxers.

"Mm, you look like you're as big as Gohan," she told him, giggling when she saw him blush madly at the comment. Afterwards she grabbed the waistline of his underwear, yanking them down as his nine-inch cock sprung free. Videl smirked, apparently guessing right that Goten's saiyan genetics would have made him well endowed. Without any further hesitation, she grabbed onto the bottom of his length, putting the head of his cock into her wet mouth, making Goten let out a whimpering-like sound of enjoyment.

"Ugh… oh, Videl…," he moaned out, giving Videl more encouragement to go down on his cock. She lowered her mouth further on the seventeen-year-old's length, her tongue licking around the underbelly of his cock. She moaned sweetly as her hand gently stroked the bottom of his member as her mouth bobbed up and down on the upper part, causing Goten to let out numerous moans and whimpers of ecstasy. Nervously not knowing what he should do, Goten slowly moved his hand to his elder sister-in-law's hair, rubbing her head gently. Her eyes gazed up at him in approval, continuing to work her mouth and hand around his cock.

'He's so big and young… this is so wrong, but I've always wondered what it would be like to fuck him when he got older…,' Videl thought to herself as she released her mouth from Goten's cock, a trail of saliva hanging from her bottom lip and his cock head. Her hand went up his length, stroking it a bit to clean off her saliva. "Would you like to go further Goten?" she asked him with another genuine smile. 'I can at least ask him that,' she thought.

As Goten took a moment to thought, Videl's beautiful charm overwhelmed him as he suddenly didn't care about his brother at the moment; all he wanted to do was fuck the girl he's had a crush on since the age of seven. "Okay… but what if Gohan wakes up?" he asked her. Videl giggled a little.

"You don't remember? Gohan always sleeps like a bear in hibernation after a meal, and we stopped by a restaurant before coming home. Sadly we'll have to make do with the living room though, I don't think even Gohan could sleep through us fucking on the bed he's sleeping in," she tells him, before moving her hands to unbutton her business top, sliding it off of her arms before raising her black shirt off of her head, revealing a black lace bra covering her well matured breasts. Goten's face went shocked as he saw her remove her upper clothing, his cock pulsing with lust.

"Wow Videl…," he said as he licked his lips, terribly wanting to sink his mouth into her breasts. Videl smiled proudly at Goten's reaction, before moving her hands to her back to unclip her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. Goten swallowed hard when his eyes laid upon the biggest and second pair of breasts he's ever seen, losing nearly all self control as his hand made his way to his cock, stroking himself rapidly.

"I'm glad you like them…," Videl sultry says as she rises up off of her knees, bending over so that her breasts hang in front of Goten's face. She smiles as she feels his mouth latch onto one of her nipples, his free hand going to her other breast and madly groping it. Her eyes winced a bit as Goten was being a bit rough, but she didn't say anything as she expected he had little to no experience with a woman, somehow turning her on even more. While Goten had his fun with her tits, she moved her hand down to his length, pushing his own hand away from it so that she could stroke his saliva coated cock for him. Minutes later after the fun foreplay, Videl moved her chest away from Goten's face, smiling at him as she reached for his shirt. "Raise your arms up, I want to see that hot body of yours again," she said with a wink. Goten did as he was told, lifting his arms up so that Videl could remove his sweaty t-shirt from his body.

"Ah… such a big stud you've grown into," she tells her little brother-in-law as she brings her hands to her skirt, pulling them down while kicking off her shoes and sliding her stockings off of her long and smooth legs. Next to go was her thong, which Goten couldn't take his eyes off of. He licked his lips as he saw Videl slide her fingers through the waistline of her underwear, pulling it down to her ankles before stepping out of it, now completely nude. "So… what'cha think?" she asked Goten with a smile, jiggling her round breasts in her hands jokingly.

"I… think you should sit on my cock now," Goten told her, strongly gazing at her with lust in his eyes. Videl moaned lightly at hearing him say that, swinging her lovely leg over one end of Goten while moving the other leg on the other side of him, straddling him as she placed her hands firmly on his shoulders, pushing him against the couch. She next moved her hand down to his member, raising it up as she lowered her womanhood down on it with ease, causing Goten to groan out while making Videl wince a bit.

"Mm, Goten, you're so big…," she told him, leaning her neck back and closing her eyes, enjoying the dick that was inside of her. Goten grunted as he felt his pulsating member be bounced on as he stared at Videl's breasts, gritting his teeth from the vibration of her body bouncing on his cock. He moved his head closer as he took one of her nipples into his mouth once more, madly sucking on it roughly causing Videl to yelp out.

"Mm, yeah baby, keep it up like that," Videl says to her little brother-in-law, boosting his confidence as he moved his hands to her hips, powerfully bouncing her on his stiff shaft himself. Her toes curled as she felt her body being woman handled by a kid she used to babysit so long ago, her voice lightly shouting in ecstasy.

"So… good…," Goten groaned against Videl's nipple, slithery licking up her well rounded breast before lifting Videl up off of his cock, positioning her on all fours on the couch. Videl didn't have a problem with this and didn't say anything; she just let Goten be in charge as she soon felt his cock re-enter her wet slit from behind. His hand slowly made its way to her short hair, grabbing it as he lifted her head back in a gentle manner while his hips bucked against her bottom; her round, juicy ass cheeks slamming against his waist.

"Mm… G-Go-ten… Got-en… yeah baby," she quietly cried out as she felt dominated by her "little brother" as she liked to think of him. They spent several minutes in that one position, with Goten steadily ramming his cock in and out of Videl's snatch, her teeth grinding against one another. Sweat started coming down their faces as minutes passed; Goten's stamina not fading at all. Eventually, though, Videl knew they were going to have to hurry it up in fear Gohan did wake up earlier than expected.

"Oh… Goten, babe… we-we're going to have to finish it up for now; Gohan may wake up soon and I don't want him to catch us," she said, stating the obvious. Even in his lustful state, Goten understood it would be very bad if his elder brother caught him with his wife, so he carefully pulled his wet member out of Videl's hole, stroking it some as he watched her sink to her knees in front of him.

"Let me have it," she told him. "Blow your load on me," she says with a wicked smirk. Goten grinned deviously back at her as he pumped his member with his right hand, blowing his load within a minute, groaning out loudly as he did. Videl slid her tongue out of her mouth as the creamy white substance shot out four different times, hitting her in the face, her mouth, and on her chest, with some even getting on her hair.

"Ugh…," Goten said, collapsing on the couch, trying to catch his breath. As Videl wiped the sperm out of her hair, she quickly grabbed her clothing from the floor and made her way to the bathroom on the first floor of the house. Before entering it, she was able to glance back at Goten, smiling.

"You should get dressed up and go take a shower at your home before you come back," she said. "I'm going to have a shower your cum off; Gohan can smell those things." Goten gulped for a moment, nervously remembering about his sleeping brother before nodding his head in agreement, quickly putting on all of his clothes while Videl entered the bathroom. As he left the house and shot up into the air to fly back home, thoughts ran ramped in his mind. Was what he did right? How would he and Videl act around each other now after what have happened? ...and what if Dende saw what had happened?

"Oh well," he said with a grin. He had just nailed the girl of his childhood dreams.

The End