Logan awoke to the annoying sound of his alarm clock. He looked to his left. The bright red numbers read: 7:00 am. He sighed as he groggily got out of bed and headed to the shower. He washed his hair and his body and exited the showering feeling fresh and clean.

Once he was dressed he headed down stairs for breakfast. He poured a bowl of his favorite cereal and watched as his mother and father rushed to devour some food and quickly swallow down some coffee. When he was finished his cereal he looked at the clock. It was nearly 7:30! He was going to be late.

Logan ran down to his bus stop, when a burgundy convertible pulled up. A huge smile came across his face when he saw it was his friends. Kendall and James were kicking it in the front sit, while Carlos was sitting in the back with Camille. He took a moment to decide where to sit, but eventually choose to sit to the left of Camille.

It was 7:45 am as the convertible merged on to the highway. Kendall was speeding a bit, but Logan didn't mind. It was fun to feel the wind blowing through his hair and have Camille snuggled close to his right side. He smiled at her knowing this was going to be a great day and an even better weekend.

Everyone was looking forward to the weekend. It was Friday and there was going to be at party at James' house. According to the party king himself they were going to "get down" and have fun. We were all excited. His parties could get a bit wild so it was great that they had the whole weekend to recover.

Yesterday, Logan had a bad day. Thursdays were horrible. But today was Friday and he was going to have a ball no matter what. Tomorrow would be Saturday and if he wasn't too hung over from the party he was going to spend the day with Camille. The day after was Sunday which meant quiet time at home with the family.

It was Friday and Logan couldn't wait for the weekend.