Spencer was sitting across from him at the table, reading, and completely unaware that Derek had been watching him for more than 10 minutes now. Or, thats what Derek thought at least.

"Babe, whatcha lookin at?" Spencer asked, not looking up from his book, his index finger continuing to run down the page.

"Nothing, just...have you always had freckles?"

He felt like a bit of an idiot, but it was like how sometimes when you saw someone without their glasses you couldn't even remember if they wore glasses or not.

Spencer blushed and turned his book over, his hand raising to unconsciously hide his face.

"Oh, um...yeah, but they get really pronounced when I'm out in the sun. And yesterday on the case, Prentiss and I were outside for awhile...I should have worn sunscreen."

Derek could tell he was embarrassed, but he wasn't sure why. Standing up, he walked around the table to kneel next to Spencer.

"Pretty Boy. Look at me," he said, reaching up and pulling Spencer's chin gently so that he was facing him. "What's up?"

"Nothing," he said, but upon Derek's 'I-don't-buy-that-bullshit-look', he continued. "Okay. When I was growing up...I was outside a lot, you know, walking to school and back and stuff. I had constant freckles, and for some reason, the bullies in my class decided that was one more thing to pick on me about. I guess it's just habit now to be embarrassed by them."

By the time he finished his story, Spencer had averted eye contact and was again looking at the floor. Derek felt rage towards those bullies, just as he had when Spencer had told him about being tied to the goal post. He stood up, pulling Spencer with him, and turned him so that Spencer was sitting on the table top with Derek standing in between his legs, cradling his face between his hands.

"Baby, look at me," he said, ducking down until he caught Spencer's eyes. Once he had, he leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to the bridge of his nose, where the freckles were the darkest. "I love the freckles."

Spencer looked up at him. "Really?"

Derek leaned in once more, pressing light kisses to each of his cheeks. "Of course I do. You know what else I love?"


Derek pressed one more kiss to Spencer's nose before moving down and capturing his soft, pink lips. Spencer sighed lightly, looping his arms around Derek's waist and pushing into the kiss. When they needed to breathe, Derek pulled back and looked at Spencer.

"You. I love you."