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The boys stood opposite each other, grinning, and with arms out in kung-fu poses.

The water beneath them sped past and the log on which they stood, bent in threat of breaking. Both of them had taken their shoes off, hoping to gain more stability, and were getting ready to knock the other off the wood.

"You're progressing well, Young GrassHopper, But you still have much to learn" taunted the shorter and dark-haired Blaine, bragging of his experience in fighting battles on this particular log during his childhood.

"You have no idea of what I am capable of. And if you think I'm going to call you Master Dragon, you have another thing coming!" commented Kurt, tall and pale skinned. He darted forward, and plated the heel of his foot onto Blaines toes, causing his to yelp and wave his arms around in an attempt to gain balance.

"Oh- Tricky. You're going to pay for that one!"

Blaine raised his dark eyes, and met Kurts grey ones. He licked his lips, and let his face daze over in absolute infactuation- Not hard when your boyfriend is as breathtakingly beautiful as Kurt Hummel. He licked his bottom lip, and edged forward with his hands outstretched.

The two boys had been together for 2 months, and they spent as much time as they could together. It was Spring break, and the two of them had come out to the farm-land property that Blaines Aunt and Uncle owned. They had no children, and treated Blaines like a son. He had a few rooms to himself in their vast house, and came to stay every vacation. This was the first time that he had brought a friend though, let alone his boyfriend. His Aunt and Uncle got along with Kurt at once, and left them to their own devices most of the time. They had gone out to town today, so Blaine had brought Kurt down to the river and started teaching him the intricate art of fighting on a log over the rushing water.

Kurt took Blaines hands in his own, and they pulled themselves as close as they could be without losing balance. He stroked his nose against the others, and they fluttered closed their eyes. Their lips met, and sparks flew as they always did. Blaine pulled his arms around Kurt, and shifted his whole weight to the left.

Their lips only came apart as they hit the water, and Kurts screams filled the air. "These jeans were SO EXPENSIVE! I'm am going to KILL you Blaine. KILL YOU!"

Blaine laughed as he dragged them both to the river bank and up onto the mud. He lay Kurt down on his back, and silenced him with putting his lips on the fast-beating pulse in his neck and began to give all the sensative places of pale skin the attention that they deserved.

"You can kiss me all you want, Blaine. You can have me, all of me, any time you want. But if these jeans are ruined, theres a storm a-coming your way thats gunna KABOOM!" Kurt mumbled, slowly pushing Blaine away and getting to his feet.

He reached down his arm, and pulled Blaine up right. They wandered back to the house, shivering and trying to ignore the urge to share as much body heat as they could here on the front lawn.

Kurt pulled Blaine by the hand into the ensuite bathroom off the twin bedroom they shared, turning on the shower and stepping in with his sodden shirt and jeans still on. The boys stood in the small place, relishing the warmth that came from the hot water and pumped heat into their feet and fingers. Blaine saw the taller boys fingers shake slightly as he reached out, and helped him out of his shirt. Kurt held the black cotton in his hands, and carefully rubbed the mud out, the placed it outside the shower. He took his own shirt off, and repeated the washing. Blaine looked his right in the eyes, as he stepped as close as he could to Kurt and slid his hands down to his hips. He kept the eye contact as he upbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, then Kurts, and they both squeezed out of them.

Kurt picked up his bottle of shower gel, and put some on his hand. He spun Blaines body around, and began to wash his back, moving to his shoulders and reaching his arms around Blaines waist to do his torso and check. As Kurts soapy hands lingered on either side of his hips, and Blaine reached down and pulled down his underwear. Kurt kissed along his shoulders, and leaned down to lightly wash Blaines legs.

Turning to meet each others chests, their lips met once again and Kurt was pushing against the wall. He marvelled at Blaines muscular chest and let his hands roam all the skin he could reach. His heart bet wildly, and chest rose and fell with exaggeration as he fought for breath and to keep control of his mind. The throbbing sensation in his groin indicated that any thinking was going to be a losing battle. A minute later Kurts underwear was gone, neither of them sure who had removed them, and they were bucking their hips to meet each others, in a need for friction and to feel as much skin as they could.

Blaine naturally sunk to his knees, and looked up through wet eye lashes questioningly, biting down on his bottom lip to make it clear what he was asking.

"May I?"

"Yes. Yes, you may" replied Kurt, through panting breaths.

He was just too sexy. Kurt couldn't think, couldn't comprehend any decision making as he linked his fingers through Blaines curls, and Blaine took his cock in his left hand, rolling the head around his wet lips and then licking down the length. Kurt moaned instinctively, and arched his back.

Kurt was... Big. But not in a threatening way. Blaine believed that everything about Kurt was perfect, and this was too. Blaines cheeks caved in, as he swallowed down and felt a deep, vibrating moan come from this throat. He wanted this. He needed to be able to do this.

"Just tell me anything you want me to do" Blaines voice piped up, interrupting the moment innocently. "Just let me know if you want me to go faster, or to stop or anything".

He looked up, and made direct eye contact. "I respect you" He said, pompously.

Kurt couldnt help but burst out laughing. "Your respect is not what I'm after at the moment. As you were, Soldier!" He replied, candidly and with a smile.

Blaine turned his mouth, his tongue and his throat back to the matter at hand, and Kurts mind wandered through bliss.

Any fear the boys were holding before had evaporated, and they gladly got stuck in the moment full of heat and instinct. The moment with right, and they awed at the comfort and ease in the situation. This wasn't anything like they could have expected, as the water continued to cleanse their bodies and bring them closer.

Blaines hands lay on each of Kurts hips, directing any subconscious thrusts. His lips became swollen and red, he felt a certain amount of satisfaction in feeling Kurt quiver and move along with tongue. Kurts fingers lingered on Blaines wet tangle of hair, along his jaw line and on his shoulders. He chanted Blaines name, lowly and quietly, completely absorbed.

"Blaine- Blaine, I'm going to-"

Blaine licked Kurts cock clean of cum, and wiped his chin with the back of his hand as he stood, putting his arms around Kurts waist. They stood in the shower spray, lost in the moment and leaning together, with their lips lazily weaving together.

Kurt reached down to where Blaines hard-on was pressed into his thigh, and whinded his fingers around it, prompting Blaines breath to once again become unsteady and panting in his ear. Already close to coming, it doesn't take long of Kurts long fingers tugging and fingering before they are wiping their stomaches free of cum.

The boys finished washing up, and took their time drying each other and talking quietly and easily.

Lying on Blaines bed, both of them in pajamas despite that it was still early afternoon, they spooned together and rested their eyes.

"So, Good shower" commented Blaine innocently, stringing his fingers through Kurts and pulling his arm in closer.

"Indeed," replied a lazy Kurt, planting a kiss on Blaines cheek. "We should be a clean and hygenic couple more often I propose".

"Quite... Young GrassHopper".

"Still not calling you Master Dragon"

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