Jamie ran along the track, as he did every morning, and breathed the cool morning air.

He'd had another fight with Lorraine, and was going over in is head how he was going to get out of this one.

She could just be so... so... nasty sometimes.

Oh well, He was sure that he'd figure it out some how.

The path he ran along was along rocky forefront of the mountains, overlooking the hills, rivers, and vast green on the country side fields. It was the perfect place to get some space from the rest of the world, even if his world consisted of a rural town of only 7,000 people.

Jamie turned a corner and looked out over the view of the hills, slowing his pace when he saw something usual.

A boy, about 16 or 17, was lying down from where he was, having fallen somehow from the path.

Jamie looked around him and assessed for any dangers or threats, and then climbed down to where the boy lay.

He had dried blood coming down from his forehead, and was lying at an odd angle. Jamie touched him, and felt that he was cold.

He took his cellphone out, and dialled 911 as he used his other hand to find a pulse on the boys wrist.

"911 emergency, which service can I direct you through to?"


"I'll put you through now".

Jamie couldnt feel anything with his fingertips except cool skin and the scruff of stubble along the boys jawbone.

"Please. Please. Please" He whispered, "Breath for me". He put his cheek down to the boys mouth, and felt hope spark within him as he felt warm, moist air come out.

"Ambulance emergency, How can I help you?"

"Theres a boy, unconscious I think. Hes pretty messed up. About 20 minutes along the Burbage Track... Hurry"

Kurts leg twitched, and he continued staring out the wide window with cellphone in hand.


He looked up as Cathy opened the livingroom door, and gave him a weak smile.

"Kurt... The Police just rang. He's at the A.N.E an hour away"

"Is he a-a-alright?" Kurt said, as he stood up and grabbed his coat, alert and hurried in his movements.

"Well, Honey...They didn't say"

Jamie sat in the ambulance, watching the boys eyes slowly open and start to take in everything around him.

"Hey... I found you on the track. Your family is coming to meet you. You're Blaine, right?"

The boys voice was cracked and quiet, "Yeah, how'd you know? What happened?"

"We found your ID in your wallet. I don't know what happened. I'm so sorry".

The boys eyes became dark, and tears started to well.

"I need Kurt," He stated, his voice desperate. "I need Kurt".

"Who's Kurt?"

"I need him. I need him now. Get me Kurt". Tears streamed down his cheeks and his face screwed up in pain.

Jamie reached forward and took his hand.

"Its alright, everything is going to be Okay. I promise".

An hour later Kurt opened the A.N.E door open cautiously.

He stepped through the door, and stared around at those sitting in the plastic waiting room seats. But he recognised none of them, and moved with Cathy to the front desk. A woman with a dirty blond ponytail and green eyes stopped typing and looked up at him questioningly.

"Hello, I am looking for Blaine Anderson. He got brought in this morning".

"Oh yes, Hes just lying down right now. May I ask your name?"

"Kurt Hummel".

"I'll bring you through now".

The woman came out from behind the desk and they followed her down a long corridor, before she opened a door for them.

Kurt walked in first, taking in the white walls and white sheeted bed.

There Blaine lay. Crumpled and dirty, curled up in a ball with his curls knotted together with dirty and blood.

His arms were bruised, and pants were ripped.

Kurt blinked a few times, pinched himself and reminded himself to keep breathing.

He couldnt ever remember Blaine being so beautiful, and a huge wave of love swelled up in his chest. He took a second just to look, to take in every single part of Blaine and to sign with relief that something as lovely could exist.

He ran over to the bed as Blaine lifted his head and a smile spread across his lips and into his eyes.

Kurts fingers moved over Blaines cheek, and he kissed his forehead before moving to wrap Blaine up in the warmth of his body.

Tears silently slid down both of their cheeks as they stayed there, Blaine heavy in Kurts arms.

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